Anime Adventures Harribu Guide – How to Get, Evolve, & Stats Summary


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    If you’re looking to collect the best Mythic units possible, then you’ll definitely want to jump in on these summer festivities and try to collect the Limited-Time Mythic units, such as Harribu. Harribu, or Harribel as she’s named in-game, is a character inspired by the anime Bleach, and she may just be one of the best Hill units you can find. I love the look and powers of this character, and I have all the information you’ll need to get her for yourself!

    How to get Harribu in Anime Adventures

    Harribu is a limited-time Mythic unit introduced with the Summer Event. As such, she can only be obtained through the Summer event Summer Stars capsules. You can find these for sale at the Summer Event Shop, which is located right in front of the Play area as the NPC, Nami.

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    You can press E on Nami to speak to her and then choose the Summer Event Shop option. She sells the Summer Stars right there in the shop for 150 Pearls each. Pearls are the currency used for this event, which means you’ll need to collect some in a different way than usual. While in the shop, purchase some Summer Portals, which are only 200 Gems each. This will teleport you to the Summer stages, where you can earn rewards like Pearls, Summer Portals, and occasionally some Stars right off the bat. You’ll want to grind these stages so you can save up your Pearls and purchase the Summer Stars capsules.

    The Summer Stars capsules have a 0.25% chance of giving you one of the three exclusive Mythic units. This is the lowest chance possible, plus with there being three different units, you’ll most likely have to keep farming these Stars until you get lucky and receive Harribu. Thankfully, there is a Mythic Pity every 400 Stars.

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    All Harribu Stats in Anime Adventures

    Harribu is the only Hill unit out of the three Summer exclusives, and I think this makes her the most unique and possibly one of the best Hill units you can get in the game currently. Her SPA as a Mythic is exceptionally low, and she provides great support from above with Magic abilities. Take a look at all her stats below:

    • Deployment Cost: 1,300 Yen
    • Total Cost: 34,800 Yen
    • Upgrade Levels: 6
    • Spawn Cap: 4
    • Tower Type: Hill
    • Damage Type: Magic
    • Secondary Damage Type: Aqua
    • Attack Stats:
      • Attack Type: AoE (Circle) Radius: 6, Hits: 3, AoE (Circle) Radius: 8, Hits: 1
      • Damage: 500 – 6,000
      • Attack Rate: 7 – 8
      • Range: 23 – 33

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    How to evolve Harribu in Anime Adventures

    Harribu becomes more powerful as you upgrade her, but she truly excels after you evolve her. Just like evolving any character, you’re going to need some special items and the right materials to craft them. For Harribu, you need to have the Sharktooth Blade, which can be purchased at the Summer Event Shop for 5,000 Pearls or crafted with the following:

    • Star Fruit x12
    • Star Fruit (Blue) x5
    • Star Fruit (Pink) x4
    • Star Fruit (Green) x3
    • Star Fruit (Rainbow) x1

    Once you have the Star Fruit, you can head to Beeruh in the Evolve area of the lobby and choose his Craft option to make them into the Sharktooth Blade.

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    Then head further into the Evolve area to the blue aura circle and hold E to open the Evolve menu. Pick Harribu from your inventory and then evolve her. She’ll become Harribu (Shark Empress) and increase all her overall stats. This evolved version of Harribu is currently known as one of the most meta characters in the game currently, and that’s because her overall DPS raises to 13,000, she’s fairly cheap compared to other Mythics, and she has multi-hits!

    Keep trying to collect Harribu for yourself by opening those Summer Stars. Since she’s a Limited-Time unit, you’ll want to farm as much as possible to get her before she’s gone. Trust me; you won’t want to miss out on collecting her for your team!

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