Andor Fixes One of Star Wars Fans’ Biggest Last Jedi Complaints


The following incorporates spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 7, “Announcement,” now streaming on Disney+.

While the prequel period of Star Wars confirmed off luxurious and clear planets, the Imperial period has a deal with the slums and rundown areas of the galaxy. And Andor isn’t any totally different, with poor villages and busy Imperial networks being the principle focus of the present. Yet a refreshing change of surroundings was offered throughout Episode 7: a vacation seashore planet that could possibly be the brand new (and higher) model of Canto Bight from Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.

Once Cassian takes his cash and leaves his previous life for good, the present cuts to the planet Naimos. Clean seashores, vacation resorts and uplifting music all create a whiplash from the same old tone. Yet it is a welcome change that reveals life happening outdoors the Rebellion. The visible provides off the identical feeling as Finn and Rose’s journey in The Last Jedi. Except this time, Andor has an opportunity to enhance upon the themes Canto Bight was going for.

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The Last Jedi Showed the Galaxy’s Greed

No matter the opinions on The Last Jedi, most will agree that Finn and Rose’s journey on Canto Bight is among the weaker facets of the movie. It slows the film down significantly, chopping away from the Resistance working for his or her lives to a chase round a on line casino. And lots of the themes and messages proven are very on-the-nose and heavy-handed. However, The Last Jedi does nonetheless sort out some fascinating factors, lots of which are sometimes ignored in Star Wars.

While Canto Bight supplied a singular setting, it additionally tackled the concepts of wartime revenue and complacency. Everyone was in a position to flip away from the First Order in order that they may take pleasure in some leisure time and spend cash gained from each side of the warfare. Rose confirmed that when one seems to be previous the glitz and glamour, the darkish world of weapons buying and selling and slavery might be seen, however everybody would fairly flip a blind eye to it.

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Andor Could Improve The Last Jedi’s Themes

Despite The Last Jedi‘s fascinating themes and messages, it is nonetheless buried below a weaker a part of the film. And so, with the introduction of Andor‘s new leisure planet, there’s an opportunity to enhance upon The Last Jedi‘s failures. While this new planet, Niamos, is not precisely the identical as Canto Bight, the identical themes nonetheless apply. Planets are below harsh Imperial occupation, and Rebels are dying for his or her trigger, but there’s nonetheless a whole galaxy of people that simply settle for their destiny and get on with life.

The trip seashores signify individuals’s potential to disregard what is going on on and be complacent with the horrible scenario. And there isn’t any doubt that loads of Imperials spend their time lazing on the sand, utilizing their ill-gotten beneficial properties. It’s extra delicate than The Last Jedi, however works simply as successfully, as way more individuals can relate to the concept of taking a seashore trip to get away from all the things, fairly than a on line casino for millionaires to hang around in. Plus, not like Canto Bight, everybody on Niamos is not portrayed as evil; some are simply common households who select to look away from their scenario.

With Cassian ending the episode imprisoned, hopefully extra time will likely be spent on Niamos, and the characters who calm down there might be proven for who they are surely. It’s good to remind audiences that the galaxy is not all about rebel and slavery, and it will be satisfying to see The Last Jedi‘s messages be advised throughout a plot line that truly strikes the story ahead.

New episodes of Andor stream on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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