Best Accessories for Max Stats in Type Soul


    Accessories in Type Soul are more than just cosmetic pieces; they offer stat boosts and can improve your character’s stats. But to get the most out of them, you’ll need to know what items to look for. Here are the best accessories in Type Soul.

    List of the best accessories for the Soul type

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    To make things easier for you, we’ve divided accessories by type. That way, you can focus on the items you need to get the maximum stats for your character. Accessories are usually available as drops from bosses in raids, but you can also trade for them or buy them for Robux. Pair great accessories with some of the best Type Soul Essences to maximize your chances in PvP battles.

    Best Headgear in Type Soul

    Cat ears

    Cat ears are cute, but fashion is secondary here. You will receive a cute 5% defense bonus and 15 HealthWith these advantages you will have more protection and you will look great at the same time.

    Headband of Baraq

    Even nerfed, the Baraq Diadem is a great headgear, though players are unhappy with the current state of this item compared to its original stats.

    • 10 horsepower
    • 10 Reiatsu
    • 1.5% Defense
    • 0.5 Reiatsu Regeneration

    Best Face Accessories in Type Soul

    Aizen’s eye patch

    Aizen’s Patch is a very complete option to improve Soul Reaper’s defense. You can get this item through an item that drops from a random boss.

    • 10 horsepower
    • 5 Posture
    • 10 Reiatsu

    God’s reward

    God’s Prize has everything you’d expect from an item with that name. You’ll get a little bit of everything, which is more than you can ask for from a face accessory.

    • 5 horsepower
    • 15 Reiatsu
    • 1 Posture
    • 2% Reiatsu Regeneration
    • 1% Defense

    Aizen’s eye patch

    • 10 horsepower
    • 10 Reiatsu
    • 5 Posture

    Best Neck Accessories in Type Soul

    Star pendant

    The Star Pendant is one of the few neck accessories that offer more than just a simple visual look. While it’s not life-changing, you’ll get enough bonuses to improve your character’s most important stats.

    • 10 horsepower
    • 10 Reiatsu
    • 5 Posture

    Best Arm Attachments in Type Soul

    The siphon ticker

    The Siphon Ticker is an excellent accessory, though not as powerful as it once was. That said, you will still get multiple bonuses to your stats. You will obtain this item through boss raids.

    • 10 horsepower
    • 5 Reiatsu
    • 1% Defense
    • Meter gain 0.5%

    Mugetsu wrap

    The Mugetsu Wrap is a legendary accessory that will give you additional protection thanks to 5% Iron resistanceThanks to a 5% Reduction in meter consumptionYou will use your special attack more frequently.

    Best Torso Accessories in Type Soul

    Terrible Bone Armor

    The Dread Bone Armor is arguably the best accessory for a Type Soul’s torso. The only reason to sell it is a potential power reduction, but until then, enjoy its fantastic stats.

    • 12 horsepower
    • 5 Reiatsu
    • 5 Posture
    • 2% Defense
    • 2.5% Reiatsu regeneration

    Winter coat

    The Hibernal Coat torso accessory maximizes your spiritual power, giving you a 20 Reiatsu and a 15 Health cousin.

    Saunder’s coat

    Saunder’s Cloak is a great choice for a Reiatsu boost, as you get 20 ReiatsuGet an additional 15 Health It is a great advantage, which gives you more security in the fight.

    Shunsui’s Kimono

    Shunsui’s Kimono Torso Accessory offers a balanced combination of stats, making it suitable for various character types.

    • +10 horsepower
    • +10 Reiatsu
    • +10 Posture
    • +3% Defense

    Best Back Attachments in Type Soul

    Anubis’s cloak

    The Anubis Cloak back accessory offers a balanced stat boost across three key attributes. Having 10 Reiatsu will make your skills more potent, while 10 Stance and 10 HP will give you more protection.

    White cape honored

    The Honorable White Cloak is one of the best accessories in the game. With this item, you can count on 10 HP, 1 Stance, 5% Defense, and 2% Reiatsu Regeneration. You can obtain the Honorable White Cloak through Soul Type Clan Wars.

    Now that you know the best accessories in Type Soul, check out the Type Soul Shikai tier list on MyFullGames.

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