At the end of the month, Torchlight is coming out


    XD Games announced the upcoming season coming to Torchlight: Infinite on January 12th, 2023. Players get what is essentially a pirate-esq venture, the Sea Of Void, in which wandering souls looking to get along with the endless world of the living sail, and the dream of the future will come out. With new content, the game is getting controller support, new items and winter themed stuff that will basically make the new season pop. We have more info over this section, as well as the recent trailer for the season and notes from the devs on their latest blog.

    Credit: XD Games.

    “In Torchlight: Infinite’s new season, Hunters get loot drops from the Spelling Sea Night Flame affixed on their netherreal map. Upon defeating the final stage manager, an interactive piece will appear on the map known as the “Void Sea Seal”. The Whisper can be activated by a Void Sea Night Flame in a random manner, to unlock a Whisper of the Artistic Sea. The Hunters can go to the Void Sea End to challenge the woman in her own eu-mouse and steal her treasure. You can drop a Void Sea Invitation, so you’ll need it to challenge the final boss of the season’s Lord of Void Sea, who will drop several unique Legendary Items.”

    The Hunters will have access to two new hero items, one one of the Hero Relics and one more handwritten treasure. Each Hunter can help equip one Hero Relic, and to provide 3 slots that can be drawn with collectible Hero Memories, and provide powerful affixes directly related to hero’s specialization.

    • Moon Strike
    • Howling Gale
    • Thunder Slash
    • Blazing Bullet
    • Haunting Abomination”


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