BATTLETECH How To add Custom Emblems or Crests

Brief explanation and suggested resources on how to add in custom emblems for single-player use throughout the main campaign!

How to add in custom emblems or crests

Step 1: Find new emblem or crest image and save down

Step 2: Invert image (so it appears upside down)

Step 3: Convert (if necessary) to .dds format (must be DDS image)

Step 4: Go to folder

i) For steam users:


ii) For non steam users, find your BATTLETECH folder:


Step 5: Copy the name of an emblem you plan on deleting

Step 6: Delete that emblem/picture

Step 7: Paste in your custom emblem image (DDS format)

Step 8: Rename your image (paste) the name of the emblem you deleted (this is important or it won’t show up)

Step 9: Open BATTLETECH go to Captains quarters and select your new custom emblem!

Please refer to short YouTube video where I walk through the steps if helpful!

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