Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Feats for Karlach in BG3


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    Karlach is a Zariel Tiefling Barbarian you’ll meet in Baldur’s Gate 3, and her character can become one of the strongest companions in your party. While leveling up Karlach you’ll get to select various feats that further strengthen the build with unique buffs. Naturally, you need to know the best feats to choose for this character to get the maximum advantage in any scenario. Here are the best feats for Karlach in BG3.

    Karlach Best Feats in BG3

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    Karlach is one of the original characters in the game, and you can change her class and attributes to suit your build. However, following the narrative and leveling up Karlach as a Barbarian is an equally proficient option. I suggest playing an entire run without changing your companions builds. Feats are unlocked at levels four, eight, and 12, and here are some of the best ones to choose from if you are playing Karlach as a rage-filled battle-hungry Barbarian.

    Feat Description
    Ability Improvement The most rudimentary feat to select to improve your character’s attributes. With this feat, you can increase one Ability by 2, or two Abilities by 1, to a maximum of 20.
    Tough Your hit point maximum increases by +2 for every level you have gained
    Savage Attacker While making weapon attacks, you roll your damage dice twice and use the highest result
    Tavern Brawler When you make an unarmed attack, use an improvised weapon, or throw something, your strength modifier is added twice to the damage and Attack Rolls.
    Assign +1 Ability point to either Strength or Constitution.
    Heavily Armored Gain proficiency with Heavy Armor and your Strength increases by +1 up to 20.
    Great Weapon Master When you land a critical hit or kill a target with a melee weapon attack, you can make another melee weapon attack as a bonus action that turn.
    Attacks with heavy melee weapons you are proficient with can deal an additional 10 damage at the cost of a -5 Attack Roll penalty.

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    The feats mentioned above revolve around Karlach’s attack, defense, constitution, armor, and weapon proficiencies. Ability Improvement is the most basic feat to select, and it’s best to avoid it for a well-rounded character like Karlach. This Zariel Tiefling is all about fighting opponents at close range and dealing massive amounts of damage. Ideally, you are not going to spell cast with Karlach, so it’s best to select feats that add to Karlach’s strength.

    Savage Attacker is an excellent feat to select as it gives an extra damage roll. This almost always ensures that Karlach is dishing out devastating damage with every strike. Take advantage of this feat by always positioning Karlach in the thick of fights.

    Although Karlach is proficient with a lot of weapons, this character isn’t proficient with heavy armor. By choosing the Heavily Armored feat, you not only become proficient with heavy armor but also gain +1 in Strength. If you are looking to have a higher AC with Karlach, select the Heavily Armored feat to use the strongest armors in the game.

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    Great Weapon Master is another top feat for Karlach as it allows you to attack twice after landing a crit or eliminating a foe. Keep in mind, you can toggle the Attack Roll penalty. I recommend not overusing this bonus and saving it for the opportune moment to dish out more damage. Karlach is proficient with various martial weapons, making Warhammers, Greatswords, and Greataxes the perfect melee weapon for this character.

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