Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete Achievement Guide for The Bastion


This guide combines all of the information you need on Bastion’s 24 Achievements. You can earn 16 of them on your first playthrough. Eight can only be achieved once you’ve already beaten the game and started a New Game+ (NG+).

This Guide has 5 sections:

Missable Achievements: 4

These achievements must be earned at a particular time, or else you will have to start a new game to earn them.

Performance Achievements: 6

These achievements require you to perform a particular task or series of tasks, but they can be completed whenever is convenient for the player. For many of them, it’s easier to wait until end game and they will be easier once you have more powerful weapons (and/or plenty of money). Some of them may be completed as a side-effect of the main story.

Vigil Achievements: 2

I’ve broken information on the Vigils into its own section, but it’s really just a subsection of Performance Achievements. These are the quests you get from Bastion’s Memorial building. There are only 2 achievements associated with the Memorial, but to get both of them requires that you complete all 23 Vigils, including at least 7 Proving Grounds, so they get their own section. These may be completed at any time after they are available, just like Performance Achievements.

NG+ Achievements: 8

These achievements require the player beat the game once to unlock NG+ mode before they can be completed.

Story Achievements: 4

These you cannot miss. As long as you beat the game once, you’re guaranteed to earn these achievements.

Missable Achievements (4/24)

There are only four achievements that have to be completed at a particular time in a particular way. If you do not complete them at the right time, you will have to start a new game to earn them. The rest of the achievements only need to be completed before you enter the final level (). One occurs in the opening scene.

Ride the Wind

Bastion Achievement Guide

Use the Skyway in the Wharf District

This achievement must be earned in the very first level, the Wharf District. It is awarded if you are able to collect the core without falling off the platform. It can still be earned if you fall off before you collect the core, but once you have the core you must finish the level and make it to the Skyway Bridge without falling off. Once you do, you will be granted the Achievement. If you fall off the platform while you have the Core, you will respawn in the Bastion without having earned the achievement.

Pet Sitter

Bastion Achievement Guide

Get four different domesticated creatures in the Bastion

Pets are obtained by either finding specific mementos lying around the game, or by purchasing the memento from the Lost and Found building. After you acquire the memento, speak to one of your companions to turn the item into a pet.

Ragged HoodThe Workman WardThe Stranger / RucksSquirt 
Plush PythPyth OrchardThe Survivor / ZulfPyth Steam BullNOTE: This pet must be claimed before visiting “The Wild Outskirts.” After that level, you will no longer be able to claim Pyth. If you did not pickup the Plush Pyth when visiting Pyth Orchard, you can still purchase it from the Lost + Found. However, you must do so and talk to Zulf before visiting “The Wild Outskirts.” This is what makes the “Pet Sitter” Achievement missable.
Anklegator EggRoathus LagoonThe Singer / ZiaAnklegator 
Pecker NestColford CauldronThe Singer / ZiaPecker 
Gel CannisterThe Bastion – ArsenalThe Singer / ZiaTurretNOTE: This pet is only available in NG+. For more details, see information on the “Turret Opera” Achievement below.

The End

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the story

This Achievement and “The Beginning” represent the two possible endings to the story. As a result, most of their details will be behind spoiler tags. It is possible to earn both Achievements on a single playthrough, if you are willing to read some spoilers. The Kid must make a choice at the end of the game that determines which Achievement will be earned. More details in the spoiler section of “The Beginning.”

The Beginning

Bastion Achievement Guide

Secret Achievement: Complete the story, embracing the New World.

This Achievement and “The Beginning” represent the two possible endings to the story. Therefore, spoilers ahead.

After completing Tazal Terminals, the Kid will return to the Bastion and be offered two choices: Evacuation or Restoration.

  • To earn “The Beginning,” select Evacuation.
  • To earn “The End,” select Restoration

Whichever one you select will unlock New Game + for your second playthrough.

It is possible to earn them both without having to replay the entire game. Once you complete the game for the first time and earn whichever achievement corresponds to your choice, DO NOT START A NEW GAME. Instead, go back to “Continue.” The game will resume with The Kid in the Bastion, as though he had not visited Tazal Terminals yet. Compete Tazal Terminals once again, this time making the other choice. The game will complete, and you will earn the other achievement. This is largely unnecessary if you plan to replay the game and complete the NG+ achievements, but if you’re not sure about going through the game a second time, this will grab you both achievements.

Performance Achievements (6/24)

These 9 achievements can be completed at any point after they become available. It is easier to complete most of them towards the end of the game, as The Kid will be more powerful & have more money.

Mind Voyager

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete each trip to Who Knows Where

These are the “Dream Sequences” associated with the primary characters. Each one becomes available once you have the associated memento. Unlike the locations you visit via the Skyway Bridge, you can visit the dreams multiple times, making them the ideal place for grinding extra XP & $. To gain access to the first two dreams, talk to the associated character once you have the corresponding memento. This will cause the memento to appear in The Bastion. Once you activate the memento, it will take you to that character’s dream. The bedroll will appear in The Bastion without having to talk to another character about it after you complete Zulten’s Hollow. Each dream contains multiple waves of enemies. You must defeat every wave in each dream to earn this achievement.

  • The Smoking Pipe (The Kid’s Dream)
  • The Stock Pot (The Singer’s Dream)
  • The Bedroll (The Survivor’s Dream)
  • Note: The Stranger’s Dream is not necessary for this achievement, as it was originally a part of an extra DLC. However, those that wish to visit Rucks’ dream and hear a primer on the world of The Bastion can do so in NG+. The memento is a pile of history books.

This Achievement is earned once you complete those first 3 Dreams. Each Dream has 2 additional achievements associated with it at higher difficulty levels. For a good primer on the Dreams, check out L0.KoNe’s helpful thread HERE.


Bastion Achievement Guide

Use the Forge to apply at least one upgrade to every weapon

There are 11 weapons that can be upgraded in the forge. Applying any upgrade to each of them will earn the achievement.


Bastion Achievement Guide

Use the Forge to fully upgrade every weapon.

Apply 5 upgrades to each of the 11 upgradeable weapons found in the game (the battering ram is only available in the Tazal Terminals).Attempting to complete this achievement on my first playthrough involved spending a lot more money in the Lost + Found than I needed to, making the upgrade more expensive than they needed to be. A more efficient strategy would be to only upgrade the 2 main weapons that I used the most (Pistols & Pike, but to each their own), and only upgrade the others as needed to complete the Proving Ground challenges. Then I could earn this Achievement on NG+ as I found upgrade components lying around, rather than buying them.

Whatever’s Out There

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the Kid’s Dream with five or more Shrine Idols invoked.

Once you hit level 10, most of the 5-shrine dreams become pretty achievable with whatever loadout want, but if you’re having a hard time with it and want some recommendation, L0.KoNe has a really helpful thread covering all of the dreams available HERE.

Lock Yourself In

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the Singer’s Dream with five or more Shrine Idols invoked.

A Lasting Peace

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the Survivor’s Dream with five or more Shrine Idols invoked.

The Vigils (2/24)

Two achievements are based on vigils from The Memorial, Vigilante and Altruist. Here are some tips/details on completing a few of the Vigils.

Bastion Achievement Guide

The Valediction

Construct the Memorial.

This one is automatically available and can be completed as soon as you use a Core to construct the Memorial.

The Dynasty

Earn first prize in 7 Proving Grounds.

There is 1 Proving Ground for each of the 11 weapons in the game. Your individual play style will dictate which ones are easiest, but you can complete each of them fairly easily once you have 3-4 upgrades on the weapon. For timed Proving Grounds, focus upgrades on speed / reload speed. For the others, focus upgrades on overall damage %. Werewhiskey is particularly useful in some of the grounds, as you’re not likely to die, and the automatic crit hit increases overall damage.

Breaker’s Bow / Breaker Barracks

  • Hollowed Shaft +50% Faster Throw Reload
  • Hunting Grip +50% Critical Hit Damage
  • Brusher Bindings +20% Faster Throw Attacks

With the right power-ups, you should be able to take out a full row with a single shot. Aim for the last target in the row, and move The Kid next to the first target, keeping an eye that the dotted line for the arrow travels through the shadows of each target in between.

Fang Repeater / Trapper Shingle

  • Hollowed Shaft +50% Faster Throw Reload
  • Hunting Grip +50% Critical Hit Damage
  • Brusher Bindings +20% Faster Throw Attacks

Once your clip is large enough, you should be able to clear each section, stopping only to walk forward as you reload.

Cael Hammer / The Scrapyard

  • Hollowed Shaft +50% Faster Throw Reload
  • Hunting Grip +50% Critical Hit Damage
  • Brusher Bindings +20% Faster Throw Attacks

Once you have your damage high enough to one-shot most of the trash in the scrapyard, then it’s just a matter of learning what you can destroy by quickly rolling through it. Most of the wooden boxes & barrels can be taken care of this way, leaving the rest to take care of the old fashioned way.

Shield / Bullhead Court

No real tricks to this one. You just have to learn the timing for each critter’s attack.

Dueling Pistols / Slinger Range

Be sure you have the <level 2 Upgrade> to improve your accuracy. This is the only upgrade you need to complete this Proving Ground. If you find yourself consistently getting 65-57 points per shot (or 650-670 point overall), then try it with the your on mute. There is a whistle sound that can be heard just after each target appears. Your reflexes may start triggering off of the sound, which is delayed a bit after the target appears. Mute your audio and force your reflexes to fire as soon as you see the target.

Brusher’s Pike / Camp Dauncy

  • Hollowed Shaft +50% Faster Throw Reload
  • Hunting Grip +50% Critical Hit Damage
  • Brusher Bindings +20% Faster Throw Attacks

The trick to this Proving Ground is knowing which pincushions to take out, and which ones don’t matter. There are some good walk-throughs in other threads if you want to know how to do it the “right” way.

If you want to try and sort of “hack” it, then go to the Distillery and drink up! 😀 enable Werewhiskey, Hearty Punch, Bull Brandy, and Squirt Cider. Take out the single pincushion you need to get the Switch on the left. Walk through the attacks to the upper left and die, blowing up the pincushions in the central area. Once you respawn, hit the next switch and move to the lower-left, taking hits as you go. Once you’re under 33% health, Werewhiskey will be active and you can one-shot the remaining pincushions on your way to the switch in the lower-right. Double-back to the switch in the upper-right, and once you get close to it you’ll die again, taking out the pincushions in your way to switch #4. Respawn, hit the switch, and go to your left. Again, you’ll take enough fire to enable Werewhiskey, one-shot the pincushions between you and switch #5, then walk to the final switch.

Rather than rehashing all the other Proving Grounds, HERE’S a really good rundown of loadouts & strats for these.

The Culture

Gain 15 Mementos strewn across the countryside.

There are 19 Mementos in the game available in your first playthrough, plus 2 additional mementos that become available after selecting NG+. Any that you do not find on your adventures may be purchased from the Lost & Found after you’ve visited the zone they are in. If you weren’t able to find at least 15 mementos the cheap way, you can pick up the needed number by buying the cheapest ones from the Lost + Found.

NG+ (8/24)

After you’ve completed the game once, two new options become available in the “Story” menu: New Game Plus & Score Attack Mode. Five achievements can only be completed in NG+ or Story Attack Mode

Bastion Achievement Guide

The story in NG+ is practically identical and does not take into consideration how you ended your first playthrough (ie, whether you earned “The End” achievement or “The Beginning” achievement on your first playthrough).

In an NG+ game, The Kid begins the game with the levels, XP, money, weapons (minus the battering ram), and weapon upgrades were earned in the previous playthrough. The Bastion will have to be rebuilt, but all buildings are available from the very first core you retrieve in NG+.

Tips for NG+

Building the Shrine first will allow you to activate money and XP bonuses associated with the idols.

Turret Opera

Bastion Achievement Guide

Secret Achievement: Defeat the required number of foes using a single Turret.

The Turret Opera is an achievement that references the gun turrets from Valve’s Portal games. To earn the achievement, you must kill 20 enemies with a single turret via the Gel Cannister Special Skill. This skill is only available in NG+.

To gain this achievement, you must first build The Arsenal in an NG+ game. The Gel Cannister will be available in the Arsenal as a Special Skill. (The Special Skill will not show up in the Arsenals that appear in the early levels, such as the Wharf District. You must build the Arsenal in the Bastion to gain the Gel Cannister Special Skill).

Once you have enabled the special skill, it is activated using Black Tonics just the way other Special Skills are. When activated, The Kid throws a Gel Cannister the same way he throws grenades. Gel splatters on the floor, and a gun turret pops out facing the same direction the Kid was when he through the cannister. The turrets are immobile and only face one direction. A red laser shows the direction they are facing, and they will fire at enemies that come into range.

Bastion Achievement Guide

A single turret must survive long enough to kill 20 enemies to earn this Achievement. The easiest method is to enter The Kid’s dream, drop the turret, and then lure enemies into its line of sight while protecting the turret from damage. Multiple turrets are possible, and it very satisfying to watch them tear up a group of enemies.

Just Like That

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the Kid’s Dream with all ten Shrine Idols invoked.

Calamity All Around

Bastion Achievement GuideComplete the Singer’s Dream with all ten Shrine Idols invoked.

Ashes in the Sky

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the Survivor’s Dream with all ten Shrine Idols invoked.

All in the Mind

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the Stranger’s Dream with five or more Shrine Idols invoked.

The Stranger’s Dream is accessed through a pile of history books that become available in NG+.

About the Author

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the Stranger’s Dream with all ten Shrine Idols invoked.

While I was able to get all the other Dreams with my Pistols / Pike, this one I just could not beat, regardless of my loadout. I went looking for advice, and found THIS awesome strategy by L0.KoNe. If you’re bashing your head against this one, check out that thread and it’ll make it much easier for you.

Calamity Kid

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the story in NG+

Hard Bargain

Bastion Achievement Guide

Earn a total of at least 1,000,000 points in Score Attack Mode

Score Attack Mode is a separate game mode from the Story mode / NG+, but it still requires that you complete the game once to unlock it. When you start an Attack Mode game, you return to level 1 and must once again re-earn all weapons, weapon upgrades, and buildings. There are 3 primary differences in Attack Mode:

  1. All idols are available from the beginning (so build the shrine first to help you earn XP/money faster)
  2. Locations on the map are not locked once they have been beaten (So get to your favorite level & run it multiple times to power-level)
  3. A scoreboard appears in the lower-lefthand corner of each level, showing the score for your current run as well as your overall top score for completed runs.
Bastion Achievement Guide

To earn this achievement, you must earn 1,000,000 points on any level in the game. Melting Pot & Zulten’s Hollow give more XP than the other levels, with most reports indicating Zulten gives you the most bang for your buck. Miggi85 has a detailed guide to earning this achievement HERE.

Story Achievements (4/24)

These 4 Achievements will be completed automatically as the Story progresses. Players do not have to do anything special to earn them, other than play the game.

The Stranger

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the Wharf District

The Survivor

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete the Hanging Gardens and speak with the Survivor in the Bastion

The Singer

Bastion Achievement Guide

Complete Prosper Bluff and speak with the Singer in the Bastion

The Ura

Bastion Achievement Guide

Secret Achievement: Stop the siege on the Bastion

This achievement will be unlocked shortly after The Kid visits Burstone Quarry.

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