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    If you’re like me, you’re probably trying to collect as many of your favorite anime characters as you can in Anime Adventures, but of course, the best characters you can get for your collection are all the best Mythical units. Kisame, known as Kizume in-game, is a new unit from the anime Naruto, introduced with the Summer Event. However, you can’t get him through the regular summons, meaning you’ll have to do some grinding. Here’s everything you need to know about this special limited-time unit and how you can get him before he’s gone!

    How to get Kisame in Anime Adventures

    Kisame, or Kizume as he’s called in-game, is a Limited-time Mythical unit, which means he won’t last forever. That’s because he’s a special unit included in the Summer Event. Because of this, he can only be obtained by opening the Summer Stars capsules.

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    Summer Stars are special summon capsules that can only be bought from the Summer Event Shop, which is located right in front of the Play area from the Nami NPC. However, these Stars don’t cost regular Gems; instead, you’ll need to earn some Pearls currency. The Summer Stars cost 150 Pearls each, so you’ll have to earn some first or use some Robux on the right side. To earn some Pearls, purchase some Summer Portals from Nami for 200 Gems each.

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    Then use the portal through your Items inventory to participate in the special Summer Event stages. Every time you win these stages, you’ll earn some Pearls to use in the Shop. You can occasionally win more portals and Stars every once in a while as well, especially when completing higher tier stages.

    To collect a Mythical unit, like Kizume, from the Summer Stars, there is a 0.25% chance. Plus, since there are three different Mythical units found in these Stars, you’ll probably have to try a few times before you get Kizume. Thankfully, once you max out on 400, you’ll get Mythic Pity and automatically receive one. It’s all about the grind, but eventually, you’ll get lucky!

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    All Kisame Stats in Anime Adventures

    Kisame is a Mythic unit, so you can already assume he is going to be one of the more powerful characters to use in battle. His base damage is already powerful, plus, mixed with his AoE attacks, he can take out multiple enemies at once, but that power grows more and more as he is upgraded. He also evolves with the right resources. Take a look at all his stats below:

    • Deployment Cost: 1,200 Yen
    • Total Cost: 28,700 Yen
    • Upgrade Levels: 6
    • Spawn Cap: 4
    • Tower Type: Ground
    • Damage Type: Physical
    • Secondary Damage Type: Storm
    • Attack Stats:
      • Attack Type: AoE (Line), AoE (Circle)
      • Damage: 400 – 4,500
      • Attack Rate: 7 – 5.5
      • Range: 20 – 33

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    How to Evolve Kisame in Anime Adventures

    Like all units, Kisame can be evolved to become a more strengthened fighter. Evolving a unit will increase all their base stats, allowing them to do more damage, hit faster, and have further range. When Kisame is evolved, he becomes Kizume (Tailless Beast), but you’ll need the right materials to upgrade him.

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    To evolve a unit, head to the Evolve area of the lobby and head all the way back to the glowing blue star aura. Hold E when the Evolve Units prompt pops on your screen. Then you can choose the unit you’d like to evolve. Each unit will require different materials to be evolved.

    For those materials, you’ll need to speak to Beeruh, which is right toward the entrance of the Evolve area. He will allow you to craft Evolution materials; just choose the Craft option from his dialogue. You’ll need Star Fruits to make these items, which can be collected through different capsules while playing through Story Mode, Infinity Castle, and other stages, or you can purchase them from the Traveling Merchant.

    To evolve Kizume, you’ll need to make one Sharkskin Greatsword by combining the following fruits:

    • Star Fruit (Yellow) x12
    • Star Fruit (Red) x4
    • Star Fruit (Pink) x4
    • Star Fruit (Green) x4
    • Star Fruit (Rainbow) x1

    When Kizume is evolved, he is then capable of doing up to 9,800 per hit when fully upgraded. His range is extended, and his circle AoE increases in size as well. His SPA lowers to 4.5 as he’s upgraded, allowing him to hit faster and take out his enemies with ease.

    Try Kizume out for yourself and see how you like him as part of your team. He’ll only be around for a limited time, so try to collect him as soon as possible by opening as many Summer Stars as you can. Best of luck!

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