Back 4 Blood - Best Deck And Build For Walker

Walker is a sharpshooter who gains increased accuracy with precision kills. He also deals 10% more damage and increases everyone’s health by 10, making him an invaluable member of any team. However, to really unlock his full potential, you need to create the best build using all of the cards at your disposal. If you want to stop looking at stat numbers and start looking at mushy piles of zombies, then you’re in the right place. This guide will cover everything that you need to know to make the best Walker build in Back 4 Blood.

The Deck

Walker starts with a Glock 23 pistol, but this build focuses on a sniper/assault rifle hybrid that is all about chasing damage.

Use the following cards in your Walker deck:

  • Two Is One And One Is None
  • Ridden Slayer
  • Reckless Strategy
  • Hyper-Focused
  • Patient Hunter
  • Overwatch
  • Stock Pouch
  • Line ‘Em Up
  • Shredder
  • Tactical Vest
  • Widemouth Magwell
  • Reload Drills
  • Silver Bullets
  • Large Caliber Rounds
  • Broadside

The most important card in this build is Two Is One And One Is None, so it goes at the top of the deck. This card lets you use two primary weapons, so you can wave goodbye to Walker’s Glock.

Ridden Slayer, Hyper-Focused, and Reckless Strategy combine to double your weakspot damage. That might not seem important against your regular old Ridden, but when you’re fighting Special Ridden like the ogre, that extra damage really is significant. Patient Hunter boosts your damage even further whilst aiming down sights, which is perfect for those quiet sniping moments.

The Ogre in Back 4 Blood

Overwatch is a card for your whole team, as it heals nearby allies if you get kills from more than 15 metres away. You’ll probably want your sniper rifle for those long distance kills, which is where Stock Pouch comes in with an increase to sniper rifle ammo capacity and damage. This card only works for long-distance fighters, so it is important that you give it to Walker rather than melee-focused characters like Evangelo and Holly.

Line ‘Em Up and Tactical Vest shift the focus firmly onto your assault rifle by increasing AR ammo capacity, damage, and bullet penetration. Shredder also helps here, as it increases the damage taken by an enemy every time one of your bullets makes contact, up to a total of 15% extra. Silver Bullets and Large Caliber Rounds both increase your damage even further, which should help you later in the campaign as more corruption cards get dealt.

Broadside is another card that boosts your damage, but it does so in a very different way. When you have Broadside active, there is a 20% chance that precision kills will turn corpses into bombs, so you can sit back and watch the fireworks whilst the Ridden take care of themselves.

Assault rifles and sniper rifles pack a punch, but they also pack a pretty long reload time, which no one likes. If you want to stop staring at your character changing magazine clips and start shooting, then Widemouth Magwell and Reload Drills are essential. They combine to increase your reload speed by 50%, getting you back into the fight much quicker.

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