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    Each character in Texas Chain Saw Massacre has unique character abilities, which make them essential for either team. However, they can also be leveled up and upgraded with perks and attributes, increasing their skill and usefulness even more. Connie is potentially one of the more valuable Victims because she can unlock doors, a highly important part of escaping, much easier than her other teammates. You can make her an even more valuable player by building her perks and attributes to accentuate her already useful strengths and skills. Here are some of the best build options for her!

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Best Connie Build Guide

    Connie is the team lockpicker due to her special ability that allows her to pick locks almost instantly. This skill can be improved even more by placing her attributes and equipping her with the proper perks to accentuate them and make up for their weaknesses as well.

    Best Attributes for Connie in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    All Victims have attributes that are their main overall stats, affecting how well they perform in-game while completing various activities. They can be leveled up by gaining attribute points from the skill tree and placing them in the different fields of your choice. For Connie, you’re going to want to focus on skills that can help with her lockpicking talent as well as make up for the fields that she lacks. These are some of the best ones I found useful for Connie:

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    • Proficiency: “Determines how quickly Victims can complete skilled environmental interactions such as lockpicking, item gathering, fuse box, and pressure valve repair, along with car battery disabling.” This will help Connie in general when it comes to performing lockpicking actions and gathering the unlock tools she needs.
    • Stealth: “Influences the Victim’s ability to perform various actions silently as determined by the noise meter.” Being able to gather unlock tools quickly while being as quiet as possible is also very important for Connie’s success.
    • Endurance: “Determines the Victim’s total stamina capacity, along with stamina drain and regen rate.” One weakness Connie has with her main ability is that she gives up some stamina and her family detecting momentarily. You can make up for this by focusing on improving her overall endurance and allowing her to be able to act more efficiently if she’s being chased.

    Best Perks for Connie in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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    Along with Attributes, players can equip perks on their characters that will give them special boosts as well. These perks are unlocked through their skill trees, but only certain paths can be taken at once; plus, only three perks can be equipped per loadout, so choose wisely. I found these to be some of the best perks for Connie’s playstyle:

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    • Lucky Lockpicker: The first time you use an unlock tool to open a door, it has a chance not to be consumed.
    • Efficient Locksmith: When unlocking doors, there is a chance the unlock tool won’t be consumed.
    • Bomb Squad: Dismantle a trap without the use of bone scrap. This is particularly useful for Connie because it will give her extra space so that she can carry an additional unlock tool.
    • Tool Tracks: After escaping your restraints, all unlock tools within 50m will be highlighted for a short time.
    • Well Trained: After jumping down a well, all bone scrap and unlock tools within a certain range are highlighted for a short time.
    • Pick On Me: While using the unlock tool, the door or gate you are attempting to open will be highlighted for all victims for a short time. This is a good perk to have to help provide more support for your teammates.
    • Light On Your Feet: Grandpa is less alerted by the noises you make during the start of the game. This is particularly useful for Connie because she can safely unlock doors and escape the basement before Grandpa is alerted.

    These are just a few of the best perks I found when using Connie, but there are still plenty of other options you can mix in there. Cycle in some more stealth and endurance perks to help make up for her weaknesses even more. Remember, you can only equip three perks at a time, so choose wisely or create multiple loadouts to try them all out.

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