A detailed walkthough for the Behind the Beyond Demo, including alternative paths and secrets.


The game builds on a simple, classic point & click control scheme, which means you have to click on things to interact with them.


Walk: Click on anything in the background.

Interact: Click on objects or characters. That brings up a wheel with all the actions you can choose from.


Look – See what Johnny thinks about things. Can be useful if you are not sure what an item is, or if you want to read the signs with the runes.

Talk – Usually means talking, but can be used creatively for example to try to eat something.

Use – If it’s an item that can be picked up, it will be put in your inventory. If it something that is to be activated in place, it will activate (e.g. a lever is pulled).

Break – Some items can be broken down into components and components can be combined to create new items. Some of these are reversible, others are not.


These are special actions that can be improved by doing or saying certain things. The middle of these buttons will fill up as you gain XP and you will earn a coloured gem when you level up. Keep an eye on your level in these skills, because some solutions require you to have a certain level in these skills!

Charm – Be nice, try to sweet-talk people or hit on them.

Strength – Kick, smash, bash, break stuff into bits, or lift heavy things.

Dexterity – Tricking people with sleight of hand, perform arcobatics (climb over things) or sharpshooting


Some items can be worn as equipment. You have 3 slots where you can wear things: head, hand, body.

To put something on: pick the Use action on an item in the Inventory, then click on Johnny.

To take something off: click on the item in the inventory’s equipment section.

Note: You cannot interact while there is something in your hand. You can only walk (and change scene).


There are some useful controls to make life easier.

Dismiss dialogue – Click during dialogue to dismiss the current line.

Skip cutscene – Click during a cutscene to bring up the ‘Skip’ button. Click the button to skip the cutscene.

Quicktravel – Press ‘M’ to bring up a map and click on visited places to quicktravel.

Hints – Highlight interactable items by pressing ‘space’.

Taking up the quests

Note: It is not necessary to do things in this order. The two short stories included in the demo are only loosely connected and parts of them can be resolved in many combinations.

This part of the guide will only include the required bits to finish the two quests. For an even better experience, we encourage you to try different combinations of actions on different objects and characters, and engage in conversation with them.

After the intro video, Johnny walks into the village and you can take over control immediately.

The first building you see in the background is the Tavern. Go inside.

To the left of the screen there is the Innkeep, behind the counter. Talk to the Innkeep and ask for a job. He will say he has no openings. Be adamant and ask if he is sure. The Innkeep will then tell you about a mysterious little light that keeps the villagers in terror at night.

Exit the Tavern. Continue walking to the right. Just as you pass the well, there is a bucket on the ground. Pick it up.

Continue to the right. Walk past the Gingerbread salesman – you can’t get gingerbread from him yet.

Continue to the right. You will see a piece of rope lying on the ground. Pick it up.

Continue to the right. You will encounter an old lady crying outside her house. Talk to her and ask why she is sad. She tells you that her husband (the Master) and her are having a problem with a goose thief. It looks like the entire household has been enchanted to fall asleep during the night, so they can’t catch the thief. Say that you will help. This will unlock the gates to her Backyard where they keep the animals.

The goose thief #1

After talking to the Master’s Wife and taking up the quest, the gate to her Backyard is unlocked.

Go inside and walk towards the left. Near the goose pen there is a sack of wheat with a mug hanging out. Take it.

Continue walking towards the left until you see a rosebush.

Here you have two options:

Option 1: use your Dexterity skill to hide in the bush.

Option 2: keep trying the regular Use action until Johnny eventually gives up and hides in the bush.

Hiding in the bush either way will trigger the cutscene for the first night.

After the cutscene, leave the Backyard. You can talk to the Master’s Wife if you want and she will give you a hint for the next puzzle.

Optional: The magical glasses

At any time of day walk to the right edge of the village and leave the scene to right. You will arrive at the Elder’s. Talk to him, ask him about his health. He will tell you that he is hungry. Exit the conversation and give him the scones from your inventory. He gives you a pair of magical glasses in return.

Missable: when the Elder gives you the glasses, say thank you to gain 1xp in Charm. This is a missable xp.

The Wandering Light

The mystery of the Wandering Light can be solved in multiple ways.

Solution 1 – the doll

If you picked up the magical glasses from the previous section and used it and talked to the Master’s wife, you know about the doll.

Walk back to the well on the left edge on the village. It is missing the rope and bucket, but no worries, you have collected them. Combine them in any way you see fit and get a bucket of water from the well. This will earn you 1xp in Strength.

Note: the Rope, Bucket and Well can be combined and taken apart in almost any order. E.g. you can attach the rope to the well or the bucket, the order doesn’t matter as long as it is logical.

Walk to the left edge of the screen and leave the village. You will arrive at the Watermill.

Use the mug of wheat with the millstone to make flour. This gives you an additional 1xp in Strength and you level up.

Walk towards the right edge of the screen, with the willow tree and the stones and reeds. There is something hanging out from under the big rock. Now that you have levelled up in Strength, you can move the rock and pick up an old doll from under it. Take the doll.

Head back to the village. Sit on the bench to pass the time until midnight. Find the Wandering Light and give it the doll.

Alternatively, you can take the doll in your hand and approach it.

When it reaches the doll, a cutscene will be triggered and the quest completed.

Solution 2 – the gingerbread

Instead ot taking the doll from under the rock, you can try to lead the Wandering Light to the doll. If you observe the Wandering Light’s behaviour (from afar) you may notice, it hangs around by the Gingerbread stall quite a lot. You will need to acquire a piece of gingerbread.

Option A – steal one

Go to the Watermill (exit the Village on the left side). Walk towards the right and pick up the lantern and fishing rod that was left there. Combine them.

Head back to the village and equip this new contraption. Keep walking to the right until you reach the Gingerbread man. When he sees the lantern hanging in the air, he thinks it is the Wandering Light and runs away in panic. You have a good few seconds before he comes back. Put away the fishing rod and quickly take a piece of gingerbread or the entire bag from the side of the stall.

Use the ‘Break’ action to take the lantern off of the fishing rod.

Option B – charm the Gingerbread man

You need to be Level 1 for this to work. If you want to choose this path, you need to do the “Optional: the magical glasses” to get 1xp in Charm.

To get the other xp needed for the next level, head back to the Tavern. Walk to the right and talk to the Innkeep’s Daugther. Ask her how is business? When she asks you what brings you to the Tavern, tell her it’s pretty lasses like her. There is your one level in charm!

Head back to the Gingerbread salesman and use your ‘Charm’ skill to flatter him. He will give you the bag of old gingerbread for free.

After acquiring some gingerbread with either options, if you have the bag of gingerbread, use the ‘Break’ action to separate one piece. Combine that piece with the fishing rod.

Wait in the village until dark. Equip the fishing rod + gingerbread. As long as you have the fishing rod with the gingerbread bait equipped, the Wandering Light will focus on the gingerbread instead of you. It will follow the gingerbread (unless you walk too far away from it). Use this machanism to lead the Wandering Light from the Village to the Watermill, all the way to the doll that is stuck under the rock. When the Light reaches the doll, the cutscene will trigger and the quest is finished.

The goose thief #2

After failing to catch the thief on the first night, you need to find a way to stay awake.

Talk to the Master’s Wife for hints on a solution.

Make sure the time is around noonish and head to the Tavern. On the left, you will see the Master. He has a snuffbox on the table next to him, but he stops you if you try to touch it. On the right, you should see the Angry dude complaining about the weather and mentioning the devil a lot.

Before dealing with them, walk to the right and help the Innkeep’s Daughter with the plate she is trying to hang on the wall.

After hanging the plate, talk to the Angry dude. You will presented with 3 semi-random conversation options. One will make him angry, the the other two will calm him down. Always pick the one that refers to the devil or hell. He will get increasingly angrier and hit the table next to him, which will eventually cause the plat you just hung to fall down.


After the brawl, the Tavern is almost empty, the Master is gone but the snuffbox is left on the table unguarded. Grab it.

Go back to the Master’s Backyard with the geese. Use the snuffbox on the rosebush to trigger the next cutscene in the story.

The goose thief #3

After sussing out the thief, Johnny has a plan to catch it.

Walk towards the exit of the Backyard. You will see that there are some pillows left on a bench to air. Take one and break it to get the feathers out.

Combine flour and bucket of water to make a sticky substance.

Combine the sticky stuff with the goose feathers.

Equip the feathers.

Leave the Backyard and talk to the Master’s Wife. Tell her she has one goose left. Johnny will continue to elaborate on his plan which is to dress up as a goose and surprise the thief.

Go back to the Backyard and use the Goosepen to hide in there.

Last cutscene will be triggered and you can watch the credits after that.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Behind the Beyond Walkthrough With Alternate Paths And Secrets that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Sugarpunch Games. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.