Andor has acquired reward for bringing a brand new method to Star Wars storytelling, but it surely took some work to get everybody on board.

Showrunner, author, and creator Tony Gilroy, who beforehand labored on Rogue One, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how his lack of reverence for the Star Wars universe has helped him craft a number of the franchise’s most admired tales. “It wasn’t that I didn’t like it. It just wasn’t on my radar,” Gilroy mentioned of Star Wars. “I wasn’t in awe of it. So once I got here in right here to futz round and restore [Rogue One], I knew I’d do my factor. I used to be going to deliver my factor right here. And it labored. We gained, after which all people was extremely euphoric and the whole lot. So my kind of imprinting expertise was, ‘Well, that is the way you do it.’ And that is what I do. That’s the way in which to go. So I did not must relearn that [for Andor].

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Of course, not everybody takes the identical method as Gilroy. The author revealed that when he was assembling the workforce to craft Andor, he needed to persuade creatives to not change their method to suit into the Star Wars mould.

The Star Wars Universe Is a Blessing and a Curse

“It’s really fascinating. We have this experience all the time. In every department, we’ve had all kinds of people come in, and they know it’s Star Wars, so they change their behavior. They change their attitude. They change their thing,” Gilroy mentioned.

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It wasn’t simply the crew that wanted to regulate. Gilroy spoke about how actors would alter their type from the audition to the present as soon as they discovered they have been in a Star Wars undertaking.

“An actor will come in off a Ken Loach movie or something, they’ll put on a Star Wars [costume], and all of a sudden, this great actor, who auditioned for you and didn’t know what it really was, starts acting differently,” Gilroy mentioned. “And you go, ‘Wait, no. Do your thing. You’re here because we want you to be real.’ So it’s a testament to the potent power of Star Wars. It really gets into people’s heads, but to change the lane and do it this way, it takes a little effort. It’s interesting.”

The first three episodes of Andor are actually streaming on Disney+. New episodes premiere Wednesdays.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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