Andor Is Making Star Wars Stormtroopers Scary Again


The following contains spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 7, “Announcement,” now available on Disney+.

The first villains that viewers saw in 1977 during Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope It wasn’t Darth Vader, but the white-armored foot soldiers of the Empire. While most movies and shows treat them like ineffectual jerks, Andor is doing Star Wars‘Frightening stormtroopers, threatening villains again. In the first episodes of Andor on Disney+, the Empire’s iconic villains were nowhere to be found, reflecting the worldly evil of the Empire’s creeping authoritarianism. Viewers may not even notice the Stormtroopers until one is in front of Cassian Andor, sending him to prison for six years on entirely imaginary charges.

Like Andor, viewers may not have seen the soldiers until it was too late. Cassian’s arrest does nothing to change the notion that Stormtroopers, or in this particular case, Shoretroopers, aren’t complete idiots. However, without a hidden lightsaber or blaster, they are the most terrifying villain Cassian ever faced, at least until the KX Imperial droid grabs him by the throat. Andor he’s an amazing, mature Star Wars show, but perhaps his greatest contribution to the galaxy is what he’s doing for Stormtroopers and his reputation among Star Wars fans.

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Star Wars Stormtroopers Were Never Meant To Be A Joke

Perhaps the best known fact about Stormtroopers is based on a misreading of the events of what was designed to be a movie that children could follow. In A new hope, Ben Kenobi identifies Imperial blaster fire as exceptionally “accurate”. Later, when no Stormtroopers are able to shoot the heroes, almost as if there is a magical “Force” protecting them, it is revealed that the heroes were allowed to escape to lead the Empire to the Rebel base. However, when the Ewoks finished off the Stormtroopers, they lost some of their villainous shine. All versions of the Stormtrooper can be traced back to the designs of the legendary Ralph McQuarrie, who designed them to be inhuman villains that people wouldn’t feel bad about seeing killed. mass. While that impression still persists, no Star Wars fan sees Stormtroopers as a challenge.

One way Andor stands out as a story is that Cassian is so common. He is not a great fighter or a perfect marksman. The Force doesn’t move through him like it does through Jedi. He’s not even particularly adept at talking his way out of trouble like Han Solo is. As such, when he comes face to face with a surly Shoretrooper, he is outmatched in every way. He can’t even outwit the Shoretrooper because, as the exchange between them shows, the authoritarians don’t need a reason to arrest someone for a crime they didn’t even commit. A lowly Shoretrooper has just arrested one of the Empire’s most wanted criminals, and he did it by accident. While Stormtroopers don’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) elite, that doesn’t mean they can’t be scary anyway.

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The Stormtroopers of Andor represent the ‘closing fist’ of the Empire

What star wars, clone wars The character Wullf Yularen, now the head of the Imperial Security Bureau, tells the rest of his officers that it’s not a matter of “if” the Empire will catch the rebels, but how hard to make a fist. The appearance of Stormtroopers represents this, because as that fist gets tighter around people, the familiar contrasts become more pervasive. They are not meant to be great Imperial fighters or even what the clones were.

Stormtroopers are expendable soldiers who “win” because they are so replaceable. As such, all the inconsistencies about these villains make sense from a narrative standpoint. His armor, for example, is more about looks than any real protection. So it’s cheap and useless because the Empire doesn’t care if a Stormtrooper lives or dies. Playing with this idea is what makes Stormtroopers terrifying in Andor or any Star Wars story; one is not unstoppable, but no one can stop them all.

As the story progresses in Andor, viewers will likely see more familiar Imperial characters and settings. As Cassian moves further and further towards the point of no return each episode, fans know that she will eventually lose track of all the Stormtroopers she kills. At this point in Andorhowever, they are the scariest things in the universe to him.

Andor premieres new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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