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    Bendy returns in this latest mind-blowing installment of the series. It’s a dark game, with dark themes, but overall it’s a fun experience if you like spooky vibes and open-ended mystery. So let’s dive in and see how well I kept my sanity while making this tutorial. Enjoy.

    Starting the game

    Bendy: Secrets of the Machine offers no guidance. So here I am to explain, briefly, the core mechanics of the game. These are the most important things to keep in mind as you move forward.

    • Standard WASD motion controls, look around with your mouse.
    • E is for interacting with the world: opening doors, collecting cans, etc.
    • The left mouse button (LMB) is used to launch cans.
    • The right mouse button (RMB) is for eating cans.

    Lost yet? Don’t worry, it will all make sense in a moment.

    Bendy’s Walkthrough: Secrets of the Machine

    You’ll start in front of a sinister looking archway. Head over to him and towards the house. Survive the first jumpscare and enter the building.

    Theater of yesteryear

    Go down the hallway and turn right when you can. Head to the end of this hallway and you will see an ink tunnel (it looks like a wormhole). Go through and you will find yourself in a room with a large pedestal or stage in the middle. There are four doors in this room. The one you passed through (is now closed); the door to your right (east), the door opposite you (north), and a barricaded door to your left (west).

    To your right is a vending machine with an arrow. Head towards it and press ‘E’ while looking at the arrow.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    A can will come out of the machine. To unlock the ancient theater, you will need to throw three cans into the pipe seen in the screenshot above and below.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    The barricaded door will open and you will see a new character, Guffie, wearing an empty bean can for a hat. He will welcome you to the theater and invite you to enjoy the show. He grabs another can and goes inside.

    Throw your can at the screen to watch a short and rather cryptic movie. We see the words “Send, Reject and Gent”, which means that this movie may be sponsored by Gent themselves. You’ll also find a neon popcorn sign in this room.

    You can break this sign by throwing a can at it and you will reveal a hidden poster in this room featuring a well-known character from the Bendy universe. There is also a death scythe on the ground near this new poster. It’s easy to spot, you’ll see.

    The last secret hidden in the theater room is only unlocked after eating countless amounts of bacon soup, and we will discuss it separately.

    The TV room teaser

    Enter this room by going through the north door. In it you will find a television with four dials or objectives, two on each side. You can turn these dials by hitting them with a can of food. There are several combinations, but if you want to discover them yourself, skip the slider below, which contains all the possible trailers and images to display on the screen.

    The last secret in this room is the mystery box. It’s easy to spot: it’s just a box with some question marks. To reveal the secret, you will need to use E to interact with this box over 400 times. The surprise may not be worth it, but I’ll let you be the judge.

    The end of Gent (Original)

    This is arguably the way the game was meant to be played and reveals the central story. It’s time to open the eastern door. Grab some cans and break each of these brightly lit windows.

    Once they are both eliminated, you will be able to go through the door. In the next room, simply walk forward and you will enter a room with a portrait, some chairs, a gramophone, and a grandfather clock. Wait for the portrait to light up and take the pen that is on the portrait.

    On the east wall, you will find various ages written. Interact with this wall to add another age.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Behind you, on the floor, some blank pages will have appeared. Interact with each of them to reveal a drawing of an innocent and charming child. Once you’ve completed all four, you’ll hear what appears to be a motorcycle crashing. Although I think it’s supposed to be a car.

    The portrait will turn bloody, and let’s not think too much about the sad situation that this scene portrays. Let’s go.

    The door should unlock and allow you to exit into a hallway. Go to the end of the hallway where a light will turn on and you can hear a conversation. Once the light goes out, knock on the door (press E).

    Turn around and a gramophone should have appeared in the hallway. Listen to its deliciously creepy message. In front of the gramophone, two doors will have lights on. Knock on any of the doors and wait a while. The door behind the gramophone will open.

    Go through the open door and return to the room with the portrait. You’ll notice some changes, such as the addition of a desktop. The age wall has also changed. She interacts with him again.

    On the chair to your left (facing the age wall), you will see a blank page. Pick it up and place it on the drawing table (all using E). Interact with the page to create a charming drawing (Yes, that’s sarcasm).

    Next, a knock should sound on the door. A letter will slide into the room under the door. Read them.

    Now go back and grab your drawing from the table. The door should now unlock and you will come across another hallway. There are drawing tables on either side of you. Once you’re through the door, it should close and you can complete all the drawings on the desks in this room.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    After that, the door at the end of the hallway will light up. Another letter will slide under the door. Give it a read.

    Once this is done, the door at the other end of the hallway will open to reveal a bottle of Gent. Interact with the bottle.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    You will find yourself back at the beginning of the game. As you enter the arch, pay attention to the ground. If you see an arrow, you will have to run to the other side and into the darkness (the house will be boarded up).

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Once you’ve run far enough, you’ll find the archway again and the house will no longer be boarded up. Go inside.

    You’ll notice that the only way forward is straight, so follow the hallway to the end. Is that a car? It’s safe, you can get closer.

    And that’s the end of our story. Now, what other secrets can we find in the game?

    The techno scene

    Are you ready to eat 23 cans of bacon soup?

    To unlock this secret, collect and eat cans of bacon soup (ignore the beans and gold cans) until your character lets out a small burp. It took me 23 cans, but I’ve also seen cases where players only had to eat about 17.

    Once you burp, grab a can and go to the sign in the screenshot. It can be found in the theater on the western wall. Throw the can at it and it should disappear, revealing a hole in the wall.

    Interact (E) with the hole and enjoy!

    Flexible attacks

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    You’ve probably noticed these cardboard cutouts of Bendy sitting around. This secret involves destroying them. To destroy a cardboard cutout, throw a can at it.

    There are four cutouts in the main stage room (where the vending machine is), two in the TV room, and two in the theater. Hit each one with a can and enjoy this little secret ending.

    The scary robot

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    You’ve probably also noticed this strange robot. As soon as you destroy just one cardboard cutout, it will start following you when you’re not looking. Well, here’s a secret.

    Keep getting cans from the vending machine until you find a Golden Bacon Soup. You’ll know it when you see it: the can shines, unlike the others.

    Take this can in your hand and touch the robot with it. You’ll end up back at the arch. Follow the arrow into the darkness once more and enter the house. Once inside, continue straight down this hallway, passing the openings. Near the end of this hallway, you’ll find Bendy the robot again.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    This time, throw the can at him.

    You’ll end up back at the arch. But… something’s not quite right, right? Enjoy this delicious ending: it’s one of the two true endings I’ve managed to find.

    Grozzie kills Bendy: Secrets of the machine

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    This is Guffie. You can learn about it by eating a can of beans and then looking at the outside wall of the room with the TV. He’s pretty much harmless, unless you keep throwing cans at his head.

    To unlock this secret, open the movie theater, but grab a can as you head towards it. Instead of going in, throw your can at Guffie. Pick it up again and repeat this until you find the other true ending of the game.

    The final secret of the TV room

    This last secret requires you to return to the TV room. Have the dials or targets align as follows:

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    You should see a light click at the top of the exit from this room. Take a can and throw it into the light. When you hit it, something strange will happen. It’s not a big secret, but do you know who he is?

    And those are all the known hidden endings of Bendy: Secrets of the Machine. The developer still updates the game regularly and adds new content, so be sure to check back and play a game from time to time. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the first to discover new secrets!

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