Apex Legends fans argue ‘worst’ character needs Rev Reborn-style rework



    Revenant Reborn’s rework has led to his pick rate skyrocketing in Apex Legends, sitting at an impressive 13.4% – two weeks after the release of Season 18.

    At the time of writing, the changes have taken the Synthetic Nightmare from an outdated character to the most popular Legend in the game. As a result, a lot of Apex fans are keen to see other Legends receive the same treatment, especially those who just can’t compete in the current meta.

    In the eyes of the community, the “worst” on the roster is, without a doubt, Mirage. Unfortunately, many feel Mirage’s abilities just feel so lacklustre compared to newer Legends like Seer and Catalyst.

    Apex Legends fans think Mirage needs Rev Reborn-style rework

    Taking to Twitter on August 20, popular Apex Legends account alphaINTEL asked their followers, “What Legend should be reborn next with new abilities?

    As expected, multiple Legends were put forward by the community for a rework, but Mirage received the most votes by far.

    Mirage, arguably the worst legend now compared to everyone else with their 400 abilities,” said one user, with another arguing, “If you’re just a little above average as a player you can see through decoys so easily.”

    Of course, changing Mirage’s kit in a rework would be very difficult. Although he’s not particularly powerful, there are a lot of players who love his ability to bamboozle. Respawn would have to nail down the perfect rework if it was ever going to alter the Holographic Trickster’s kit.

    Who else needs a rework in Apex Legends?

    Apex Legends character rework

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    Mirage wasn’t the only candidate named by Apex Legends fans, with Lifeline, Caustic, and Crypto all getting mentioned. Surprisingly, Pathfinder also got plenty of shouts, which is a major surprise given their 8.3% pick rate in Season 18.

    We’ll have to wait and see whether Season 19 will bring a new Legend or another rework, but it’s obvious Apex fans are keen to see the existing roster improved before any new faces are added.



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