Best audio settings for Modern Warfare 2 (Season 5)



    Being able to hear everything that’s going on around you in a shooter as fast-paced as Modern Warfare 2 is imperative, so it’s important that you know about the best audio settings for MW2 in Season 5.

    Knowing exactly where an enemy is relative to you, or figuring out what sort of weapon they’re firing can be a matter of life or death in Modern Warfare 2. Especially with the time-to-kill as low as it is in this game, players will need all the advantages that they can get.

    So, keep reading to learn more about the best audio settings you should be using in Modern Warfare 2, Season 5.

    Best audio settings for Modern Warfare 2

    Audio settings menu in Modern Warfare 2

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    Finding the best audio settings in Modern Warfare 2 is all about ensuring that you can only hear the most important sounds, blocking out the rest.

    Of course, for the best results, you should also make sure that you’re using a pair of headphones or headset. This will ensure that you’re able to hear sounds as clearly as possible, and will really bring the best audio settings for Modern Warfare 2 to life.

    Here are the settings that we have found to be the most optimal. With everything set to these values, you should find yourself able to pick out enemy positions much more clearly:

    Audio Setting Recommended Option
    Audio Mix Headphone Bass Boost
    Master Volume 100
    Music Volume 0-30
    Dialogue Volume 50
    Effects Volume 90
    Hit Marker Volume 90
    Mono Audio Off
    Subtitles On
    Subtitles Size Default
    Audio Settings Recommended Option
    Voice Chat Volume 100
    Juggernaut Music On
    Hit Marker Sound Effects MW
    Reduce Tinnitus Sound Off

    We recommend using these settings as a baseline to begin and tweak from here to your own personal preference. To make things easier, you can pin some of these important settings to the pause menu, making it much easier to adjust these settings on the fly.

    For example, while our recommended MW2 audio settings have the music volume setting dramatically decreased, it can still be useful to indicate when the round is nearing a close. As such, you may choose to leave this slightly audible.

    Dialogue volume is also lowered, but can still play an important role in a match. For example, team announcements can let you know when enemy killstreaks are being called in. In addition, enemy soldiers may give callouts, briefly giving away their position.

    Be sure to play around with the settings above until you find a combination of the best Modern Warfare 2 audio settings that work for you.

    So, that’s our rundown of which audio settings are best to use for the optimal experience in Modern Warfare 2.

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