Anarchy: Wolf's law : Beginners Guide And Gameplay Tips

Good day.

I decided to write a small guide for those who decided to try the game, so to speak, to taste.

I will say in advance that this is early access and you should not expect anything fantastic from the game.

Again, this one is just advice for beginners, namely those who are hooked on the product, but for some reason they have difficulties in the game.

So let’s start, perhaps.

Perfect start

Here’s a perfect start to the Joke game . Good day gentlemen. You start, at the moment, always in the same place. In front of you there will be a starting box, which, in combination, is a stash and running ahead I will say, before leaving the session, my advice to you is to put all the loot in the box (applies to those who do not want to farm for weapons every time). So, here you are, your faithful Beretta, ax and suspense. Take the cartridges from the box and run to the nearest house. It is advisable to take everything out of it that you can. When leaving it, do not forget to look into the attic, there are gifts ^ _ ^ Did you manage? Okay, get out and move on to the next NEAREST home.

Now it’s the same with the second house, but alas, your bag is not so big, so it may happen that not everything will fit. But do not be discouraged, move on, in the direction of a small building that looks like a warehouse.

There you will meet the first merchant who will help you start the game fully.

So half the way is covered.

If you are lucky, when you reach the merchant, you will already have a weapon like MP5 or AKSU, and $ 30,000 in your pocket, if not, then sell all the trash by the type of things, kitchen utensils and priblud ala can opener or firewood and buy yourself with the proceeds AKSU or simply “Ksenia” a pack, or better, two cartridges and you are ready to storm the Gas Station.

With 200-400 rounds on hand, even the biggest fan of shooting into the air will be able to interrupt the guard of the gas station. It is worth attacking from the central entrance, because all the guards themselves will run out at you, in the worst case, 1-2 guards will ” come in from the side ” ( there could be an insert of their STALKER performed by the bandits ).

So, you knocked out the bandits, go into the room near the gas station itself and you will see a laptop. Found it? Fine.

Buy back the gas station. Voila, now you will receive a constant, small, but still income. By investing in a gas station, you will get more, everything just raised the level, strengthened security, increased income. But, if you are playing with a full lobby, where everything is online, do not rush to pick up the gas station first. It is worth waiting for your opponents to spend their hard-earned money on recaptures. (Yes, yes, this is my personal opinion)

If no one bothers you, start producing resources, the corresponding button will be in the laptop menu on the top right.

Flip the toggle switches, see how it works. Production goes from left to right.

I think you can figure this out. So, by selling fuel, you can put together a small budget, namely, you will need about $ 120,000 (again, this is my opinion)

Have you already earned the required amount? Wow, well done.

The last point in mastering the game.

At this point, you have most likely noticed that your inventory is filling up quickly. 2 packs of ammo and your inventory is almost full.

That is why, with this huge money and self-esteem, we are moving forward to the Oil Depot, but do not rush, we need to go along the road to the right, and at the fork to turn left, on your left hand you will have ANGAR, you into it.

There you will meet an indispensable merchant who sells food, water and the very best in this game C4 (Art is Explosion), but we came here for a $ 100,000 bag. Buy and loot whatever you come across, but do not forget that slots may still end, which is why try to remember the location of the merchants.

So this is 99% of what you need to know at the moment.

Regarding cars, the stuation is not straightforward. Considering the speed of the car, I prefer to run. But cars taunt very well (distract the attention of NPCs) I don’t understand why, but they like to shoot at cars so much that they sometimes completely hammer on GG 🙂

But if you are interested, being in the first hangar, which is right behind the building of the first merchant, you can collect Accumulator (Battery) and Canister (Petrol / Diesel), just put these 2 things in the trunk of your car and you can get ready for the road.

There are enough cars in the game.

A few things you just need to know:

1) Time goes by in the game for a reason. The first loot is updated daily.

Oh and yes … I almost forgot.

2) Second: the night is not the best time for raids because Chupacabras are taking to the streets, and this is not a joke. Just meet with them and you will understand why I called them that.

3) In order to open cans of canned food, you can use an ax. It makes no sense to clog the inventory with unnecessary oddities.

4) Oddly enough, the ax can be used for its intended purpose. You can chop wood using an ax. Just hit the tree with an ax.

5) You can bask not only using the stoves, but with the help of Vodka / Wine and the best in the game (IMHO) Hawthorn tinctures.

6) If you see a hangar with a metal door or a garage with metal rails, then you can use C4 on them, using an item in your inventory, go to the surface and the game itself will tell you when you can set explosives. I advise you to move 15-20 meters away, for safety, there are enemies behind such doors, but there are also military chests there.

7) If you die, don’t worry, you can always pick up your loot. There will be a skull icon on your pointer at the top center of the screen, these are your belongings. Take it back and back into battle.

I hope this information will be useful to you. As the project develops, there will be additions or new guides released. Hope it was helpful to you.

Good hunting

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Anarchy: Wolf’s law : Beginners Guide And Gameplay Tips that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank skolot1000. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.