Artist/author Marc Silvestri offers an fascinating description for his Batman undertaking, Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo, in a trailer for the long-awaited restricted sequence, which, because the title says, sees the Dark Knight group up with the Clown Prince of Crime.

As the trailer begins, Silvestri calls Deadly Duo “a buddy cop horror story,” then says that the story begins with the Harlequin of Hate discovering himself in a dilemma. “You definitely get the idea that something’s going on here. It has to do with the Joker,” Silvestri continues because the trailer reveals his art work from the title. “And then we move to Batman doing his Batman stuff. He’s investigating a crime, he realizes the Joker has done something that gives Batman kind of no out and by the end of the first issue they’re teammates.” Silvestri then mentions how his good friend and DC Comics writer/CCO Jim Lee would inform him from time to time to do a Batman undertaking and that it took seven years to get Deadly Duo off the bottom.

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Deadly Duo’s Origins

Later, Silvestri states that the perfect half about Deadly Duo being a part of DC’s Black Label imprint, which is aimed in direction of mature readers, is that it is not canon to the DC Universe, a facet that to him as a storyteller is “very freeing,” additional noting that the e-book is darkish, however does have some comedy. As the trailer attracts to an in depth, Silvestri shares his hope that followers of each the Caped Crusader and comics get pleasure from studying Deadly Duo as he did making it.

Deadly Duo itself was initially introduced in 2018 at Comic-Con International, throughout which Lee and Silvestri mentioned how the sequence took place. “Marc and I worked in the X-Men offices back at Marvel together, we shared studio space together,” Lee recalled. “When I left, I was still in contact with a lot of the folks at Image and [Marc] drew a piece for a Batman anniversary special and ever since I saw that piece — I knew he had to draw a Batman project. It was out of that conversation that this project came.”

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A current synopsis for Deadly Duo from DC delved into the sequence’ plot, saying that Harley Quinn has been kidnapped by unknown new criminals. Worsening issues is the presence of “mysterious, Joker-like creatures” lurking about Gotham City’s streets and the disappearance of Commissioner Jim Gordon, which results in Batman allying himself with the Joker.

The first situation of Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo arrives on Nov. 1, 2022.

Source: DC Comics

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