Apex Legends December Playtest Respawn Data Shared, Here’s What It Means For Matchmaking



    Apex Legends uses skill-based matchmaking, a feature that has divided players since the game’s release. Apex Legends matchmaking has been a focus point for a long time, but changes may be coming soon. Respawn Entertainment shared playtest data conducted in one region that may point to some promising news for matchmaking.

    Playtesting was done through December in one region and the results show a much higher percentage of players with battle royale kills. The line graph shared by Respawn shows a large increase in the percentage of players with kills during playtest, but what does that mean?

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    Regardless of the changes made during playtest, more players were achieving at least one kill during matches, which may point to more balanced matchmaking. The data is also holding constant throughout the playtest, meaning that almost a month of matches saw a much higher percentage of player deaths.

    Although no changes have been made yet, the shared test play data is a good sign for players wanting changes to SBMM. It seems that a higher percentage of players getting at least one kill would improve the battle royale experience. Respawn has indicated that the data will continue to be monitored and more information will be shared at a later time.

    If matchmaking changes are going to happen, it will most likely be at the start of Season 16 at the earliest. Season 16 is scheduled to start on February 14, 2023, so if changes are made quickly, players can watch it then.

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