Anime Adventures Togu Guide – Stat Summary, How to Get, and How to Evolve



    If you’re a fan of tower defense smash Anime Adventures and also the popular manga series Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s likely you’re looking out for Toge Inumaki (or Togu, to give him his non-IP Roblox name). It’s not easy to snag this Legendary tier hero, but below I’ll discuss how to get Togu in Anime Adventures, while also taking a look at his stat summary and whether or not he can be evolved.   

    How to get Togu in Roblox Anime Adventures

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    You’re going to have to get a great pull in the Anime Adventures gacha-style summon system to get Togu because he is a Legendary hero. There is only a  two percent chance to get a Legendary hero on each pick, which on the plus side is four times better than your chances of getting a Mythical. 

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    How to evolve Togu in Roblox Anime Adventures

    You cannot evolve Togu in Roblox Anime Adventures. However, I still think he is one of the best units if you pull him in the early game, as his stats below will prove. If you want a better chance at a Legendary, remember you can take a Luck Potion just before you start your picks. Your best bet is to wait until Togu appears on the Standard Summons. Remember the list there is upgraded every hour, so you may have to wait quite some time and save your picks up until then,

    Togu stat summary

    Togu deals magic damage in a circular AoE ground attack. It costs 850 to deploy him and while his attack radius starts at 6 it will increase to 9 on his third upgrade and 13.5 on the sixth. If you get him to the maximum level (100), at his top upgrade (Upgrade 7) during a battle he’ll be putting out more than 11k damage with a range of 27. As Togu’s SPA is 2, this gives him a DPS of more than 920.

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