Best Beast Master Companions in BG3


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    The Beast Master Ranger can summon a companion to aid in combat and travel with the party as an adorable ally. There are strength in numbers and adding a powerful companion can be very helpful. I enjoy using different companions for different situations, but overall some of the companions can be more helpful than others.

    How to summon a Companion as a Beast Master in BG3

    To summon a companion, you must first reach Ranger Level 3 and select Beast Master as your subclass. You will now have access to the ability Ranger’s Companion. You can summon one of the five companions and regain the ability every Short Rest. Here are the best Beast Master Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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    Best Companions in BG3 Ranked

    The best Companions for the Beast Master Ranger can depend on your playstyle and situations, but as the Companions level up and get new abilities, some of them are better than the others for combat and utility.

    5. Lupus The Wolf

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    The Wolf Companion is one of the weaker options for the Beast Master Ranger. The Wolf does not do well at higher levels, as it’s Level 5 Infectious Bite ability and Level 11T only replaces its Bite ability. The Wolf can be effective in combat, but the other Companions have much better abilities.

    4. Verres The Boar

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    The Boar can be a great companion for combat situations, especially at higher levels. When first summoning the Boar at Level 3, you will already have access to the Boar’s Charge ability, which can be used to close in on enemies and knock them prone. The Boar’s best ability comes at Level 5 when you can use Rage. The Boar’s Rage works exactly like a Barbarian’s, so you can dish a lot of damage. The only downside to the Boar is it has low health and AC, so you may end up losing them during combat.

    3. Corvus The Dire Raven

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    Corvus is one of the best support companions you can summon. At Level 3, Corvus can use the Rend Vision ability, which can blind enemies for 2 turns with no save. While the damage may not be at the level of the other companions, the Raven can debuff enemies extremely well. At Level 5, Corvus can use Bad Omen, a ranged attack that can Curse enemies, making attack rolls against them at Advantage. The Raven also has great mobility so it can be used to scout locations and navigate difficult areas.

    2. Aranea The Wolf Spider

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    The Wolf Spider is one of the best companions to have during tough combat situations. The Spider has great mobility with the Jump ability and can control the flow of combat with the Web ability. Where the Spider really shines is at Level 5 when it unlocks the Cocoon ability, which allows it to wrap an enemy in a cocoon for three turns as long as the enemy does not take damage or succeeds a Dexterity saving throw.

    1. Ursa The Bear

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    Ursa The Bear is the best companion to have due to their damage, abilities, and health. The Bear can tank a lot of damage and keep enemies from attacking the party. Ursa has the Goading Roar, which can leave enemies Goaded, meaning they must attack Ursa for the next two turns. At Level 5, Ursa can use the Honeyed Paws ability, which can disarm enemies or knock them prone if they do not have a weapon. This can be very helpful against powerful melee enemies. At Level 11, Ursa unlocks the ability to summon another Level 7 Bear, which means you can control the battle with two bears tanking damage and leaving enemies without weapons.

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