From the primary episode of Andor, it is clear that there is extra to the connection between Cassian and Bix Caleen than is proven on display. But have been they ever collectively?

“I know they’ve had a long friendship. They’re childhood friends,” Bix actor Adria Arjona instructed The Hollywood Reporter. “And there’s this mystery of, ‘Were they ever really in love? Were they ever together? Is there jealousy between Cassian and Timm? Is this a love triangle?’ So it really is kind of unknown, but through their long friendship, trust has been built and then broken and then built back up and then broken again. But Bix still cares deeply for Cassian. He’s incredibly complex and complicated, and he always seems to get himself in trouble or do things a different way.”

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Despite the deep bond between them, Diego Luna’s Cassian has a behavior of stepping into hassle. And that tendency creates a number of pressure between the pair. “Bix is so practical,” Arjona continued. “She has her own business, and she is finally running it the way she wants to run it. She’s at the top of her game. She finally has stability, but every time Cassian comes in, he just disrupts it a little bit. So she almost wishes better for Cassian, and she’s incredibly protective over him. But she always ends up picking him over everything, and it kind of sucks.”

There’s Clear Tension Between Bix and Cassian

With Cassian’s chaotic way of life inflicting far an excessive amount of hassle for Bix and her enterprise, she’s settled down with co-worker Timm. As against Cassian, Timm clearly fawns over Bix, however he is additionally noticeably jealous each time the longer term Rebel comes round.

“Timm is safe. Timm is responsible. They function well together. They run a business together,” the actor mentioned. “Maybe she had hopes and dreams that it could’ve been Cassian, but who knows? It’s just impossible with him, hence that line that Cassian gives Bix [in Episode 1], and Bix responds, ‘I don’t ask you about your personal life.’ So you could really feel the tension in that moment of, ‘Oh, he doesn’t like that Timm is in my life.’ (Laughs.) But he comes and goes a lot. That’s his way of protecting the people that he loves.”

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The Cassian in Episode 1, who “comes and goes a lot,” is a far cry from the Rebel chief audiences met in Rogue One. But as showrunner Tony Gilroy lately mentioned, Season 1 of Andor can be all in regards to the evolution of Cassian from self-centered to self-sacrificing: “Cassian Andor, at the end of 12 episodes, has finally had some sort of an education.”

The first three episodes of Andor at the moment are out there on Disney+. New episodes premiere Wednesdays.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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