Best Black Pearl Cookie Ingredients Built in Cookie Run Kingdom



    Black Pearl Cookie is Cookie Run: the cold-hearted ruler of the Kingdom who rules over the Sea of ​​Twilight, an abyssal realm filled with grudges. He is also a Legendary gank-type cookie that prioritizes the middle position on your team. Black Pearl is known for her high base stats, her high burst damage, and her incredible utility as a neutralizer.

    The Best Ingredient Creation for Black Pearl Cookie at CRK

    Since the Black Pearl Cookie relies on your skill for most of its usefulness, we recommend using a Swift chocolate complete set for cooldown reduction, but you have to get lucky and increase its DMG Resist bonus stats. For a safer and more reliable construction, opt for a complete set of solid almonds and target both DMG Resist and cooldown reduction bonus stats. Some ATK will also benefit his DPS output.

    Best Treasures for Black Pearl Cookie at CRK

    Black Pearl Cookie can benefit from treasures that increase ATK and reduce cooldown, so consider using the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll Y squishy clock. Your third treasure will depend on the game mode and the team you are playing on. Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather is a great option for Arena, while Grim-Looking Scythe is great for increasing DPS.

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    Black Pearl Cookie ability info in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Duskgloom Sovereign: Plunges into the abyss and changes into its true form, creating a whirling storm that deals periodic damage and sweeps away even interrupt-resistant enemies. Enemies, terrified by the Cookie’s giant size, suffer the Terror of the Abyss. If Terror of the Abyss is dispelled, the target will take true damage proportional to the target’s max HP. Being herself the ruler of the abyss, Black Pearl Cookie is resistant to all effects of Fear (the maximum amount of damage proportional to the target’s HP is 300,000).

    skill specs:

    • Cool down: 15 seconds
    • dmg beam: 240.8 percent (+3.28 percent per level)
    • Whirlwind: 10 hits in 2 seconds
    • One-hit DMG proportional to Max HP:
      • Against Cookies: 6.3 percent
      • Against other enemies: 13.8 percent
    • Lightning and Whirlpool DMG reduction bypass: 40 percent
    • healing received: -35.0 percent for 10 seconds
    • Abyss Terror Debuff: ATK SPD -20 percent, MOV SPD -20 percent, ATK -14.5 percent for 15 seconds
    • Terror of the Abyss Extra DMG:
      • Against Cookies: 9.5 percent
      • Against other enemies: 13.8 percent

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