Bart Simpson’s 10 Best Pranks, Ranked


The Simpsons has had many famous pranks and jokes during its 34 seasons. Perhaps the most famous, especially in the early years, were Bart Simpson’s pranks and prank calls. Despite being iconic and hilarious, they use a somewhat formulaic nature, and with so many of them, many have been forgotten.

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But there are some that have stood the test of time, not only remembered but still as much fun as they were decades ago. Bart Simpson jokes talk about the elements they made The Simpsons funny and helped give the series over 30 years of cultural relevance, if not outright dominance of adult animation.

10/10 Bart’s prank calls are returned in search of Tess T. Culls

With a show like The Simpsons never really moving forward in time, many changes have been made over the years. An unfortunate casualty of this was Bart’s prank calls. In the age of smartphones and caller ID, Bart no longer had the anonymity that made calls so enjoyable.

However, in the season 29 episode “Gone Boy”, Bart gets stuck in a cold war-era bunker and decides to use the rotary phone there not to call for help initially, but to call Moe’s Tavern first. , asking for help. talk to “Tess T. Culls”. It was a nice way to bring back a classic. the Simpson joke around without seeming too out of line or illogical.

9/10 The Simpsons Chair Smash is so simple yet fun

many of the best the Simpson the jokes worked so well because they were cleverly staged, were great brick jokes, or were different from the other types of jokes being made on television at the time. But “A Millhouse Divided” in season eight had a joke that even to the sometimes mindless world the Simpsonwas highlighted as random.

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The infamous chair-breaking scene, in defense of Bart, is actually pretty typical behavior for him. Bart’s destructive behavior has almost always made some sense. While the randomness makes it fun, it also keeps it from being a legendary joke.

8/10 The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror II Removed Prank Call Effort

The long-running “Treehouse of Horror” is one of the best Halloween specials on TV, and the originals in particular stand out. In this classic special, Bart gains divine psychic powers and uses them to his advantage. He calls Moe’s tavern during school and forces Moe to say “I’m a stupid jerk with an ugly face…” as everyone laughs in fear of Bart’s anger.

While his silly, childish humor is still hilarious, it shows that Bart is at his funniest when he really puts the effort into his pranks. When he walks out of the act and just makes fun of Moe, the prank still works, but he doesn’t land as well as he does in “normal”. the Simpson universe.

7/10 Bart’s cherry bomb dropped him all over the world

One thing The Simpsons has always done well is to portray the world as children see it. For Lisa, it is a world that she is unable to change, despite her genius, because she is a child. But Bart can change the world, and he lashes out in imaginative ways. A simple forgotten cherry bomb is enough to bring you joy and allow you to make yourself heard.

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In “The Crêpes of Wrath”, Bart creates a much bigger splash than anticipated when he drops a cherry bomb down the boy’s toilet, unknowingly injuring Principal Skinner’s mother. Furious, Principal Skinner decided to “deport” Bart to France via a currency exchange program to get on his nerves.

6/10 Bart Simpson’s Search for Meaning and Seymour Butz

The second season episode “One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish” was one of the most mature the Simpson episodes produced at the time, and featured Homer coming to terms with his impending death from accidentally eating poisoned fish. His noble attempts to bring his life to a satisfying end were layered with comedy through the troubles of his daily life.

While trying to shoot a video for Maggie to remember, he ends up yelling at the other kids. When he tries to have a heart-to-heart with Bart, Bart assumes that he is in trouble. And while the family waits for Homer to come home for one last meal, Bart gets bored and calls Moe’s asking for Seymour Butz. It’s great moments like these, creative yet simple ideas, balanced with real emotional themes, that made The Simpsons one of the best cartoons of its time.

5/10 Bart Simpson destroying the giant tomato was a test of character

Lisa has always been the genius of the family, but Bart has his share of talent too. In particular, a talent for misadventures, comedy and, above all, destruction. In “Duffless”, when Lisa grows a huge tomato, she makes the mistake of leaving it with Bart at school. When Principal Skinner bends over to tie his shoes, he tempts Bart by waving his butt in the air.

The camera pans back and forth between Bart’s face and Skinner’s butt. In his heart, Bart knows that he shouldn’t do it. But the look in his eyes tells the audience that he has already made up his mind, that he cannot pass up the opportunity. It’s the hilarious setting of this situation that turns a simple joke into a compelling character drama that demonstrates how Bart’s destructive tendencies bring out the best of his good nature.

4/10 Hugh Jazz expertly subverts prank call

“Flaming Moe’s” was one of the first episodes to focus heavily on Moe, who has since become one of the The Simpsons’ more attractive characters. In addition to its great emotional beats, the episode also featured many great comedic moments, including a hilarious subversion of Bart’s prank calls.

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With Moe’s Tavern now the hottest spot in Springfield, Bart is surprised when he calls asking for “Hugh Jazz”, only for Hugh to walk up to Moe and answer! Even more hilarious, Bart immediately confesses to the stranger that it was a prank gone wrong, and before hanging up, Hugh wishes him luck in the future. The surprising worldliness makes this one of Bart’s best prank calls.

3/10 IP Freely, Bart’s original prank call

Maybe because The Simpsons is one of the oldest sitcoms on television, some original gags have been left behind, including Bart’s prank phone calls. But viewers can always go back to the first few seasons and remember the best moment of Bart’s pranks. From the start, the writers hit the nail on the head with Bart’s call for “IP Freely.”

In addition to the childish humor, Hank Azeria’s violent reaction is crucial to making the scene work so well, especially when Bart ignores him, rolling on the floor and laughing. The icing on the cake: The original joke is Homer comforting Moe, telling him “someday you’ll get that punk.”

2/10 The megaphone is Bart Simpson at his dumbest.

If anything, Bart is admirable because he never lets a good idea go to waste. He was always up for trying something, and whether it was recklessly dangerous or just childish fun, he never failed to be hilarious. In “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson,” Bart takes all the megaphones in the police department, places them side by side, and utters a single word: “proof.”

The result is a sonic boom that shatters every window in Springfield. While Bart couldn’t have known the devastation it would unleash, it’s no wonder he didn’t stop to consider it as a possibility. This is Bart at his best: a dangerous combination of a carefree kid and a world without rules.

1/10 Bart Simpson’s April Fools Prank Is The Pinnacle Of Pranks

The Simpsons They’ve had a lot of great flashbacks, but their clip show might just have the best. Of course, no one can forget that the impetus for “So It’s Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show” was Bart getting revenge on his father, who had been getting the best of him all April Fools’ Day.

Bart takes Homer’s last beer, puts it in a paint shaker and turns up the thermostat so Homer has a craving for a cold one. When Homer finally opens the beer, Bart jumps up and yells “April Fool’s Day!” only to be swept away by a huge explosion that destroys the house and leaves Homer in a coma. Only The Simpsons they were able to make a clip showing this fun, and they did so by letting Bart pull his best prank.

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