Armored Core 6 CEL 240 Boss Guide


    During the initial phase of Armored Core 6, there are several challenging boss fights, like the AH 12 Helicopter or Ice Worm fight, but nothing comes close to the CEL 240 boss combat right in the middle of the campaign. The CEL 240 is difficult to beat because of its rapid movement and AOE-type attacks that can deal quite a bit of damage, even from long range. Moreover, after depleting CEL 240 health, it will rise for a second time with a full health bar and a new range of attacks. So, if you are having a rough time facing the boss, read the below guide in detail.

    How to beat Ibis Series CEL 240 in Armored Core 6

    You can overcome CEL 240 in Armored Core 6 using the following tips and tricks.


    I highly suggest you equip the following weapons to your mech. It is an amalgamation of various types of guns, each having a purpose.  

    • R- Arm Unit: 44-141 JVLN ALPHA
    • L- Arm Unit: DF-GA-08 HU-BEN
    • R- Back Unit: VE-60SNA
    • L- Back Unit: VVc -706PM
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    We are going for a semi-tank build that can fly and reposition. So, select something like the DF- LG -08 TIAN- QIANG for the leg section.

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    Attack Strategy

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    The best way to eliminate the CEL 240 boss is to fill up the Stagger meter and inflict critical damage. Once the battle commences, use your VE-60SNA Stun gun and 44-141 JVLN ALPHA Bazzoka to target and fill up the Stagger meter. When the mentioned abilities are on cooldown, switch to your DF-GA-08 HU-BEN Gatling gun to hit continuously. With time, you will fill up the Stagger bar, and it will turn red. At this moment, unload all attacks towards CEL 240. Keep repeating this routine till you take down CEL 240.

    Defense Strategy

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    Saving and retaining your health is essential to emerge victorious against CEL 240. From the beginning of the battle, evade the attacks of CEL 40 by using the Evasive Aerial Maneuver or by flying. While you can absorb most attacks, please remember to dodge the red-colored slash-type AOE attack that severely affects your mech.

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    If you are not attacking, make sure you are repositioning well. While doing so, don’t make your movements predictive by moving in a single direction. Instead, mix up your movement mechanics by strafing left and right in a zigzag manner. Also, even while repositioning or defending, do not refrain from using your DF-GA-08 HU-BEN Gatling gun. Keep using it till the entire battle.

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    Once you have depleted the entire health bar, CEL 240 will collapse to the ground. At this point in the fight, you must have at least two Repair Kits in your inventory to re-heal and prepare for the next phase. If you don’t have the required number of kits, hit the restart button, as you won’t be able to survive the attacks in the second half of the battle.

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    In the second phase of the battle, CEL 240 will use all of its previous attacks and some new ones. Unlike old ones, the latest attack variation that involves shooting multiple red-colored laser beams at the player cannot be dodged. So, try your best to duck the attack and heal with your Repair Kit when you are low. Keep attacking/stunning CEL 240 and take him down before your 2 Repair Kits run out. 

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