Apex Legends Revenant Glitching, Explained



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    Revenant has been displaying some strange behavior as Apex Legends approaches Season 18. Revenant seems to be glitching out during the Neon Network Collection Event with an odd change to his character token in the selection screen before matches and some glitches around the HUD during matches. The Neon Network event has a story attached and may explain why Revenant is glitching out.

    The Neon Network Collection Event was revealed with a video showing Loba, Lifeline, and Mad Maggie breaking into a Silva Pharmaceuticals facility. The event features a new game mode called Kill Code: A Thief’s Bane, which is a single-player experience where you take on the heist of the Silva Pharmaceuticals facility as Loba.

    Why is Revenant glitching in Apex Legends?

    You may notice the glitches in the character selection menu, but if you have played as Revenant in the Neon Network event, you may also experience a rare animation where the HUD glitches with red code for a few seconds during a match.

    Revenant’s glitches may be explained by the events of the Kill Code mode, so if you haven’t played it yet and do not want the ending spoiled, skip ahead to the next part.

    At the end of the experience as Loba, you will find an area where you find Revenant’s head, largely destroyed with his mechanical eye hanging out. Loba then takes the eye and the scene ends. The glitching and the scene at the end of Kill Code tease Revenant Reborn, a major rework of the character that has been previously leaked.

    What is Revenant Reborn?

    Revenant Reborn is a leaked character rework that may come to the game in Season 18. Although Revenant Reborn has not been officially revealed, the glitches, the Kill Code mode, and reliable leaks point to the character being reworked for the new season.

    Leaks indicate that Revenant will have a slightly different character design as well as new abilities. Since the glitches and teaser for Revenant have occurred during the last event before the start of Season 18 on August 8, 2023, it further indicates that the character will be getting a rework, however, nothing is official and could be subject to change.

    It will be interesting to see what is really in store for Revenant, but the leaks, the glitching, and the story tease make an exciting build-up for the character’s future heading into Season 18.

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