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Batman and Harley Quinn’s Marriage Just Got Way More Complicated


A preview of DC Comics’ Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 shows Batman/Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn’s marriage getting much more complicated.

Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn’s marriage just got a whole lot more complicated in a DC preview Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6, as the Dark Knight tells his wife that the two are bound by trauma rather than love.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight Number 6 comes from Sean Murphy, Dave Stewart and Josh Reed. In the previous issue of the series, Batman and the Joker/Jack Napier found themselves in a strange situation. freaky friday situation in which the two temporarily switched bodies. After a confrontation with Derek Powers and Terry McGinnis, Bruce began having a panic attack and was unable to move. Existing solely through a microchip previously inserted into Bruce’s head and thus invisible to everyone else, Jack took control of Bruce’s body so they could escape the worsening scene. Still in control of Bruce, Jack then went to Harley and confessed her undying love for her.

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A complicated Joker/Harley/Batman love triangle

in the world of Batman: The White Knight, Jack and Harley were previously married until Jack returned to being the Joker. The Joker was killed in Batman: Curse of the White Knightwhich then opened the door to a love story between Harley and Bruce. Batman: Beyond the White Knight #2 revealed that Bruce and Harley married after the events of curse of the white knight; however, the following issue explained that their marriage was completed, so they were unable to testify against each other in court in lieu of personal feelings, despite continued flirting between the two.

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in a preview of Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6, Bruce has regained control of his body after apparently spending the night with Harley. Harley quickly confirms that she knew she was with Jack last night, saying, “Last night he and I said all the things we never got to say. Including our last goodbye. Jack isn’t real anymore, he’s gone. You and I’m real.” Bruce immediately gets defensive and attributes his connection to trauma rather than love. “In a way, you and I were Joker’s biggest victims,” ​​he tells Harley. “So it makes sense that we’ve become close…Two confused and lonely people looking for something familiar.” The two continue to fight as Harley insists that Bruce deny what they have before they go off in opposite directions.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 features the main cover by Murphy and Stewart and the variant cover by Murphy, Stewart and Fiona Staples. The issue is published on October 25 from DC Comics.

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