Best Candy Diver Cookie Ingredients built in Cookie Run Kingdom


    Candy Diver Cookie is a Cookie Run: Kingdom Epic Support Cookie that prioritizes the back position in the team. They have an interesting kit that involves healing and buffing allies, except the buffs are gained via RNG. A higher Amplify Buff stat increases the super hit rate of booster allies, allowing Candy Diver to cast more favorable boosters (the best being the Black Pearl powerup).

    Best Ingredient Creation for Candy Diver Cookie at CRK

    Candy Diver has no auto attack ability, so they will not benefit from the DPS boost stats. Instead, they can use the following ingredients:

    • x5 Speed ​​Chocolate (best in slot) – Great for reducing the cooldown, allowing you to cast Candy Diver’s ability more often
    • x5 sweet candy – These ingredients will increase Candy Diver’s Amplify Buff stat, increasing his chances of casting better buffs.

    While a full Sweet Candy build might seem like a no-brainer for Candy Diver, we found that lowering the cooldown with Swift Chocolates is more reliable. The percentage of Amplify Buff offered by Sweet Candy Toppings isn’t high enough to make this set any better than focusing on cooldown reduction. For bonus stats, focus on Amplify Buff and cooldown reduction.

    Best Treasures for Candy Diver Cookie at CRK

    Candy Diver Cookie pairs best with the squishy clock for cooldown reduction. The rest of the treasures can meet the needs of the overall team, with DPS boosting options being the most common picks.

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    Candy Diver Cookie skill information in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    deep sea diver:

    • While wandering the depths of the Duskgloom Sea, Candy Diver Cookie has become immune to enemy attacks by gaining the Safeguarded ability. Her regular attacks lower DEF and increase DMG taken by the nearest enemy. Upon using the ability, Candy Diver Cookie will uncover various relics from the depths of the sea, providing buffs and healing to Cookie’s allies. The super hit rate will increase depending on Candy Diver Cookie’s Amplify Buff rate. Each relic provides a different effect.

    skill specs:

    • Regular Attack DEF Reduction: 7.5 percent for 10 seconds, stacks up to two times
    • Regular Attack DMG Increase: 5 percent for 10 seconds, stacks up to two times
    • Super Success Rate: 10 percent + Amplify Improvement Percentage
    • Failed blockbuster transfer rate: 15 percent
    • Regular relic HP heal: 43.5 percent (+0.6 percent per level)
    • mermaid statue: Amplify Buff +15.0 percent for 10 seconds
    • pirate sword: ATK +10 percent for 10 seconds
    • Anchor: DEF +15 percent for 10 seconds
    • [Rare Relic] black pearl shell:
      • Healing: +10.9% (+0.15% per level) every second for seven seconds
      • Amplify Buff: +15 percent for 10 seconds, ATK +25 percent for 10 seconds

    For more support cookie options, see our guide on the Cotton Cookie Topping Build in Cookie Run Kingdom here at MyFullGames.


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