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    Armored Core 6 is famous for its difficulty, and I knew boss fights would be challenging. If you consider that FromSoftware is known for developing Souls games, a franchise notorious for its difficulty, you’ll see that boss battles require careful planning and preparation. I admit that taking down the Strider weaponized mining rig mission had me on the ropes, and if you’re having difficulty with this mission as I did, this guide will help you out!

    How to defeat the Strider weaponized mining rig in Armored Core 6

    During your visit to Rubicon in Armored Core 6, you will get a mission to defeat the Strider, a giant mining rig armed with deadly laser weaponry. This will be a difficult mission, so be sure you’ve┬ácustomized your Mech for the job. Destroying the laser eye is vital to bringing down this giant behemoth, but you must first kill three generator assemblies before that. You must scale its towering frame by bringing down one of its segments to get to them. Let’s start from the beginning.

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    How to climb the Strider in Armored Core 6

    You will start the mission in a dust storm with Strider some distance ahead of you in the Armored Core 6. Start flying diagonally to the left to avoid several clusters of trash mobs hiding in the clouds to get to the Strider. Taking them out is a waste of time, primarily since the Strider attacks will support them. During your approach, the Laser Eye will target you at least once. When you see the laser beam approach you, get ready to dodge; if you miss the cue, it will take you out in one shot.

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    Once you reach the Strider, aim for its back leg on the right. The HUD will show you a weak spot in the armor, which you should target. Take your time, jumping to your maximum height, unloading on the weak point, and repeating the process. The Strider’s defenses will fire missiles at you, so get ready to dodge with an occasional laser beam swipe. Once you break the leg off, the entire back section of the Strider will detach, falling to the ground. Go below and to the left of the back portion, ensuring you don’t end up below the hunk of metal.

    How to destroy all three of the Strider’s generators in Armored Core 6

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    You will need to scale the fallen back section of the Strider, taking out the defense emplacements on the way, to climb up on the front section to reach the generators in Armored Core 6. Aim for the connector, and then scale up until you reach one of the side platforms. It doesn’t matter in which order you do this; just keep an eye out on the incoming missile swarms and the sweeping laser beam. The best way to avoid the laser is to hug the walls, always keeping close to cover.

    Once you approach a generator, wait until the laser fires. Once it finishes, quickly jump out and unload on the generator while hovering, then snap back into cover. If you happen to still be in the open while the laser fires, perform a last-second quick boost laterally.

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    How to destroy the Laser Eye on the Strider in Armored Core 6

    Destroying the Laser Eye on the Strider in Armored Core 6 is easier than it looks. If you want to take it out the hard way, quick boosting and assault-boosting out of the way of rockets and the laser’s beam. You must be in the air while dodging because both attacks have AoE at the impact point and will still damage you if you’re sliding on the ground.

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    If you want to cheese your way to win, quickly start boosting to the right edge of the platform. There will be a slight drop to a lower section, where you can hide from the laser beam and missile salvoes. Simply time your attacks, peeking out on a vertical boost, and shoot at the Eye when it’s not firing. Keep repeating this process until you destroy it.

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