Ascension to the Throne: Fix Black Screen

If when you start Ascension to the Throne, you have a black window on the Windows desktop, and an error window pops up, then this problem is solved.

In this case, the error can be solved as follows:

1. Go to the folder with the game.

– You can go to Steam, find the game in the library, go to properties > local data > overview.


– find the game files yourself. In my case, they are on the following path: “D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\At” (the path to the folder with the game in your case may be different)

2. Search for a file named “graphic.cfg” and delete it.

– This file will be created anew with the basic settings the next time you start the game (in my case, this is exactly what happens)

3. Close the folder with the game and try to run it.

P.S. the review was written based on the experience of playing the licensed version of the game. If you have any questions or suggestions, then write them in the comments

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Also, we would like to thank Alimath [z-03]. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.