Best CPU thermal paste in 2023: Budget, mid-range & high-end


    Finding the best CPU thermal paste in 2023 can be an annoying task, but we can help you out by covering a range of budget, mid-range, and high-end hardware to ease the process and ensure you get the perfect one for your PC.

    Thermal paste is an overlooked component for building a PC, and considering most CPU coolers come with it pre-applied these days, many users won’t need to purchase any when building their PC initially. 

    However, it’s a good idea to replace your CPU thermal paste every few years when cleaning your PC, so it’s worth looking into what paste you should get. Read on below for our breakdown of the best CPU thermal paste in 2023.

    How we chose the best CPU thermal paste in 2023

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    Images via Prolimatech | ARCTIC | GELID Solutions | NOCTUA | Thermal Grizzly

    The two main aspects we took into account when choosing the best CPU thermal paste were how easy it is to apply to your CPU and how it performs in improving the efficiency of cooling, ensuring your CPU runs better. 

    Pretty much all CPU thermal paste looks the same: a coloured paste that comes in a syringe – but like most parts and components for a PC, they don’t all work exactly the same, so while you may be tempted to grab the first thing you see, it’s worth looking into them a little first.

    Best budget CPU thermal paste in 2023


    the ARCTIC MX-4 CPU thermal paste

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    Image via ARCTIC

    While the new ARCTIC MX-5 CPU thermal paste is now available, it’s a different compound to the ARCTIC MX-4 and doesn’t directly replace it, making the latter one of the best budget thermal pastes for those who want a super simple application process – and a notable performance improvement. 

    What’s more, it’s made up of carbon microparticles – which guarantee high thermal conductivity – ensuring heat is dissipated quickly away from your CPU and GPU to make the parts run cooler and optimally. 

    It’s one of the most popular CPU thermal paste on the market for a reason, and you can’t go wrong choosing this when replacing your paste.

    GELID Solutions GC-Extreme

    an image of GELID Solutions GC-Extreme, one of the best CPU thermal paste in 2023

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    Image via GELID Solutions

    Another solid pick for the best budget CPU thermal paste available in 2023 is the new GELID Solutions GC-Extreme.

    It’s extremely simple to apply, with a consistent spread that will have you finishing the job within a minute. This also goes for when you need to clean it up, as GELID has prioritised ease of use for their consumers. 

    Its performance improvement isn’t super noticeable, with it essentially doing its cooling job and nothing more, but for novice builders, it’s a good way to start out and still ensure your parts get the cooling they need.

    Best mid-range CPU thermal paste in 2023


    an image of NOCTUA NT-H2 CPU thermal paste

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    Image via NOCTUA

    The NOCTUA NT-H2 CPU thermal paste improved on its predecessor in nearly every way, boasting a new compound that makes it less viscous and easier to apply, and increases the bond-line thickness to lower thermal resistance and dissipate heat at a quicker rate.

    The base version also gives you 3.5 grams to work with, meaning it will last you for multiple applications if you mess something up, or have to reapply it in the future. 

    Best high-end CPU thermal paste in 2023

    Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

    an image of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, one of the best CPU thermal paste in 2023

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    Image via Thermal Grizzly

    If you have a little extra cash spare when looking for a CPU thermal paste, the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a fantastic choice to really help squeeze the best performance out of your CPU thanks to excellent heat dissipating and cooling capabilities. 

    As a premium thermal paste brand, care has been taken to ensure it’s super easy to apply and clean up when necessary. The full package also comes with some useful extras, like a spreader to make covering the full width of the CPU even easier.

    What is the best CPU thermal paste in 2023?

    Prolimatech PK-3 Nano Aluminum

    an image of Prolimatech PK-3 Nano Aluminum CPU thermal paste

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    Image via Prolimatech

    Our other high-end option, and our pick for the best CPU thermal paste on the market in 2023 is the Prolimatech PK-3 Nano Aluminum, which has all the quality you’d expect for its premium price point. 

    An aluminium and zinc oxide compound provides a secure and thermal-resistant barrier between the CPU and cooler, dissipating heat at a better rate than most thermal paste. 

    The moderately viscous compound is also one of the easiest to apply from the syringe, spreading with ease, and ensuring the process is smooth as possible. 

    That’s all for our picks for the best CPU thermal paste in 2023, covering budget, mid-range, and high-end options so you can get the best cooling performance for your parts at an ideal price point. 

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