Anime Adventures Saby Guide – Stat Summary, How to Get, and How to Evolve


    As a lover of Roblox tower defense experiences it won’t surprise you to hear I love Anime Adventures. The gorgeous graphics and smooth but challenging gameplay drew me in, but it is the huge variety of units and ways to advance them that keeps me coming back for more. One of the more popular characters to acquire is Saby, so if you want to get Saby and evolve them, or check out their stats, read on for my full guide.  

    How to get Saby in Roblox Anime Adventures

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    If you want to get Saby in Roblox Anime Adventures you’re going to have to get lucky in the gacha-style summon system. Saby is a Mythic tier hero and there is only a 0.5 percent chance to get a Mythic hero on each pick. However, you can increase your chances if you wait for Saby to be the Rate-up hero on the Special Select Banner. This means that if you do get a Mythic, there’s a 50 percent chance it will be Saby.

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    How to evolve Saby in Roblox Anime Adventures

    To evolve Saby in Roblox Anime Adventures you will need the following:

    • Saby
    • 40 Smile Fruit
    • 12 Star Fruit
    • 4 Blue Star Fruit
    • 4 Red Star Fruit
    • 4 Pink Star Fruit
    • 4 Green Star Fruit
    • 1 Rainbow Star Fruit

    Once evolved, the result is Saby (Flame Emperor). Saby (Flame Emperor) is considered to be one of the most powerful units in the game. 

    Saby stat summary

    Saby has a deployment cost of 1,200 and does a ground AoE attack with a radius of nine. Once you’ve upgraded Saby to level 100 he can be upgraded five times during a battle. At level 100 and Upgrade 6, he’ll put out an impressive 30k physical damage along with an additional 12k of burn damage over four clicks, with a range of 33 and a SPA of 8.

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