Battle of the Super Sons’ Troy Baker Details a Paternal Dark Knight


The newest DC Universe Original Animated Movie, Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, places a twist on the long-lasting World’s Finest superhero dynamic by placing the concentrate on their youngsters. As the Man of Steel (Travis Willingham) and Dark Knight (Troy Baker) discover themselves outmaneuvered by the villainous Starro, it is as much as their sons Jon Kent (Jack Dylan Grazer) and Damian Wayne (Jack Griffo) to step up and save the world from the invading extraterrestrial. With Starro telepathically controlling the best heroes and villains within the DCU, the 2 younger heroes’ work is actually lower out for them as they scramble to avoid wasting their households and the world whereas studying work collectively.

In an unique interview with MyFullGames, Troy Baker defined his private connection to taking part in Batman in Battle of the Super Sons. He shared how a lot he enjoys this contemporary animated tackle the DCU and its colourful characters and puffed up the upcoming tv adaptation of The Last of Us.

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You’ve been Batman earlier than, however did you modify something up realizing he was going to be a dad on this movie?

Troy Baker: I really feel like I form of should. The second that I stroll in with something outdated, with what I did in a earlier one, on this… When you watch these motion pictures, you see that there isn’t a rehashing of something. There’s all the time one thing new — both a brand new forged, a brand new story, [or] a brand new tackle an outdated story — in any other case, we might simply rinse and repeat these. I actually have to present credit score to what DC and Warner [Bros.] is attempting to do with this, which is take tales which are both canonical, like The Long Halloween and The Killing Joke, and current them to a brand new viewers who might have by no means learn the supply materials — and our hope is that you just do — or here’s a storyline you’ll have by no means recognized of, and we’ll introduce it to you. We hope you dive deeper into the supply materials.

What’s a approach we will current Batman and Superman, two of probably the most iconic superheroes ever, in a singular and fascinating approach? Let’s make them dads and have them disappear inside 20 minutes of the film beginning. [laughs] I do not know the way that pitch occurred! We’ve acquired Batman and Superman, and keep in mind that D-list villain Starro? We’re going to have starfish come out of their face, and they are going to be out for your entire film and make this a Superboy and Damian function movie, and it may be the primary all-CG film that we have ever carried out. I really feel like everybody who’s been a fan of this acquired away with making one thing they had been by no means presupposed to make, and so they pulled it off.

The opening title sequence blows my thoughts as a result of virtually each time you do a Superman or Batman story, you virtually all the time should do some model of the origin story. You’ve acquired to indicate Crime Alley or Krypton, however they did it in such a refreshing and distinctive approach. You usher in Nolan North to play Jor-El, [and] the followers know they’ve gotten Superman and Superboy [previously played by North] to play Jor-El. Nolan will get to play three generations of Superman, and as Nolan will get older, it is proper for him to play a patriarchal character. I like him. [laughs]

You’ve acquired this nice montage displaying the supply materials from the place this began from as panels of a graphic novel. You inform a complete story in a single panel, and also you inform the story of how Clark and Lois got here to be and the way Jonathan got here to be on this stunning story. You then transition into the best-looking animation I’ve seen to this point — it is unbelievable! The Long Halloween regarded so good, however that is subsequent stage, a completely totally different model and story that we’re telling. It’s so unbelievable, and it is the one which I’ve the least quantity of display screen time in, so you already know that I’m being sincere!

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You’ve labored with voice director Wes Gleason earlier than, however how was it working with him on Battle of the Super Sons and discovering your efficiency right here?

Poor Wes — to start with, as a result of he has to wrangle me. I like to speak about the way it’s like this [comic] storyline, and let’s speak about how Talia al Ghul acquired to be pregnant and the way Batman is the daddy. Wes is like, “We really have to get to our lines of dialog, and I know Troy only has this much to say, but we have this much to do.” He has to herd all the kittens which are being introduced into the sales space below his guard. Wes is de facto good, and I respect actually succinct route.

Wes is de facto good about going, “Here’s the situation. I know what they’re going for here, and here’s what it’s going to ultimately look like, so let’s give it to them. Starro is going to cover your mouth and take over your face.” I went, “Are we going to use special effects?” and he was like, “I want to know how it sounds when you do it.” He would stroll me by way of it, and it takes somebody very diligent and expert to be like, “It’s going to sound like this.” Not everyone seems to be as nerdy as Travis [Willingham] and I and wish a bit of extra context. Kudos to Wes for with the ability to wrangle all of us as a result of we’re actually wild youngsters in that sales space.

To that time, how did you discover the model of your voice with a starfish popping out of your mouth and protecting your face?

There’s all the time a chance in each session the place you are like, “I’ve never thought about this before, but let’s see what happens!” I used to be strolling down the streets of Paris as we speak, and I noticed an indication that stated “Dance like everybody is looking,” and I believed that that is really essential. I believe it is essential generally to be fearless on this and be okay with failing. The people who I labored with on this, I’ve labored with a number of instances now. I do know they simply need to make the most effective factor attainable, so I get to leap as excessive as I would like as a result of I’m working with a [safety] internet, and so they’re by no means going to let a foul take by way of.

They’re all the time going to go, “Troy, I’m glad you got that out of your system. Now let’s go for a real one.” [laughs] My job as an actor is to only attempt issues I’ve by no means tried earlier than and by no means really feel afraid to fail. It’s their job to chop it collectively and make one thing that we’re all actually pleased with.

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The final time we spoke, you talked about the primary comedian ebook you picked up was Batman at your grocery retailer spinner rack. How is it getting to come back again to Gotham, both because the Dark Knight or Clown Prince of Crime?

It sounds so glib and so actor-speak to say it, however I by no means thought this was going to be my path. I by no means thought that this is able to be my job. I by no means thought I’d have the ability to sit down and speak with you as part of this. You and I might have this complete dialog as nerds and simply speak about it and criticize whoever was taking part in Batman and Superman. I by no means thought it could be this. It’s actually taken on a complete new life within the wake of getting a son as a result of now I get to see him begin to be into this stuff. It’s brand-new for me over again. I’m actually impatient as a result of I do know what’s ready for him. I am unable to look forward to him to go to the grocery retailer, go to the spinner rack, and see what comedian ebook he picks up first. I simply hope that it is not Superman as a result of Travis won’t ever let me dwell that down. [laughs]

I do know you are a part of The Last of Us tv adaptation, however as hype begins to construct, what do you assume the key sauce is to efficiently deliver The Last of Us from video video games to tv?

Honestly, it is the identical factor that it’s for this. Let the followers make it, and so long as it is within the palms of the followers, it’ll by no means steer you flawed. That’s what now we have, not solely with the HBO collection, and there is not a much bigger fan of the game, story, and these characters than [Creator] Craig Mazin, and he is on the helm of this. There are so many individuals within the forged and crew — there are folks within the digital camera division who signed on to do that present for a 12 months which is exceptional as a result of they simply wished to be part of making the tv adaptation of The Last of Us as a result of they had been such followers — that had tattoos of Ellie as a result of this game has meant a lot to them.

It’s the identical factor that we’re coping with [in] Battle of the Super Sons. This is one thing that is being made by followers for followers, and it is one thing being made — at the very least for Travis and I — by dads for dads. Something that dawned on me is that I hope dads see this with their youngsters and mothers see this [with] their youngsters and understand that this is a chance to see Superman being Superman and Batman being Batman however not saving the day by placing on a cape or cowl however by being there for his or her youngsters; that’s being a hero. Making sandwiches in your youngsters’ college lunch, serving to them with their homework, [and] displaying up for that baseball or soccer game is being a superhero. You haven’t got to avoid wasting the world; you simply have to indicate up for as soon as, and I believe that is the message of this film.

Directed by Matt Peters from a screenplay written by Jeremy Adams, Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons is offered now on 4K UHD/Blu-ray and digital HD.

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