Are Shazam’s Children in the DCEU Film?


The following contains spoilers for Black Adam, now in theaters.

black adam is the most recent installment in the DC Extended Universe, serving as a spin-off for 2019 Shazam!. In doing so, he expands on that property’s mythology with the champion of Kahndaq, even pitting him against a classic Shazam/Captain Marvel villain from the Golden Age. However, one easily overlooked element of the film might suggest two others. big enemies for Big Red Cheese and Big Blue Boy Scout.

a scene in black adam it shows two fiery demons, and these may, in fact, be Blaze and Satanus. Originally introduced as Superman villains, these two would be revealed to be the demonic children of the wizard Shazam. Here’s how the DCEU may be setting up some of his next big villains.

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Who are Blaze and Satanus, the demonic children of the wizard Shazam?

Created by Roger Stern and Brett Breeding, Blaze debuted in action comics #655, with his brother Satanus appearing two years later in the adventures of superman #493. A vile demon, Blaze would afflict the people of Metropolis, seeking their souls and torturing the living. To this end, she was after Siobhan McDougal by becoming the Silver Banshee. In his true form of being a sickly horned demon, Blaze cuts an image that is fearsome compared to even the most harrowing of DC supervillains.

His brother Satanus is much the same, resembling a traditional demon and the Greek god of war Ares. He and his sister would come into conflict at one point, Superman being a pawn in their game. They are eventually revealed to be the children of the wizard Shazam, being nursed by an unknown demon (likely a succubus). From there, they would become a large part of the underworld unleashed story, tempting Mary Marvel with the charm of restoring her powers. Firm fixations were made of the Shazam property during Jerry Ordway’s Shazam’s power run. Since then, however, they have rarely been used, probably due to changes in Shazam from the New 52 comic book reboot. However, it appears that the movie black adam it can be your ticket out of hell and back into the spotlight.

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Black Adam Could Introduce Shazam’s Children to the DCEU

near the climax of black adam, the seemingly dead villain Ishmael Gregor is sent to Hell and now has access to the power of Sabbac’s crown. Before returning to the land of the living as a frightening demon with immense power, he sees some other demons in his domain of fire. Two of these demons bear a strong resemblance to Blaze and Satanus, though this could simply be because they have fairly generic demon designs. Even if these two are the familiar enemies of Superman and the Marvel Family, their origins might be different this time.

The DC Extended Universe is almost entirely based on the New 52 in regards to its take on Billy Batson and the magic of Shazam. The wizard Shazam is the last remaining of what was once seven wizards, with his original name Mamaragan. None of the stories since then have brought Satanus and Blaze back in any major way, let alone made them children of Shazam. At the same time, using these two would be a great way to connect the Superman/Shazam movie properties, especially considering past, present and future plans.

Superman had a headless cameo in the first Shazam film, with the hero returning in the post-credits scene of black adam. Both new champion Shazam (as he’s now called Captain Marvel) and Superman are setting up as Black Adam’s rivals in the DCEU, so connecting the heroes and antiheroes to their comic book villains would be a great way to build. to that the demons in black adam They may have been mere nobodies, but introducing the wizard’s children in the lane offers tons of crossover potential.

To see Ishmael Gregor go to hell, Black Adam is already in theaters.

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