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    Anime Fighting Simulator X is a sequel to the popular title of the same name Released for the Roblox platform. It features many famous characters from popular Anime, but not all champions are made the same, and some are more effective than others. My favorite so far has been Dracula, but I discovered more champions that are just as good as he is. If you want to know how they all compare to each other, we have made a tier list of all Champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

    Anime Fighting Simulator X Champions Tier List – Best Characters

    Tier Champion
    S Mada, Boro
    A Sage Naturo, Brule, Quake, Dracula, Navi
    B Pain, Cell, Remu, Itachi
    C Dark Swordsman, Sword Maji, Kazashu, Fire Fist, Trafalgar
    D Super Son, Gora, Pickle, Saskae, Zora, Sunjo, Son, Vegita, Naturo

    All Champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X, ranked

    We have compiled the list of the Champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X ranked into tiers according to their effectiveness in the game. Note that the higher rarity Champions also tend to be more powerful, which we have considered when creating this list. You can, however, increase the power of your own Champion using Anime Fighting Simulator X codes, making it more effective and potentially surpassing their own tier level.

    Best S Tier Champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X


    Mada is to be the rarest and most powerful Champion in the Anime Fighting Simulator X. The chance to pull Mada successfully is only 0.27%, meaning you will have to go through many rolls to get him. Mada will give you a 25% increase to all Chakra attacks, boost your HP by 25%, and decrease all your ability cooldowns by 20%. Additionally, he will boost your stats by these amounts:

    • Durability: x0.27
    • Attack: x0.27
    • Chakra: x0.27


    Boro is another heavy hitter in Anime Fighting Simulator X. He has a 15% chance of unleashing a devastating roar when you are hit. He features the following stat boosts:

    • Durability: x0.23
    • Strength: x0.23
    • Chakra: x0.23

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    Best A Tier Champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X

    Sage Naturo

    Sage Naturo is the leading Champion in the A Tier, healing all players in your group by 10% every 5 seconds. Additionally, he can increase all attack damage by 25% and overall HP values by 30%. He has the following stats:

    • Durability: x0.4
    • Strength: x0.4
    • Chakra: x0.4


    Navi is the main Yen maker in Anime Fighting Simulator X, using her ability to earn players 50 Yen per minute. Using this ability when you have Navi equipped, you will be able to AFK farm Yen, and if you have boosters on, you can earn as much as 100 Yen per minute. You can also level her up to earn even more money.

    Best B Tier Champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X


    Cell is an excellent Champion, giving the player a 10% chance of recovering HP when attacking an enemy. An additional 15% increase in all Strength damage and a 15% HP increase will make you more survivable in combat, which I found to be especially beneficial with fighting bosses. He will also provide you with additional stat boosts:

    • Speed: x0.2
    • Strength: x0.2
    • Durability: x0.2


    Remu is a very useful Champion. Being a demon lord allows him to absorb the powers of other creatures. When you summon Remu, he will give you a 15% Damage increase to all attacks and a 15% decrease to all ability cooldowns. Additionally, he provides the following stat boosts:

    • Durability: x0.25
    • Strength: x0.22
    • Chakra: x0.25

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    Best C Tier Champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X


    Trafalgar was the very first champion I pulled from the pods, and I have used him for some time in Anime Fighting Simulator X. He is a skilled pirate known for his intelligence and strategic mind. He will boost your Attack for x0.15.

    Fire Fist

    Fire Fist is an Epic champion that can control fire. He gives you the following stat boosts when you summon him:

    • Power: x0.15
    • Chakra: x0.15

    Best D Tier Champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X


    Zora is a fairly common Champion in Anime Fighting Simulator X. He is a swordsman with an unwavering dedication to honing his skills with the sword. Equipping Zora as your sidekick will give you an Attack boost of x0.1.


    Sunjo is a true pirate with exceptional fighting skills. He has incredibly strong legs, using kick in combat while giving you a boost to your Speed for x0.05.

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