Avengers Assemble Alpha Trailer Teases a Staggering Defeat Dealt by Mephisto


The trailer for the next Marvel movie United Avengers The event sparks a massive battle with Mephisto and the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

Shared on YouTube, the trailer promotes the launch of Avengers Assembled: Alpha #1 from writer Jason Aaron and artist Bryan Hitch, a one-shot to be released in November 2022 to kick off the event. Works of art are displayed United Avengers along with the promise that “From the dawn of time to the twilight of reality, heroes are gathering from across the multiverse to face the ultimate evil: Mephisto.” A home page displays a number of Mephisto variants, including a child version of Mephisto, female Mephisto, and many more.

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United Avengers is destined to be the cornerstone of Aaron’s work with the Avengers after more than four years. Aaron’s career continues avengers began in May 2018 when the first issue of the title was released and has shaken up the team’s roster ever since, delving into Avengers 1,000,000 BC. C. (created by Aaron and artist Esad Ribić in 2017). legacy of wonder #1), made Echo the wielder of the Phoenix Force, introduced a new star mark, wrote the heroes reborn event and more. United Avengers will combine the writer’s work with the Avengers and the team’s prehistoric predecessor, along with the heroes of avengers forever.

“Four years of avengers stories. Themes from every major series I’ve worked on over my last decade and a half at Marvel, from Ghost Rider a Thor. Everything leads to this. the biggest avengers story you could possibly imagine,” Aaron said of the event. “With a cavalcade of characters from all over creation. And I’m so deeply moved and honored that it all starts with a great ALPHA theme that is being drawn by the legendary Bryan Hitch, who I’ll be working with here for the first time. United Avengers. Say the words as a sentence. It’s the only thing that can save you.”

Marvel’s Biggest Avengers Event Features Many Heroes From Across The Multiverse

avengers forever is a series written by Aaron and illustrated by Aaron Kuder, which launched in December 2021. The title has introduced a number of variants based on fan-favorite heroes, such as Tony Stark becoming Ant-Man instead of Iron Man, a Steve Rogers with Wolverine’s mutant abilities, a Black Panther possessing god-like powers, and more. Both avengers Y avengers foreverThe protagonists of have faced members of the Multiversal Masters of Evil led by Doom Supreme, a powerful variant of Doctor Doom.

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Avengers Assemble is just the beginning of new Marvel events

United Avengers It may be the end of Aaron’s run with the team, but it’s also the first in a series of events for Marvel. Revealed at New York Comic Con 2022, United Avengers events will follow dark web, sins of sinister, Captain America: Cold War, summer of symbiotes Y fall of x throughout 2022 and 2023. Details about the Spider-Man/X-Men/Venom event, X-Men, and Captain America have been revealed, though little is known about what awaits readers with summer of symbiotes Y fall of x in the summer of 2023.

Along with Aaron writing and Hitch on art, avengers assemble alpha #1 features colors by Alex Sinclair and lettering by Cory Petit. Edgar Delgado, Salvador Larroca, J. Scott Campbell, and Mark Brooks contributed variant cover art for the issue. The issue goes on sale November 30 from Marvel Comics.

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