Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Unmarked Spoilers ahead! Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of secret or hidden items for you to equip. At this moment in Early Access, Baldur’s Gate 3 does not emulate the dreaded attunement slots that are common with particularly powerful magical items. You only have to deal with juggling conflicting item locations (you can only wear one helmet, one set of armor etc.)

Here’s everything of note I’ve found so far, and where to get it. As some of these rewards are dependent on how you approach certain quests, it may not be 100% accurate.

The comment section is currently curated to help find missing items or to fact check what items do. Don’t take it personally if I delete your comment, I read them all, but I throw out messages for things that have been found or identified as a sort of to-do list for myself.

Update: As of 2021-02-25 (February 25th, 2021), The Patch 4 starring Druids, this guide may be out of date in places.

Using This Guide

Table of Contents

Baldur’s Gate 3 is rather open-ended about how you can acquire things. You can handle quests the “proper way” and be rewarded with things at the end of quest lines or you can murder hobo to victory!

Control+F is your friend. Every magic item listed will include

  • The in-game picture/text box saying what it does
  • Where I found it and how I got it (again not necessarily the only way)
  • The Name of the Object for searching
  • The Quality and Type of the Object for searching

In general, the three principal focuses of your search for loot should be

  • Druid Grove
  • Shattered Sanctum (the Goblin fortress)
  • The Underdark

(Missable) Nautiloid Ship: Defeat Commander Zhulik

That’s right!

If you manage to kill the devil boss at the end of the tutorial, you can loot from him the uncommon martial two-handed melee weapon, Everburn Blade.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you want to do this, I suggest freeing ‘Us,’ the Intellect Devourer and Shadowheart. Kill the three imps at the front of the room with basic attacks and cantrips and then focus fire him down. Use all spell slots you have on damage: the Commander will focus the Mind Flayer until he dies, and Cambions will eventually spawn in meaning you can’t stall for time or try a control strategy.

If you can time Shadowheart’s ‘Guiding Bolt’ spell before the Mind Flayer gets to go, you can help ensure it’s getting big damage on the Commander to help close out the fight. If you really want this weapon, you’re probably going to need to save scum Shadowheart’s Guiding Bolts and hope you get some crits in the fight. You should also level up almost immediately from killing him.

This is right out of the game a strong weapon to give to Lae’zel, Fighter, or Ranger PC. It also just looks really cool in the overworld.

Wilderness, Forest: Quick Cash

Next to the cliff where you recruit Asterion, there is an area that you can jump down to. If you go over to the little alcove and remove the rock, you will find a chest inside with a Ruby worth 1600 gold. This can be a good way to get your hands on some early game shop items.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Dank Crypt

Going into the Upper Layers of the Temple where you find Shadowheart (you can enter by either tricking the door man, picking the lock, or breaking the tiling with the rock) you will eventually find a library looking room with a statue. If your crew passes a Perception check, you will find a button to unlock the deeper section of the Temple.

One side of the temple has a large sarcophagus with a booby trap, a lance and a key. Use the boxes and vases throughout the room to subdue the gas vents (there are at least six, one by the exit, one by the way you entered the room, and two on each side). Traps will shoot exploding fire balls at you from either side if you do not disable them after opening the Sacrophagus. You can out manuever this by separating your cast to one side of the room, and leaving one character to stop the traps.

Inside the Sarcophagus is the Uncommon two-handed melee spear weapon, The Watcher’s Guide and a Key.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

In regards, to the lance, I’ve noticed that the True Strike effect activation appears to work even if you make a ranged attack or a spell attack. I haven’t used it enough to be 100% certain, but it doesn’t seem to be restricted to only melee. Consequently, it should help Wyll early on, as he is an easy source of ranged damage with Eldritch Blast (1d10+3 force) and Hex.

Use the key on the large doors opposite the Sarcophagus room to find another place to loot. This area is safe to explore until you push a button in the alcove, at the top of the stairs, left of the statue (which also requires a perception check to find). 4-5 Skeletons will wake up (one with about triple health). Defeating them all will let you safely explore the opened room. Inside is a necklace that lets you cast the Level 3 Speak With Dead spell. You can cast it as many times per day, but it only works on any given corpse once.

If you open the sacrophagus in the room you will find the Very Rare Amulet, The Amulet of Lost Souls, you can make an undead skeleton friend. He can resurrect dead companions at camp for 200 gold.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Druid Grove, Raid Defense: Za’Krug’s Corpse

After the skirmish outside the Druid Grove, the defeated Goblins can be looted. The goblin Boss, Za’Krug has Uncommon Gloves, Gloves of Power.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Be mindful, that unless you get mark of the Absolute branded on you from Priestess Gut, that debuff will hit will your character and any enemies they smack.

Your party is generally unsupportive of the mark, so be mindful.

Of your party members, Asterion as a Thief is one of the best users of these: if you give him two Light one-handed weapons, he can make up to Four attacks in one turn using both Bonus Actions to make Off-hand Attacks (requires a Potion of Speed). This means he’ll have up to four chances to activate the Bane effect. Shadowheart / your cleric wants the Hellrider’s Pride or Herbalist’s Gloves since both have an effect on healing.

If you don’t want to get the Mark of the Absolute, I don’t recommend using these, as you will get the Bane effect on yourself too, and there are other options for gloves.

To clarify, just once more, if you do not allow Priestess Gut to brand you, the gauntlets’ Bane effect will activate:

  • When the wielder hits an enemy
  • When an Enemy hits the Wielder

If you let her Brand you, the latter is dismissed.

Wilderness: Outside Druid Grove

There is a tall rock plateau that must be traversed to by jumping just outside Druid Grove (X: ~170, Y: ~370). At the top of the area is a wooden battlement over looking a campsite. If you examine the skeleton in the center, you will find an uncommon amulet, Rusty Necklace.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Druid Grove, The Hollow: Trader, Arron

Walking into the Druid Grove, you will find a Halfling Merchant standing in front of a statue.

You can barter with him for healing potions, scrolls, and some magic items.

First off, we have the Uncommon two-handed melee quarterstaff weapon, Rain Dancer.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Being able to Summon Water doesn’t seem too useful, but it’s a surprisingly nice utility option to give Wizards early on to be able to deal with the surprisingly large amount of fire you’re going to come across. Especially since you don’t usually have Wizards make Melee attacks. You also don’t have any other early melee options for Gale, so you might as well.

Next is the the Uncommon Light Armor, Leather Armor+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

No gimmicks here, it’s just 1 point better than normal Leather armour. A nice but expensive upgrade for Asterion, Wyll, or the PC. Don’t stress too much about it though, you can get Studded Leather – which offers the same level of protection as Leather Armour+1 – rather easily by going to the Sunlit Wetlands and defeating the Hag’s Masked Henchmen.

Third is the Uncommon amulet, Amulet of Elemental Torment.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

I didn’t consider this necklace when I first saw it. It might be strong early on, but I’ve found that there’s a lot of necklace options in Act 1.

Lastly, Arron sells the Uncommon one-handed melee weapon, Dragon’s Grasp.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

A nice off-hand weapon for a Rogue.

(Missable) Druid Grove, The Hollow: Dammon, Trader

I missed this guy the first time I came through. He carries a lot of decent weapons, armor, gloves, and helmets. You probably will not be able to afford everything he has the first time you come through. His inventory seems to be semi-random and might change over time. Here are some things I’ve found in his store.

It seems like he always has Blooded Greataxe as an “exclusive”.

Uncommon Two-Handed Martial Melee Weapon, Blooded Greataxe.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Uncommon Melee Weapon, Dagger+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Uncommon Melee Weapon, Handaxe+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Uncommon Melee Weapon, Light Hammer+1. (Note that this is a different Light Hammer+1 than what appears near the Arcane Tower later).

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Uncommon Martial Versatile Melee Weapon, Longsword+1

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Uncommon Two-Handed Ranged Weapon, Shortbow+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1


Uncommon Martial Melee Weapon, Trident+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Uncommon Medium Armor, Scale Mail Armour+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1


Dammon seems to sell a variety of +1 Weapons. I’ve found Quarterstaves, Mauls, Light Crossbows and on subsequent visits. It seems fair to say he sells +1 Weapons.

(Missable) Druid Grove, The Hollow: Trader, Auntie Ethel

At some point, Auntie Ethel will leave her little store front for her house in Sunlit Wetlands.

When you first arrive, she is willing to sell you an uncommon two-handed melee quarterstaff weapon, Corellon’s Grace.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you miss it…

If you miss the opportunity to purchase it from her now, you can loot it from her later depending on how you interact with her at her house (see below).

(Missable) Druid Grove, Emerald Grove: Saving Arabella

If you manage to persuade Kagha to not kill Arabella, her mother will give you the uncommon amulet, Cherished Locket.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If Arabella dies, the mother will not give you anything.

Druid Grove, Secluded Cove: The Harpy’s Nest

If you go down toward the beach from the Druid’s Grove, you’ll encounter a sidequest as a boy is attacked by Harpies.

If you open the chest at the bottom of the first rock plateau, you’ll find an Uncommon ring,

Bracing Band

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you follow the rock outcroppings, you will find their nest which hides an Uncommon ring, Ring of Colour Spray.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you manage to keep the boy alive, there is a sidequest opportunity (confirmed) for potentially more loot (unconfirmed).

Druid Grove, Underground Passage: Goblins’ Quest

Between the Druid’s Inner Sanctum, the Wilderness, and the platform behind Senna’s jail cell is a room.

In Druid Grove, find the Two Tieflings contemplating ending a Goblin prisoner’s life. Resolve the situation as you wish.

When the conversation is over, go to the back of the cage to find a platform. Jump to it. If you pass a perception check, the door will be openable.

Inside is a cavern with 4 Goblins harassing a gnome (who is at 1 HP, it is not necessary to save him).

Be careful entering this area: the Wolf Statue on the right side will shoot fireballs at you when you reach the first mud patch. You can apparently shoot the statue until it breaks with bows but I’ve found that you can also appear to sneak past the statue.

Resolve the goblins’ presence. On the right side, near the bend that leads upward is a spot that you can jump from to an island (you will likely take fall damage: casting Feather Fall or using a Thief to reduce the damage can help if your health is low). The island has a corpse with a key for the chest at the top of the bend. Jump back across and climb the bend for your prize. The uncommon two-handed melee quarterstaff weapon, Nature’s Snare.

I personally do not believe this is a particularly good quarterstaff. Melee characters that would like enemies to be Ensnared have access to better options, while spellcasters like Gale would prefer something like Rain Dancer for Utility.

It is possible you might find your way to this passageway if you seek Nettie for help, but I haven’t tested it.

If the Gnome, Findal dies, you can loot an uncommon helmet, Arcane Circlet off of him that gives +1 to Nature. If he survives, he will be an ally present in the Emerald Grove if you confront Kagha. (He basically just heals himself but his presence will draw some fire off of you.)

The circlet is missable if you save Findal’s life.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Druid Grove, Hidden Vault

You can get access to this Hidden Vault by returning Halsin to the Grove, or by stealing the Wolf Rune from Rath.

After acquiring the Wolf Rune, you can place it back into the statue near where Nettie is. It will activate a secret stair case into a hidden vault. On the table is the rare two-handed martial melee glaive weapon, Sorrow.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

The extra reach is nice, but by the time I found it, I’d already cleared out Shattered Sanctum and the Goblins, meaning it had quite a few alternatives to compete with. The effect, while flavorful, is not something I see being beneficial. There aren’t any sort of pain synergies at the moment. Even a barbarian who might want to use the pain effect to keep their Rage up, should still keep it up if they make an attack. It’s a shame it’s worth so little coin too.

In a box on the right, are the rare clothing, Robes of Summer.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

This is one of only two alternative magic robes I’ve seen. If/When we get monks this is an easy pick for them as they don’t care for the Poisoner’s Robes, but in the context of a Wizard it’s a situational offense/defense choice.

In one of the three stacked crates on the left side, is a single vial of the rare potion Wyvern Poison. You can use it to help burst down an enemy you’re struggling with.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

(Missable) Druid Grove, Emerald Grove: Kagha, the Archdruid

If Arabella dies, her mother will take revenge on Kagha by poisoning her.

If you go into the white (NOT RED) chest somewhat hidden off from the room Nettie isn’t in, you’ll find a note telling you that Kagha is supposed to be meet someone by the Twisted Tree in the Bog.

After a fight with some Mephits and Moads, you’ll find a secret panel in the Twisted Tree revealing that Kagha is planning a coup with the Shadow Druids. The three rats will reveal themselves to be Shadow Druids. It is possible to convince her to make her see reason with Nature/Persuasion checks, but Loic and Marcoyl will follow Kagha’s decision. If you saved Findal in the secret tunnel where Nature’s Wrath, he’ll be an ally in this fight.

Anyway, Kagha drops this uncommon amulet, Broodmother’s Revenge on her death.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

I do not believe you can get Broodmother’s Revenge without Kagha dying (but I’m not 100% certain).

(Missable) Druid Grove, Secluded Chamber: Zevlor

If you investigate Kagha (see above), you’ll discover the Shadow Druid plot. Regardless of whether or not Kagha lives, Zevlor will give you some uncommon gloves, Hellrider’s Pride.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you do not get the gloves (dealing with Kagha, killing Zevlor, etc.) before the Tieflings evacuate they will be lost.

The gauntlets are strictly superior to generic metallic gauntlets sold by vendors due to the perk, but the perk only benefits people with healing Spells who also have armor proficiencies like Shadowheart or a Ranger PC.

Druid Grove: Misc.

Proceeding in the opposite direction of the Harpy Quest is a second smaller shoreline where a bear named Ormn is fishing. If you move the flat rock, you’ll find a stealable uncommon amulet, Amulet of Silvanus underneath.

This one eluded me for awhile, so here’s a picture of it.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you proceed into the water area with a character with a non-negative STR mod, find a wooden chest with a bloodstone worth about 75 gp.

Blighted Village: Lurk the Enlightened

A trio of Orcs stand guard inside a house in the Blighted Village. While the other two Orcs can be kited more cleverly from outside the houses’ windows with bows and spells, Lurk himself will cast spells like Mirror Image, Firebolt on top of make use of his great strength. His uncommon helmet, Warped Headband of Intellect can be looted from.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Gale appreciates this the most before Level 4, being a 16 INT Wizard. At Level 4 you can give it to anyone else in the party when you bump up his INT (Lae’Zel is she’s an Eldritch Knight, Asterion if he’s an Arcane Trickster, anyone else who wants to be good at INT).

Blighted Village, Cellar / Whispering Depths

Looking inside the bottom of the Well can reveal a mini-dungeon (requires some skill checks to access) with Ettins, Shift Spiders and a beefy Spider queen with around ~150 HP. A lab near the dungeon’s entrance has uncommon boots Spiderstep Boots which will protect you from being affected by Web and similar effects.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

At the end of the dungeon is the Spider Queen who will summon small shift Spiders with 5 HP to swarm you. I recommend using a Potion of Giant Strength (purchasable from Auntie Ethel in the Druid Grove) to push the Queen off of the rock outings for ~50 damage a pop, or shooting out the webs beneath her if she stands on one. After defeating her, you will find uncommon clothing, Poisoner’s Robes, a Story gem worth some money, and a Rune to warp outside.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

The robes at the moment are an option for Gale or a Wizard PC, but the only way to make use of them is to pick up Poison Spray, or one of the other poison spells (there are two or three). It’s technically better than the default?

If you don’t want to use Poison spells, you can sell it for cash, but it is the only set of robes I’ve found. Poison is generally heavily resisted or immune in 5E, but I haven’t felt like it’s completely unusable for Gale.

There is also a shadow amethyst of some kind labelled “story item” and worth a decent chunk of change.

Connecting the large double doors of the building across from the Blighted Village warp room is a secret workshop in someone’s cellar that will lead into the Whispering Depths. Inside is a partially made “Masterwork” weapon that sits as such:

Uncommon Martial Melee Weapon, Steelforged Sword. If you open the chest on the ground floor, it’ll explode! But inside is a journal with specific instructions on using Sussur Bark (an Underdark tree) to finish the weapon.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

There are at least three options: Sussur Greatsword, Sussur Dagger, and Sussur Sickle. All three are formed by taking a common, ordinary variant of weapon and combining it with the forge. The result is a Rare +1 variant. The Sussur weapons have a chance to activate a Silence effect, making the target unable to cast spells and immune to thunder damage. You can use it as a Mage Killer.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

In the cellar of the building of the glyph, there is a mini-dungeon where you can obtain The Necromancy of Thay, a book. At the moment in Early Access, it doesn’t do anything beneficial. It can be found behind the stone slab protected by gargoyles (I suggest turn-based mode). You can destroy it by casting Guiding Bolt on it from Shadowheart, Gale, or a Cleric/Wizard PC.

Risen Road: Anders, Sword of Tyr

There is a sidequest that involves examining the stories of an injured Tiefling and a party of four defending a house near by.

Regardless of whether you choose to side with the injured Tiefling or Anders, Sword of Tyr, you can get his rare martial two-handed melee greatsword weapon, Sword of Justice as either a reward or loot.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you travel into the building’s basement where you meet Anders, you’ll find a secret cache of weapons and armor. Apart from some common helmets and gauntlets, there is also an uncommon two-handed melee weapon, Greataxe+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

As these are both two-handed heavy weapons, and you likely don’t have two people in the party who want to use both of them (Fighter PC with Lae’Zel maybe?) the trade-off between the two weapons is one of consistency.

Sword of Justice will do average damage more often than the Greataxe, but the Greataxe will hit its peaks more often (1/12 to do 12 vs. 1/36 to do 12) than the Sword of Justice. However, the Sword of Justice also has a once/rest Shield of Faith attached, meaning that you can in exchange for your concentration (I’ve rarely found Lae’Zel to use the concentration for her Gith Mage Hand) you can get back the AC boost you’d get from a shield.

Both of them have the same Short rest effect (Cleave) and a +1 Enchantment to hit/damage.

Risen Road: Flind, Gnoll Warlord

There are some gnolls attacking two guys in a cave in the mountains of Risen Road. If you defeat the Gnoll Warlord, she’ll drop a rare one-handed melee weapon, Shattered Flail.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

When you save the two guys, you can easily convince / kill them to see inside the chest. Inside is a canteen that’s holding a trapped Spectator (Beholder variant 90 HP eyeball monster). The chest isn’t worth opening for any immediate upside but whether or not you want to interfere with this Zhentarim scheme may be more obvious when we get to Act 2.

If you keep the bottle and don’t open it, you may be able to convince the people in the Zhentarim lookout to sell things to you in their hideout near the Githyanki patrol.

(Missable) Zhentarim Hideout: Trader, Brem

If you saved the two guys in Risen Road from Flind and her Gnolls, and left them with their cargo alive, they will positively report back to their boss Zarys. Talk to her and she will give you permission to access Brem’s magic items. I’m not sure if like other traders like Dammon and Roah if his inventory is random, but here’s somethings he sells.

Uncommon Light Armour, Studded Leather Armour+1

Uncommon Martial Two-Handed Ranged Weapon, Longbow+1

Uncommon Martial Melee Weapon, Rapier+1

Uncommon Martial Two-Handed Melee Weapon, Halberd+1

Uncommon Melee Weapon, Dagger+1

There are reports that he sells an uncommon ring, The Whispering Promise. The ring supposedly gives a temporary Bless effect when the wearer heals someone. However, as access to him as a vendor is particularly finicky, I have yet to confirm it.

Sunlit Wetlands / Putrid Bog: Auntie Ethel

Something isn’t quite right at Auntie Ethel’s Teahouse. If you pursue the matter, Auntie Ethel will have to make a showing. If you didn’t buy it from her in Druid Grove, she’ll drop an uncommon two-handed melee quarterstaff weapon, Corellon’s Grace.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

At the bottom of Ancient Abode, you will find the uncommon amulet, Ever-Seeing Eye on an altar, and the rare two-handed melee quarterstaff weapon Staff of Crones across from a set of potions.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

There is also a wand on the altar that you can pick up for the sidequest to give to the woman, or keep yourself. I didn’t keep the want, but I believe it works as an infinite use spell scroll to summon a zombie body.

Goblin Camp: Crusher

Crusher the Goblin has rare ring, when equipped, it gives the wearer more base movement speed.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

(Missable) Goblin Camp: Trader, Novice Grat

Grat seems to sell a couple of basic +1 weapons, but I also found him selling the uncommon Martial Two-Handed Weapon, Doom Axe. If you get caught harming Goblin leaders, he will become hostile along with the rest of the camp.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Uncommon Martial melee weapon, War Pick+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Uncommon Two-handed melee weapon, Greatclub+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Note that the uncommon two-handed martial melee weapon, Greatsword+1 is strictly a worse Sword of Justice that you have to pay for.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Shattered Sanctum: The Goblin Leaders

If you fight and defeat Princess Gut, she will have a number of things in her belongings, including these two goodies. The uncommon shield, Absolute’s Warboard and the uncommon amulet, Absolute’s Talisman.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you’re going to take them from her anyway, I suggest trying to get the mark of the absolute from her first so that they don’t penalize you. (This means talking to her successfully before rescuing the Bear, or not having it accompany you after saving it.) Attempting to don the shield without the brand will apply a Bane effect to you constantly (not sure about the necklace).

The shield allows you to cast a re-named Shield of Faith once per day.

Priestess Gut is a tough fight on her throne, but you can talk to her privately in her chambers with a single character. Have your intended face for the interaction split off from the rest of your party by dragging them off of the chains in the bottom left corner. Your other characters can enter separately, hide in the corner and waiting for the fight to start. Once it does, taken your hidden characters and open fire. You can also place traps around her while she waits for you to talk to her (explosive barrels) and blow her up.

Defeating Dror Ragzlin, Warlord of the Absolute, will provide you with the rare versatile melee weapon, Faithbreaker. A nice melee upgrade for Shadowheart from her default mace or a generic shortsword.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Defeating Minthara, the Drow Cleric of the Absolute, will give you the rare one-handed melee weapon, Xyanyde and a rare amulet, Amulet of Misty Step.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Xyanyde is probably one of the best offensive support weapons in the game right now, especially against big, single targets (enemies with 50+ HP). Putting Faerie Fire on any melee target allows Asterion to destroy enemies with Sneak Attack reliably. One of the best melee options I’ve found for Cleric PCs and/or Shadowheart.

Defeating Torturer Spike, will give you an uncommon two-handed melee weapon, Jagged Spear. I am not entirely sure what the Maim effect does as I have not experimented with it.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

One last note about the Goblin Leaders: if any of them manage to get a call for help off, the rest of the Shatter Sanctum, and the Goblin forces outside the keep will become hostile to you, seemingly permanently. If you want to keep the grunts none the wiser, you need to eliminate them before that happens, with no witnesses. Priestess Gut is the easiest, as she gladly walks into her chambers to talk to you alone. Making good use of the Stealth / Surprise round ambushes may help with this.

(Missable) Shattered Sanctum: Trader, Roah Moonglow

A Halfing trader inside the Goblin Fortress, Roah offers a variety of magic items. Different people have reported seeing different loot, so it’s possible that her inventory is randomly generated like Dammon in Druid Grove. Here is a picture of what she offered the first time I saw her.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1
  • Uncommon Melee Weapon, Dagger+1
  • Uncommon Martial Two-handed Melee Weapon, Greatsword+1
  • Uncommon Two-handed Ranged Weapon, Longbow+1
  • Maul+1
  • Shortsword+1
  • Uncommon Medium Armor, Chain Shirt+1
Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

I’ve found an uncommon ring, The Whispering Promise and 16 AC Heavy Armor in her inventory too.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Roah will no longer function as a friendly merchant if you slay the Goblin Leaders, but she will not be immediately hostile. She and her guards will lock themselves up in their little room. It is possible to blow them up fairly easily, but I’ve never seen as many magical items on their bodies as I see in Roah’s inventory as a Trader.

Worg Pens

In the pen with the two worgs (not Halsin/The Bear’s) there are remains of people. If you examine one of the piles, you will find the uncommon melee weapon, Worgfang. A rather useful off-hand weapon for clearing out Shattered Sanctum.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

In a chest near the Suspicious Meat where the two Goblins stand when you come in is a chest containing an amulet. It is considered stealing to take it while the Goblins are alive, and they will warn you not to touch it.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

You can use the uncommon amulet Beastmaster’s Chain to talk to Scratch, the Owlbear, and the rats inside Shattered Sanctum at the very least.

Shattered Sanctum: Misc

Outside the Worg Pens is a Skeleton lying in the remains of an open casket. It has a rare ring, Ring of Poison Resistance. Poison doesn’t seem to be a particularly significant threat, but it’s a magic ring!

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

There is a small balcony behind the Warlord’s throne that is filled with ornate chests. In one of them is a rare amulet, Amulet of Selune’s Chosen. It is a minor healing Cantrip that recharges on a long rest, making it a good out-of-combat heal or a mid-combat heal for Elves. Getting access to this amulet likely requires at least meeting the Warlord (I don’t think you can walk up the stairs on either side without triggering his introduction event).

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

On the table to the right of Abdirak are an uncommon melee weapon, Ritual Dagger, and an uncommon melee weapon, Ritual Axe.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Owlbear Cave

There is a skeleton in the back that can be looted safely after defeating the Mother Owlbear (it is not necessary to kill the cub to explore safely). It is wearing some uncommon Medium Armour, The Oak Father’s Embrace.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Reforge: The True Soul’s Spear

There are two parts of this weapon that can be found inside the body of a dying dwarf (True Soul M…something)f, and the mother Owlbear. When brought to a smithing anvil, you can reform them into a rare two-handed melee weapon, Vision of the Absolute.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

The weapon reforging system is a little finicky from what I’ve seen, and it’s currently only used for this?

Underdark: Minotaurs

A pair of Minotaurs are wandering the Underdark near the Fort, beyond the Rapport Spores. One of them is carrying an uncommon amulet, Amulet of the Unworthy.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

A trade-off item like this may make sense to equip in the middle of a fight when you know how a target is attacking, but I don’t value the Resistance enough to pick up a vulnerability and lose an equipment slot for something else.

(Missable) Underdark, Ebonlake Grotto: Trader, Blurg the Hobgoblin

Living in a Myconoid colony is a Hobgoblin Trader named Blurg. He has several items available for purchase.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

The rare helmet, Circlet of Blasting is a nice replacement for an Level 4 18 INT Wizard (Gale), or for someone who doesn’t have any other good headwear.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

An uncommon ring, Sunwalker’s Gift gives the wearer Darkvision, allowing them to see normally in darkness.

Next-up is the rare amulet, The Sapphire Sparks.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Giving Magic Missiles some extra bite is a nice option, since it never uses attack rolls or saving throws, and the Shield spell is nowhere to be seen in Early Access. This is probably one of my favorite items: it’s just a fun idea.

(Missable) Underdark, Ebonlake Grotto: Trader, Derryth Bonecloak

Our sassy merchant friend has a number of toys.

The uncommon two-handed martial ranged weapon, Heavy Crossbow+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

The uncommon two-handed ranged weapon, Light Crossbow+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

The uncommon two-handed ranged weapon, Shortbow+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

The uncommon gloves, Herbalist’s Gloves.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Of these four, the Herbalist Gloves are best for Shadowheart or Gale (if you’ve used Spell Scrolls to teach him healling spells). The bows are a trade off of power vs. cost. No character has Extra Attack in Early Access so the loading property isn’t really a drawback. The Heavy Crossbow+1 is probably Lae’Zel’s best ranged option before Level 5. The Light Crossbow+1 is for anyone else who needs an upgraded range option (except Wyll who has Eldritch Blast). The Shortbow+1 may become a better option for characters who pick up Extra Attack when Level 5 becomes available (because of the Loading attribute on Crossbows).

Underdark, Decrepit Village

I don’t exactly know how I got to this spot, so I’m going to show a map location for “where is this?”

There is a Deep Gnome corpse that holds a sword.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

I think this is a solid weapon choice for Asterion’s Sneak Attack: if you can Backstab unaware enemies, you can remove a solid chunk of health or eliminate weaker enemies outright.

The uncommon martial melee weapon, Shortsword of First Blood.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Not too far away, there is an encounter with some Duergar. Their Leader, Gekh Coal, the Slave-Hunter can be fought for a two-handed Axe. When he and his minions are defeated, you can talk to Soverign Shaw for access to a Very Rare Cowl.

The uncommon two-handed martial melee weapon, Exterminator’s Axe.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Underdark, Ebonlake Grotto: Post-Duergar

Near the other trader’s house/tent, is a hidden “building” who entrance is a mess of vines you can part with a Perception check (although entering appears to be breaking and entering). Inside is a very rare helmet, Shadow of Menzoberranzan.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you clear out the Duergar at the Decrepit Village for Soverign Shaw, he will unlock the house and let you take the cowl.

If you looted the Duergar antidote off of the slavers, you can give it to the Runaway deep gnome slave. She’ll explain that she used these boots to escape. You don’t actually need to ask her for them or pressure her, just let her explain her story.

She will give you her rare boots, Boots of Speed.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Underdark: Arcane Tower

There is an unlockable chest behind the 1st Arcane Turret. Inside is a Light Hammer.

The uncommon one-handed melee weapon, Light Hammer+1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

There are a set of boots called “Mystra’s Grace” hidden in a “Chest of the Mundane” inside on the right balcony. Multiple people have confirmed that the boots give Feather Fall, but I’m not sure if it’s a once a day thing. I suggest using it at the fight at the top of the tower so your characters don’t get killed from the fall.

The common boots, Mystra’s Grace.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Inside the tower, in a small chest near the bottom across from one of the elevator entrances, is a rare amulet, Uncovered Mysteries.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

On the fourth floor (one above the ‘main gate’) is a chest in front of a bed. Inside is the uncommon ring, The Mage’s Friend.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Defeating Bernard, Guardian of the Enchanted Tower will earn you the uncommon Ring, Guiding Light…

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

and the common martial two-handed melee weapon, Light of Creation.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

If you walk near the center ring, it’ll reveal a secret invisible up button (it may require a perception check or the Sunwalker’s Gift? I don’t know what the trigger is). Take the elevator up, and you’ll find another layer of the tower where you can get the uncommon two-handed melee weapon, Staff of Arcane Blessing.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Don’t forget to pick up a Tongue of Madness and Tinmask spores (both are mushrooms). You’ll bring them to the friendly mindflayer in the Myconid Colony.

Underdark, Ebonlocke Grotto: Omeluum

After getting Tinmask Spores and Tongue of Madness mushrooms from the Arcane Tower, return them to Omeluum. He will try to draft a potion with them to remove the parasite. It’ll fail, but he’ll offer to sell you an alternative solution.

You can buy two magic rings from him. An uncommon ring, Ring of Restorative Gravity and a rare ring, Ring of Mind Shielding.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Underdark: Miscellaneous

There is a Heavy Chest near the Arcane Tower and Underdark – Beach Runes, that can be opened for Drow Studded Leather. It technically isn’t magical, but it’s 12+DEX and has a small bonus to Stealth which is noteworthy. It can be found around here.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

The common light armour, Drow Studded Leather Armour.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Near the Arcane Tower, there is a small alcove that you can jump to where a corpse is just hanging out. If you loot it, you’ll find an uncommon helmet, Helmet of Autonomy.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

It’s kind of in a weird spot, so here’s a picture of the map where I found it. If you climb the rockface downwards, you’ll descend into The Festering Cove.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Outside the Fort amongst the various bodies is the common two-handed melee weapon, Staff of the Moonmaiden. I don’t know what special properties it has, if any.

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

Underdark, The Festering Cove

Inside here as some Kuo’Toa worshipping BOOOAL. If you kill Pooldripp the Zealous, he will drop a rare melee weapon, Sickle of BOOOAL

Baldur's Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1

A 1d4 weapon isn’t really impressive this late in the game, however, it pairs with other “Slash” type weapons which are capable of inflicting bleed as an off-hand attack.

If you explore around the back, near the water there is a message in a bottle that mentions some of the Tiefling villagers found in Druid Grove. I don’t know how important that is.

Personal Item Tier List (Intro)

I am not the be all and end all on these matters, so feel free to dismiss this. My thoughts are currently in the context of the Early Access Act 1 2 weeks after launch. Some of these may change over time as new items, challenges, and objectives are added. Tiers are alphabetized (use CTRL+F)

My general Criteria for judging an item:

  • Power: How Good is the Effect
  • Availability: How Easy is it to get the item ASAP
  • Opportunity Cost: How much competition is there for that item slot
  • Ease of Use: How many party members can actually use it

I’m probably missing some items from it, because there’s just so much to go through. Hopefully there is enough substance here to educate you on my own thought process, and whether or not it has merit.

Personal Item Tier List (Best)

These items are the strongest in their category/the game.

Absolute’s Talisman – Best for a tanky character like Lae’Zel. Doesn’t seem to penalize you if you aren’t Branded, however that should be fact checked. I would rate it lower if does require the brand.

Absolute’s Warboard (Branded) – One of the few magic shields I’ve found. Let’s you cast Shield of Faith 1/day on top of that.

Boots of Speed – Using them requires a bonus action, but can be a blessing for Fighters / Clerics right now who don’t have anything good to do with the bonus action very often. There are so few options for boots right now, there’s no reason to ever rate this low.

Corellon’s Grace – Arguably the best quarterstaff in Act 1.

Crusher’s Ring – Somewhat late, but it stacks with the Mobile feat AND Longstrider.

Drow Studded Leather Armor – Late availability, and there only seems to be 1 of them. Better than Leather Armor+1 and Studded Leather Armor due to the bonus to stealth. Not strictly necessary though.

Gloves of Power (Branded) – Available Early. Hitting enemies with Bane for free is a great support choice. Without the Brand, it’s give-and-take and only Situational.

Heavy Crossbow+1 – The best ranged weapon in Act 1. Lae’Zel or a Fighter/Ranger PC are its only natural wielders.

Hellrider’s Gloves – Early availability and a fantastic perk that is limited to Clerics and Rangers right now. Giving Blade Ward to others while healing them is great! Blade Ward is better in BG3 than 5E as the effect lasts 2 rounds. This can help an ally stabilize instead of being on Death’s Revolving Door. Getting these the nice way requires resolving Kagha / Zevlor.

Light Crossbow+1 – Tied for the second best ranged weapon in Act 1. Wyll doesn’t need it (Eldritch Blast) and Lae’Zel would prefer the Heavy variant. All other party members in Act 1 want it.

Longbow+1 – Similar thoughts to the Light Crossbow, but availability might be slightly different.

Scale Mail Armour+1 – This is currently the most protective armour in the game. With 14 DEX, you hit 17 AC, 19 with a shield, and 21 with Shield of Faith (Absolute’s Warboard, Sword of Justice, the raw spell). Note only Lae’Zel, and certain PC builds make good use of it.

Shortsword of First Blood – Probably the best main hand weapon for Asterion’s Sneak Attack. I’m not sure if this works with the Ranger perk that does damage to already injured creatures. There’s either a lot of synergy or anti-synergy depending on the order the system checks those.

Sword of Justice – Decent availability, free casting of Shield of Faith. Hurt only by its average availability. Muscle Wizards can use it to cheese the Abjuration Ward, but I think that’s unnecessary.

The Sapphire Spark – I would love to do double damage with a spell that is guaranteed to hit its target with no counters. YES YES YES. Can I get this in 5E?

The Whispering Promise – Alongside the Hellrider’s Gloves, this lets a Cleric stabilize an ally that’s going down.

Xyanyde – One of the best support melee weapons in the game. Ideal for Shadowheart, Cleric PCs.

Personal Item Tier List (Very Good)

Strong Competition for an equipment slot. These items include easy to get early gear that is outclassed by options found later, items with decent effects that arrive at a similar time to a competitive alternative or something that is very difficult to acquire early.

Amulet of Misty Step – 1/day let Asterion be wherever he wants.

Broodmother’s Revenge – A fantastic effect for Asterion or a Rogue PC, but getting it early means fighting a Level 5 Druid. Competes with other amulets.

Circlet of Blasting – A good choice for a Level 4 Gale / Wizard with 18 INT. Because the circlet gives you a free usage of the spell, it should use your numbers instead of having a low set number like in the fifth edition DMG. Could go higher.

Dragon’s Grasp – Early availability and decent effect makes for a strong off-hand weapon.

Exterminator’s Axe – Late Act 1 Availability with few good wielders (Lae’Zel). Competes with her other options.

Faithbreaker – I’m not sure what “Absolute Power” does, but this is a versatile +1 weapon. Depending on how good the effect is, this could go higher.

Greataxe+1 – Similar availability and damage to Sword of Justice but less consistent.

Headband of Intellect – A nice upgrade for Gale before Level 4, or for an Eldritch Knight / Arcane Trickster. If you’re not using any of those, it’s only Situationally Helpful.

Helmet of Autonomy – Why, yes, I would like more saving throws. You can use this to patch up a character’s weaknesses if they have nothing better to do with the helmet slot. (Remember to check that they don’t already have WIS saves!)

Leather Armor+1 – Expensive but available early. Equivalent to Studded Leather Armor. Asterion, Wyll, and some PC builds will make the best use of this and use it for most of Act 1. However, Studded Leather can be found for free a number of places (near the fire and Githyanki Patrol, the Hag’s Masked Pawns) and it offers the same amount of protection without costing money.

Rain Dancer – The best early quarterstaff for Gale. Giving you a way to remove burning and fire is more useful than I expected.

Ring of Poison Resistance – This is the highest I can rate this, and it’s only because I’m not actually sure how often the effect will help you. It’s a straight upgrade with no downsides, but I’m not sure how many enemies use poison on you. Lowest I can rate this is Situational. There aren’t enough magic rings for me to want to sell some for cash.

Shadow of Menzoberraznan – A late-game stealth item. Good for Asterion, but given how easy it is to predict your stealth, I think it’s more useful as an escape tool.

Shortbow+1 – Inferior to the Heavy Crossbow+1, Light Crossbow+1 and Longbow+1 with the same range and better damage. Similar to a generic light crossbow.

Staff of Crones – Similar availability to Corellon’s Grace but better synergy with Poisoner’s Robes. If /when we get Monks, you can give this to your Wizard, and Corellon’s Grace to the Monk.

Staff of Arcane Blessing – Another late game quarterstaff. This one gives you a free casting of Bless, and makes any castings of it better! Excellent choice for a support Wizard. Competes with Staff of Crones and Corellon’s Grace

The Amulet of Lost Voices – Exceptionally good at filling in lore or info you might want from something, and it’s once/corpse not once/day!

The Mage’s Friend – Late availability, but in an underused equipment slot with a passive bonus. I don’t believe it’ll help that much in Act 1, but it’s note like you have a lot of magic rings to choose from in Act 1.

The Watcher’s Guide – An early game weapon. It falls off in value as newer options become available.

War Pick +1: Piercing damage with Smash. It’s a Martial weapon though.

Personal Item Tier List (Situationally Helpful)

These items aren’t useless, but either their best users aren’t in the game, or they have similar effects to similar to acquire things.

Amulet of Elemental Torment – Early availability from Arron in Druid Grove, but I would prefer to not be on fire.

Amulet of Selune’s Chosen – A self-heal cantrip is fantastic but it’s only 1/day and may put non-elves to sleep.

Beastmaster’s Chain – Fewer opportunities for this to work than the Amulet of Lost Souls, but to name a few: Scratch the Dog, the Shattered Sanctum rats, the Druid Grove companion animals, the animals in Sunlit Wetlands. However, there are multiple different ways of talking to beasts, including the potion, having Gale learn it, or using a scroll. I don’t know how to rate this higher when there’s so much competition for the amulet slot.

Greatclub+1 – Generic two-handed weapon with decent damage and ability, but doesn’t appeal to any particular character or class. Shadowheart wants a shield, Lae’Zel has better two-handed options, Gale has better utility from quarterstaves, Asterion has better choices going two-handed, exactly who wants to be using this?

Herbalist’s Gloves – The Poisoned condition seems uncommon. Could go higher or lower.

Jagged Spear – This could go higher but I don’t know what the Maim effect does.

Light Hammer+1 – Competes with Dragon’s Grasp as an off-hand weapon but has much worse availability.

Nature’s Snare – A difficult weapon to justify for a Wizard. Might be appropriate for an early game Monk or Druid when they become available. Otherwise, Sell for Cash.

Ring of Colour Spray – Available early, lets you use Colour Spray 1/encounter. The utility isn’t that great but it has little competition.

Ring of Restorative Gravity – The effect means you can only give it to healers and there will be situations where you don’t want to group up. It’s not like there are a ton of options for rings though, so give it to Shadowheart or Gale if you want.

Ring of Psionic Protection – I’m hoping the value of this will make itself more clear moving into Act 2, but it’s one of the last things I found (essentially requiring you clear the Arcane Tower in the Underdark) and the perk doesn’t seem that impressive from a utilitarian perspective in Early Access. This may go higher as the consequences of relying on the Illithid powers is made known.

Robes of Summer – A nice upgrade for Gale or Wizard PC, but not strictly necessary. If/When Monks are released, you give the Monk this, and the Poisoner’s Robes to your Wizard.

Poisoner’s Robe – Makes Poison spells better. If you aren’t frequently casting Poison Spray or Ray of Sickness, aren’t using Gale, and aren’t playing Wizard, I think you sell this for cash.

Shattered Flail – Has the distinction of having the highest bonus out of all weapons available in Act 1 with +2. It’s a win-more weapon that rewards you for hitting attacks. The Gnoll fight is decently tough, and I’m personally not a fan of the potential trade-off.

Sickle of BOOOAL – An off-hand weapon that pairs with weapons that do “Slash” for Bleed. However, you can only use that ability once / short rest and not every character wants to hold an off-hand weapon.

Spiderstep Boots – Rarely matters, but it is available just before a big section where it does matter. There also aren’t a lot of other boots options from what I’ve seen, so it’s worth keeping.

Sunwalker’s Gift – I thought I understood what this does. Does it help dispel illusions? I don’t know. I thought it was like a passive light source, but that’s not what I’ve found in gameplay.

The Oak Father’s Embrace – Helps versus undead, hurts versus beasts. No penalty on stealth.

Uncovered Mysteries – By the time you get a hold of this, you probably already have gotten Detect Thoughts available as a spell scroll or have taught it to Gale. I haven’t valued the utility of something like this highly, but it could be higher. Not being able to cast Detect Thoughts in the middle of a conversation hurts the value of this somewhat.

Vision of the Absolute – Early availability, but not a lot of targets to use it on. Definitely the Spectator in the Underdark but nothing else comes to mind.

Wyvern Poison – It will help you in exactly a single situation but will be very useful (if the target isn’t immune).

Personal Item Tier List (Sell for Gold / Feed to Gale)

These items are among the worst in the game. Too difficult to acquire for the bonuses they offer, you are giving up something else much stronger in exchange, or the situations that this item could be helpful is just too rare.

Amulet of the Unworthy – By the time you find this, you’ll probably have a few magical amulets that do something cooler. If you know you’re going up against something of the right damage type, this becomes Situationally Useful, but I expect that will open happen for professional speed runners or exploits and not in general play.

Greatsword+1 – Strictly outclassed by Sword of Justice. It has about the same availability, but requires money to purchase instead of as a fight/quest reward, and Sword of Justice lets you cast Shield of Faith 1/encounter.

Sorrow – Without something to make use of the pain gimmick, and for the amount of competition you’ll have for weapons by the time you get this, I don’t think it’s worth it. If you steal it to get it earlier, you’ll also be weaker and have a smaller hp pool. That 1 damage is going to add up.

The Ever Seeing Eye – I could go lower honestly. Too bad it’s not worth anything in the finance department either. Use a Scroll if you must.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Baldur’s Gate 3 Loot Locations For Act 1 that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Ghost. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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