The following accommodates spoilers for Animal Kingdom Season 6, Episode 12, “Exodus,” which aired Sunday on TNT.

TNT’s Animal Kingdom begins with excessive schooler J (Finn Cole) transferring in together with his estranged prison household after his mom, Julia (Jasper Polish), overdoses. While Julia’s dying is not a thriller, the circumstances round her fractured relationship along with her household, and extra particularly Smurf (Ellen Barkin/Leila George), are extra puzzling. Julia by no means preferred Smurf, and Animal Kingdom‘s Season 6 flashbacks proceed to indicate audiences why. Episode 12, “Exodus,” sees the pair come to blows after Smurf discovers Julia has been skimming off her jobs. Although Julia learns the ruthless extent of Smurf’s rage, Baz additionally turns into aware about that lesson — solely, in his case, it appears the educating second by no means took maintain.

Animal Kingdom’s Flashbacks Show Why Julia and Smurf’s Relationship Fractured

With Julia looking out to higher her life and escape Smurf’s grasp, she begins skimming off her mom’s jobs. Upon discovery, Smurf sees this as the final word betrayal and violently throws Julia out of the home with nothing however the garments on her again. It’s an particularly brutal punishment, however one that’s anticipated of Smurf. Smurf does not tolerate any double-crossing, even when it includes her personal kids. Plus, Smurf’s incapability to manage Julia made {the teenager} expendable in her mom’s eyes.

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With nowhere to go, Julia heads to Baz’s (Darren Mann/Scott Speedman), not realizing that Smurf received to him first. Despite Julia’s pleas and her once-romantic reference to Baz, he turns her away. She’s shocked by his rejection, however as Baz says to Julia, “If [Smurf] kicked you out, imagine what she is going to do to me.” It’s clear teenage Baz fears crossing onto Smurf’s unhealthy aspect, and as Season 2 confirmed, he has each proper to be.

Baz Betrayed Smurf Despite Her Treatment of Julia

Like Julia, Baz additionally stole from Smurf, solely his take was a lot larger. After discovering Smurf’s storage unit full of tens of millions of {dollars} in jewellery and money, Baz declared his adoptive mom grasping for skimming off their jobs. Smurf, then again, claimed the cash was for all of them, functioning as a household nest egg of kinds. Regardless of who was proper, Smurf noticed his actions as a serious betrayal and employed the Trujillo gang to kill Baz and get her a refund.

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What’s humorous (and never within the ha-ha manner) is that Baz ought to have identified higher than to steal from Smurf primarily based on her therapy of Julia in Season 6’s flashbacks. Baz was actually conscious of Smurf’s capabilities to a degree. He framed her for homicide, hoping to lock her away in jail for all times. Still, Baz ought to have identified bars could not preserve Smurf from her revenge, particularly after her whole disregard for Julia’s well being and security. That mentioned, Baz was identified for intelligence and greed and certain thought he may outsmart her. It’s a disgrace as a result of if Baz had adopted his teenage self’s cautionary recommendation, he could have had a distinct final result within the Codys’ animal kingdom.

To see how the Codys’ story performs out, new episodes of Animal Kingdom Season 6 air every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.

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