Apex Legends devs have ‘no plans’ to nerf Nemesis AR



    The Nemesis AR arrived in Apex Legends back in Season 16 and ever since, it’s been a top-tier long-range weapon.

    Firing a 4-round burst and equipped with an energy metre that ramps up its fire rate over time, the gun tears apart enemies with ease if you’re accurate.

    As a result, a lot of the community expected the Nemesis to be hit with nerfs in the upcoming Season 18 patch. Even pros like TSM’s Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen have been vocal about its “broken” damage output in the past.

    Well, the Apex Legends developer has surprisingly revealed that it has “no plans” to nerf the Nemesis AR in Season 18.

    Apex Legends developer is “happy” with Nemesis’ spot in the meta

    Nemesis AR weapon

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    During a press event ahead of Season 18’s release, Lead Weapons Designer at Respawn Eric Canavese revealed that there are “no plans” to nerf the Nemesis AR in the Season 18 patch.

    We are actually very happy with where the Nemesis is… the Nemesis is performing very well and it’s within the space that we want it to be, rivalling the Flatline and the R-301 as a top-tier assault rifle,” said Canavese.

    In this coming season [Resurrection] there are no plans to make any changes to that, but we are always looking at it, we’re always evaluating its strength and making sure that we’ve got a healthy sandbox.”

    This news will be a major shock to a lot of the community given how much discussion there’s been around the weapon and its position at the top of the meta.

    Nemesis is going into crafting rotation for Season 18

    Lifeline Nemesis AR Apex Legends

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    While no balance changes are coming to the Nemesis AR in Season 18, the gun will be no longer found on the ground in Resurrection.

    Instead, the Nemesis is heading into the crafter alongside the Mozambique with Hammerpoint rounds, giving players two brilliant options.

    With the gun now requiring competitors to collect materials and find a Replicator to craft it, the Nemesis is probably going to be used less by players.

    However, for some, this won’t be enough and the news that the energy-based AR will remain untouched heading into Season 18 will be incredibly disappointing.



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