Apex Legends Season 18 adds Prowler to Care Package


    The Nemesis AR may have dominated the long-range skirmishes in Apex Legends Season 17, but the Prowler has been the true powerhouse at close quarters.

    The burst-fire SMG deals devastating damage, has incredible hip-fire accuracy, and offers impressive mobility for outplays.

    All of this made it one of the strongest weapons at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs, with nearly every pro having it in hand whenever possible.

    Well, no nerfs are coming for the Prowler in Season 18, but it is going into the Care Package alongside some changes.

    Prowler will be a full-auto Care Package weapon in Season 18

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    Replacing the Hemlok, the Prowler will be entering the Care Package with Apex Legends Season 18.

    However, instead of leaving the gun with its 5-bullet burst pattern, the developer has opted to add select fire to the weapon.

    This means it can be toggled to go full-auto, which will make it an absolute powerhouse at close range if you can land your shots on target.

    With the Prowler heading into the Care Package, the headshot multiplier nerfs to all SMGs, and the buffs to shotguns all on the cards, it’s going to be interesting to see how the close-quarter meta evolves. It’s possible that guns like the Mastiff and Peacekeeper become top-tier in Season 18.

    How strong will the Prowler be in Apex Legends Season 18?

    Prowler inspect Apex Legends

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    Ultimately, the Prowler will be stronger in Ressurection when compared to Season 17, but as it’s going into the Care Package, they’ll be a lot fewer of them on the map.

    If you want to get your hands on the deadly SMG, you may have to compete with another squad for the weapon, especially in the later stages of a match.

    Either way, while Prowler fans will be disappointed it’s no longer on the ground, it’s going to be interesting to see how powerful its full-auto mode is in the current meta.


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