Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Feats for Fighters in BG3


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    The fighters in Baldur’s Gate 3 are naturally good at almost everything you build. As such, the best feats a fighter can perform generally depend on the type of fighter you are trying to perform. Most fighters will focus on melee combat, as the class is designed for that from the ground up, but here are the best feats for melee and ranged fighters in BG3:

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    Best Feats for Melee Fighters in BG3

    1. Alert

    Alert allows you to bypass the Surprised state and allows you to take your turn earlier in the combined queue. This is important to ensure you always have an advantage over your enemy. I highly recommend doing this feat early on, as it will make many encounters much easier.

    2. athlete

    Any feat that increases your Strength ability score is inherently worth performing. However, Athlete also grants a large bonus to your jump distance, which is integral in Baldur’s Gate 3 for both combat and exploration.

    3. Durable

    Melee fighters are usually in the middle of the fight, so they are more likely to take more hits. The Durable feat increases your Constitution skill score, giving you a considerable increase in your hit point total. Additionally, you will regain all your health after a short rest. A good feat choice.

    4. Grand Weapon Master

    If you play as a melee fighter who carries a large two-handed weapon, then Great Weapon Master is the feat for you. It allows you to attack after critically hitting or killing an enemy, and if you are using a heavy melee weapon, it allows you to deal an additional 10 damage on top of your standard damage roll. The capture? You get a -5 on attack rolls, but this can be disabled for strategic play. This is a must for fighters with heavy weapons.

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    5. Heavy Armor Master

    Increases your Strength ability score by one and allows you to attack nonmagical attacks. A very solid choice for a feat to choose from.

    6. Wild Attacker

    It allows you to roll your damage dice twice and use the highest result. When combined with Grand Weaponmaster and using a heavy weapon, this feat allows you to make your high damage more consistent. Almost essential for fighters with heavy weapons.

    7. hard

    This feat increases your maximum hit point pool by two points per level you are at. A very solid choice no matter when you make it.

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    Best Feats for Ranged Fighters in BG3

    1. athlete

    For a ranged fighter, Athlete is a good choice because it can increase your Dexterity ability score by one. The additional increase in jump distance also helps greatly in both combat and exploration.

    2. Mobile

    For ranged fighters, you should always stay out of melee range so you don’t need to build for durability. The Mobile feat increases your movement speed, allows you to move greater distances, and allows your Dash to ignore difficult terrain.

    3. Wild Attacker

    Savage Attack is a good choice for a feat, no matter what type of fighter you are, as long as you use weapon-based attacks. The ability to re-roll your damage rolls and take the best of both is very powerful.

    4. Sniper

    A must-have for any ranged weapon wielder, it removes the penalties associated with High Ground and allows you to sacrifice -5 attack rolls for an additional 10 permanent damage on top of your standard damage roll.

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