Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Camp Guide – How to Eliminate The Goblin Leaders


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    In Baldur’s Gate 3, you must discover new areas and settlements while progressing through the game, and the Goblin’s Camp is one of them. In the first act, you’ll need to make a decision whether to side with or slaughter the Goblins. At this camp, you’ll find three Goblin leaders whom you can eliminate or side with. Here’s how to find and eliminate all three leaders at the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    How to reach the Goblin Camp in BG3

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    The Goblin Camp is located far west of the Blighted Village. The exact coordinates for the entrance to the Goblin Camp are X: -99, Y: 440. Check the map image above to see the precise location of the camp. This area holds the entrance to the Shattered Sanctum where you’ll find all three Goblin Leaders. However, there are a few story details you need to keep in mind before visiting this area. If you are looking to side with the Tieflings and Druids, then you’d have to fight with the Goblins. On the contrary, you can divulge the location of the Emerald Grove to the Goblins and side with them. The choice is yours, but the path to the Goblin Camp can be tricky.

    Persuasion and Intimidation checks will be most effective while interacting with the Goblins on the path to camp. When you reach the camp area, interact with the Goblin Camp waypoint to unlock fast travel. You can also get help from the three Ogres by negotiating with them first. This will give you Lump’s War Horn which can be used to aid in the fight against the Goblins. Get inside the camp and make sure to keep up the facade of being a True Soul.

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    How to kill the Goblin Leaders silently in BG3

    Inside the camp, you’ll be given a choice to meet either of the three leaders first. I’d recommend selecting True Soul Gut, as this gives you the key to unlock a hidden path to the Underdark-Selunite Outpost. If you are looking to be stealthy, it is best to isolate the three leaders. This can be done through careful dialogue choices during conversations. For the second leader, move on to Nightwalker Minthara, before finally approaching Dror Ragzlin.

    For an easy kill on Minthara, simply side with her and join the raid for the Emerald Grove. This will force the NPC to walk on a wooden bridge in a scene where you’ll find Minthara, which you can destroy to quickly take out the Goblin Leader. However, this will sever any chance of getting Minthara as a companion. Additionally, you won’t be able to collect the loot from this boss.

    To kill Dror Ragzlin without much fuss, simply drink an invisibility potion and push the boss through a hole located on the right side of his throne. You can do this more effectively by keeping your party members outside the Sanctum and controlling only one character to push the boss. Invisibility is your best friend in this situation, so stock up on potions and elixirs. It is more than likely that the Goblins will turn hostile as soon as you push the third leader, so get ready to flee from the area quickly.

    How to Kill True Soul Gut in Baldur’s Gate 3

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    True Soul Gut is the first Goblin Leader you’ll interact with inside the Shattered Sanctum, and the idea is to make her believe that you are a True Soul following the will of the Absolute. She will ask to brand your character, but you can talk your way out of it easily. Make sure to speak about curing the tadpole in your brain. When the dialogue options pop up, I’d recommend selecting the “talk in private” choice to isolate True Soul Gut in a room.

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    Follow True Soul Gut into the room, and wait till all of your party members are inside. Before engaging in conversation with this enemy, ungroup a party member to make them perform a stealthy attack. I recommend using an invisibility spell or elixir on Astarion. While you distract True Soul Gut, let Astarion strike the first blow quickly. This is one method to kill the first boss. You can also simply speak to True Soul Gut and select the “I’ll kill you now” option to break into a fight with the boss. I’ve tried both methods on multiple saves and would suggest taking the sneaky approach.

    How to Kill Nightwarden Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3

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    Nightwarden Minthara is one of the three leaders, located in the northeastern section of the Shattered Sanctum. There are a few guards in this room, along with a vision orb keeping watch. You can interact with the Nightwarden to find out that she is searching for the Astral Prism. Minthara also asks you to divulge the location of the Tieflings, and if you want a stealthy kill, lure her by revealing the information.

    However, it is best if you face her directly to collect the loot from this NPC. During the dialogues, you can separate your party, positioning them close to all the hostiles in the room. Swiftly move in for the attack to gain an upper hand before the battle starts. This might provoke all the NPCs nearby, but I’d wager it’s worth the risk as you’ll get to loot Nightwarden Minthara later on.

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    How to Kill Dror Ragzlin in Baldur’s Gate 3

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    Dror Ragzlin is the strongest of the three Goblin Leaders, so facing him in the end has its advantages. You’ll notice Dror is performing a ceremony to speak with a dead Mind Flayer in his chamber. Let the ceremony commence and watch from a distance. Use the Mind Flayer Parasite to dig into Ragzlin’s mind and control the investigation. This way, you can ask misleading questions to the Mind Flayer corpse to hide its killer’s identity.

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    Once that’s done, you can start the attack on Ragzlin. It is ideal to position your party members at strategic points to take down the other enemies quickly. If you are looking for a full-on brawl, surround the smaller enemies first, and concentrate attacks to reduce the numbers. Dror Ragzlin is exceptionally powerful, but the rest of his minions are not equally skilled. I would recommend using your party to clean out the herd first. Remember, Dror Ragzlin can resist most of the fire, cold, poison, slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage you can dish.

    If you want the loot from his body, make sure to stop him from falling down the hole. Surround the boss from the northeastern corner to avoid losing the loot. It is better to deal with this boss from a range by using arrows, and you can gain a height advantage by claiming up the ladders. Likewise, Wizards and Warlocks can also use spells like Eldrich Blast and Missile Magic to deal damage to the boss. Getting Dror Ragzlin’s loot ensures that you find the key which unlocks the chest room above. Inside this room, you’ll find a piece of Infernal Iron that Karlach requires for the Infernal Engine.

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