An Old Enemy Returns to Team Up With Gregory Sunshine


The following article incorporates spoilers for Tiger & Bunny 2 Episode 23, “Lookers-on See Most of the Game”, now streaming on Netflix.

Tiger & Bunny 2‘s twenty-second episode ended on the revelation that Gregory Sunshine, throughout his takeover of Abbas Prison, had managed to hitch forces with L. L. Audun — a vigilante and the previous archnemesis of Mr. Legend, who was ultimately arrested for the homicide of a number of cops.

Audun has had a lot foreshadowing all through the course of this season. He Is Thomas has famous on a number of events that regardless of the controversy surrounding him, Audun remained his hero, with Thomas having internalized his motto of ”imagine in nothing however your personal power” to an unhealthy diploma.

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The Heroes of the First League Are No Match for Audun

Thomas’s idolization of Audun was matched by Fugan and Mugan, the villains of Tiger & Bunny 2‘s first cour — whose love for the rogue hero culminated of their plan to defeat 18 superheroes every in an effort to prime Audun’s document of 17. After being arrange as a sinister determine, it comes as a shock when L. L. Audun jovially greets Gregory with a smile, earlier than declaring himself the champion of justice. Gregory is shocked to study that his sleeping gasoline did not knock the mighty prisoner out, and the villain is terrified he will not be capable of management Audun together with his powers. However, Gregory manages to trick him by interesting to his robust sense of justice, claiming that the First League Heroes are villains threatening the peace in Stern Bild City.

After making fast work of Blue Rose and Golden Ryan, L. L. Audun raids Stern Bild’s hero museum in an effort to retrieve his outdated hero swimsuit. Now absolutely equipped, Audun and Gregory got down to cease the opposite ”villains”, beginning with Fire Emblem and Sky High.

After Fire Emblem and Sky High’s sign is lower off, Agnes switches to their physique cams, and is horrified to see Gregory Sunshine taunting over their unconscious our bodies. Dragon Kid and Magical Cat arrive to rescue their fallen comrades however are not any match for Audun’s Hundred Power — a stronger variant of Kotetsu and Barnaby’s energy, taking solely a minute to recharge in comparison with the duo’s hour.

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Rosicky’s Plan to Assassinate Aurora Comes to a Head

With six of the heroes now downed by Audun’s hand, Barnaby and Mr. Black head over to take care of the self-proclaimed champion of justice. Meanwhile, the mayor hosts a convention welcoming Little Aurora to Stern Bild City. Mattia, watching the convention on TV, makes a chilling realization — the right-handed mayor is utilizing his left hand, proper earlier than his eyes glow a well-recognized yellow. Mattia then realizes that the identical NEXT who brainwashed him is doing the identical to the mayor. Despite nonetheless not realizing the offender’s id, Mattia is appropriate — Sigourney Rosicky, mastermind of ”Mission A”, has management of the mayor, having used Gregory’s Abbas breakout as a distraction as she assassinates Little Aurora.

After Mattia informs the heroes, they speculate why somebody could be controlling the mayor, accurately deducing the plan to assassinate Little Aurora in an effort to sow additional division between NEXT and non-NEXT. Kotetsu rushes off to cease Rosicky, whereas Origami Cyclone and Rock Bison cease Audun from pursuing him.

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Rosicky, within the mayor’s physique, makes a speech mocking the notion of coexistence with NEXTs, earlier than pulling a gun on Aurora. Just as she prepares to shoot her, nonetheless, her gun is knocked out of her hand by an arrow engulfed in blue-and-green flames — Lunatic has arrived. Kotetsu seems simply in time to guard the mayor from Lunatic’s wrath, explaining that he is being managed by a NEXT.

Aurora is escorted away from the mayhem, however sadly, Rosicky manages to take management of Lunatic’s physique and flies off in pursuit of Aurora. Meanwhile, Audun knocks Rock Bison to the bottom; Origami Cyclone rushes to assist his accomplice again as much as his ft, utilizing Rock Bison’s not-so-subtle hints a few current he bought Origami Cyclone as motivation for the pair to see this battle by way of in a single piece.

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Kotetsu and Barnaby Are Pushed to Their Limits

Unfortunately for Origami Cyclone, nonetheless, Rock Bison explains that the current in query was for Agnes, who Bison reveals he is lengthy had a crush on. Regardless, the 2 companions triumphantly stand again to again, able to cost Audun as soon as extra.

Rosicky corners Aurora, and Kotetsu jumps in the way in which of a blast of fireplace meant for her. Barnaby, having arrived to face Audun alongside Mr. Black, is determined to assist his accomplice, however is hesitant to go away Mr. Black alone — that’s, till He Is Thomas arrives on the scene to assist his former buddy.

Thanks to Thomas’s sudden return, Barnaby is ready to rush to Kotetsu’s aide, however each heroes are clearly at their breaking level. With Kotetsu struggling to face up to Rosicky’s flames, and Barnaby’s leg nonetheless inflicting the hero nice ache, it is onerous to see how they will make it out of this battle victorious — but when anybody can do it, it is Tiger and Bunny.

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