Avorion Construction Optimization For Beginners

How to build with normal efficiency.

What’s the difference how to build?

The difference is that you can load your ship with extra armor, which will increase your mass and will have almost no effect with a shield (not counting pirates with pulse weapons), or you can put a shield generator cube instead of this armor cube, it sounds better, not is not it?

Content itself

Armor or system

Depending on the stage of the game and your goals, but more often than not putting a shield instead of a simple hull / armor is a much better solution.

But now my ship looks like chaotic pieces of systems!

It doesn’t matter at all, please note that living quarters have all the same types of blocks as a simple hull, and you can make your ship more aesthetically pleasing with their help, and at the same time you will not have to put a separate living compartment block on the ship.

Maneuverability vs. Strength

An excellent question, you are faced with a tough choice, speed and maneuverability or strength and survivability. It depends on what kind of ship you have, but in general, put more in maneuverability, playing barely turning to either side is still a torment, and the shield can be compensated for with modules.

Why are gyroscopes needed?

Gyroscopes are more efficient than pushers, but require installation on certain axes for turning, in contrast to the all-round pusher, and the price of a gyroscope is higher than that of a pusher. If your ship can fit the gyroscopes normally, put them on, if not, then the thrusters are not much worse.

IMPORTANT: In the absence of pushers, the entire braking function will depend on inertial dampers

Structural integrity field generators

Everything is simple, install them so that they cover the entire area of ​​the ship with their “zone”, and you will not lose 90% of the hull in a collision with an asteroid

Ships from the workshop

Ships from the workshop are often very strongly related to their original size, for example, conventionally, at size B, they have a very thin hull that you can not touch, but when the ship increases to size A, the hull becomes thicker and turns into unnecessary garbage on the ship, build better yourself or look for ships that were originally built for your stage of the game.


The very foundation of how to build better is listed here.

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