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    “Stop the Presses” is a sidequest in the final act of Baldur’s Gate 3. If you happen to speak to a journalist near the entrance to the Lower City, she’ll tell you that you’re the subject of an unflattering article in the next edition of the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette. This article will make or break your reputation amongst the city’s residents; you’ll want to replace it with something a little more positive. Here’s how to complete “Stop the Presses” and improve your reputation in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    How to complete Stop the Presses in BG3

    As with many quests in Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s no linear path to completing “Stop the Presses.” What makes it unique, however, is that it’s a time-sensitive quest. If you Long Rest after receiving the quest, the article will come out the next day, ruining your reputation. You’ll automatically fail the quest, and there’s no way to reverse it.

    In addition, I highly recommend starting “Stop the Presses” after disabling the Steel Watch Foundry. This quest requires stealth, but if the Steel Watchers are destroyed, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort.

    Starting Stop the Presses

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    To begin “Stop the Presses,” you have to speak with an NPC named Estra Stir. She can be found southeast of the Basilisk’s Gate waypoint at X:122 Y-66, pictured above. She’ll tell you about the article, unlocking the quest.

    Find the Editor of the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette

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    Your next objective is to head to Baldur’s Mouth. It’s directly east of Estra at X:67 Y:-52, as shown on the map. The editor you’re looking for is an NPC named Ettvard Needle, who can be found just inside. You can try convincing him not to send out the article, but he’ll refuse and have you forcibly removed from the building.

    Following this conversation, you won’t be allowed entry into the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette. If you try to walk inside, you’ll find that the front doors are now locked, and the guards will confront you if you try to open them.

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    How to get inside Baldur’s Mouth

    There are a couple of ways to get back inside the building. No matter which you choose, bring potions or scrolls of invisibility. These will let you bypass the guards inside and allow you to move freely. I also recommend sending in a single character like Astarion, as you’ll need Sleight of Hand proficiency.

    The simplest way inside is to pick the locked doors at the front. The guard standing outside won’t always have line of sight on the doors, so you should be able to hide from her and get the doors open. From here, turn invisible and head inside.

    Another option is to reach the doors on the second story of the building, which can be found at the back. These are the only doors that aren’t locked, but they’re up high; you’ll need to have a potion or scroll of Fly to reach them. You can also use Misty Step, or a Druid character with Wild Shape. There won’t be any guards when you walk through the doors, so this is a very safe method of getting in.

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    Once you’ve breached the building, you’ll need to get to the basement. There’s an elevator left of the front doors that can take you, or you can use the metal door down the stairs. I had more success with the metal door, as no guards have line of sight on it. Both the elevator and the door are locked, so which way you choose is up to you.

    Baldur’s Mouth Gazette Replacement Article Location

    If you haven’t disabled the Steel Watch Foundry, you’ll see a pair of Steel Watchers patrolling the basement. Remain invisible and hidden; you should be able to sneak past both of them as long as you keep your distance.

    Your goal is to reach the printing press, which is in the southeast room of the basement. Whichever way you entered, head left into the hallway and continue forward into the room at the end. On the left wall at X:-1018 Y:1064, you’ll see a wooden barricade leading to the room next door. Break it and head through the new gap. If the Steel Watchers are destroyed, you can simply walk into this room without the need for stealth.

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    Inside this room, you’ll see a wicker basket on the left at X:-1029 Y:1059. Open it to find the print for an article titled “Make Big Money by Trading with Adventurers.” It heavily praises you and your companions, which is probably why it’s been discarded. Pick it up, then head south down the hall. If necessary, refresh your invisibility and wait for the patrolling Steel Watcher to pass by first.

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    Locate the Printing Press & Replace the Article

    Head through the doors to reach the printing press. It’s a huge contraption in the center of the room, so you can’t miss it. Interact with it, and you’ll learn that the printing press is, in fact, a sentient device that can speak. You’ll have to pass a couple of speech checks to earn its help; I chose the dialogue options “I’d love to see an example of your work” and “Wouldn’t changing the article be delightfully naughty?”

    The printing press will tell you to locate a replacement article; if you followed the steps above, you should already have it in your inventory. Interact with the printing press again, answer “Absolutely,” and insert the replacement article.

    Escape the Basement

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    From here, the quest is just about finished; you only need to escape the basement without getting caught. Navigate around the Steel Watchers as you did before, then head for either the elevator or the metal door, whichever way you came in. You’ll be confronted by a guard, but they won’t automatically attack you. Instead, you can let them eject you from the building; you’ll be sent back outside where you can regroup with your party.

    To complete “Stop the Presses,” head to your camp and Long Rest for the night. The next day, you’ll notice that NPCs around Baldur’s Gate will speak very highly of you and have an improved attitude toward you. Shopkeepers will also like you more, allowing you to barter more freely with them. You can also purchase the new copy of the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette.

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