Best abilities in Fire Force Online: Ranked tier list


    If you’re wondering what some of the best abilities in Fire Force Online for Roblox are, then you’ve come to the right place for all your answers.

    Drawing inspiration from the Fire Force Online anime series, you’ll be engaging in fast-paced action-oriented combat, and your abilities make up a big part of your arsenal in creating your perfect character.

    Here, we’ll be breaking down our rankings for the best abilities in the game, as well as giving you a run down of why we think they belong in those tiers – so read on for the full list.

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    Fire Force Online Abilities Ranked

    With several abilities in Fire Force Online, there are always going to be some that are stronger than others. So, we’ve broken them down from some of the most to least powerful:




    Devil’s Footprint, Liberation Fists, Sakura


    Excalibur, Lightning, Grand Hands


    Shield, Pile Bunker, Gun, Axe n Gun, Explosion


    Sickle, Sputter

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    S Tier Abilities in Fire Force Online explained

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    The S Tier Abilities in Fire Force Online provide a perfect blend of map traversal, powerful damage dealing and even change the dynamic of the game. Devil’s Footprint is especially powerful, as it allows you to navigate much faster to keep your enemies on their toes.

    When it comes to dealing damage, the Liberation Fists can turn you into a veritable tank, with an emphasis on super armour that increases both your damage output and attack absorption.

    Despite being a more unconventional ability, the Sakura allows you to stop time, allowing you to catch your breath or line up your attack for a devastating strike. While it can be complicated to master, once you do, there will be no stopping you.

    A Tier Abilities in Fire Force Online explained

    While the A Tier Abilities in Fire Force Online are certainly powerful, there are still some counters that knock them down a peg ever so slightly. For example, the Excalibur ability can deal a great amount of damage, but it can be parried, meaning it becomes a high-risk, high-reward move.

    The same can be said for Grand Hands. While it is undoubtedly powerful, it is highly telegraphed, making it a predictable attack that could leave you vulnerable.

    Lightning, on the other hand, is a little more forgiving. By raining lightning from the sky, you can attack opponents from afar.

    B Tier Abilities in Fire Force Online explained

    The B Tier Abilities in Fire Force Online are your standard fayre of moves. They can be easily picked up and still deal a significant amount of damage. For players new to the game, these may be the abilities that you may want to lean toward to get a handle on the mechanics.

    Gun and Axe n Gun offer a selection of ranged and close-quarters combat options while the Shield allows you to defend as well as attack with an almighty slam.

    The ranged abilities from Pile Bunker and Explosion also allow for some unique combat prospects, particularly when it comes to dealing significant damage. However, they can be difficult to master, so remain somewhere in the middle.

    C Tier Abilities in Fire Force Online explained

    While the C Tier Abilities are by no means bad, they just don’t seem to stack up well against the Abilities in the higher tiers.

    Sickle and Sputter both deal pretty decent guard damage, so when an enemy is defending, they can quickly knock them out of it. However, that is unfortunately about all they do, with very little overall damage to continue your attack.

    That’s it for our ranking of the best abilities in Fire Force Online. However, there are several more tier lists we have for multiple games, so be sure to check out our lists homepage for more detailed rankings.


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