Backbone to collaborate with American rapper Post Malone for the new controller

    • Backbone, a maker of mobile controller peripherals, is set to partner with iconic rapper Post Malone.
    • The new Post Malone controller is similar to the Backbone One, but sports a stylish new look.
    • Opaque green plastic is, to us, a woefully underrated design style.

    Big fan of mobile controllers? Big fan of Post Malone? Then you’ll be happy to know that mobile peripheral manufacturer Backbone is teaming up with the iconic American rapper for a new limited edition controller!

    Ok, sarcasm over. But what we have here is a pretty quality, if aesthetically pleasing new collaborative release from Backbone and Post Malone. This will especially appeal to fans of the clear plastic look that some controllers used to have, but which has sadly fallen by the wayside.

    Whatever it looks like, it’s a new edition of what we’ve come to consider a pretty cool mobile peripheral. So if you’re a music fan, or just like design, you’ll be happy to know that Post Malone Edition of Backbone Controller On sale June 29.

    anything else

    Like we said, while we’ll take the idea of ​​Post Malone being an avid mobile gamer with a grain of salt, we have to admit that clear plastic (or at least opaque) is decidedly retro, but Quite charming, see. It’s a shame more devices don’t come with it, and paired with the excellent build quality of the Backbone, and all the other Gibbons that impressed us, we can at least vouch for its practicality. Can if nothing else.

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