An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs Achievement Guide

How to get all the achievements in Dog Airport game

Go Places

EmBARK – go anywhere

Beachwell Interstellar – go to Beachwell

Marinara Trench Interstellar – go to Marinara Trench

Doggdrasil Interstellar – go to Elf Planet

Patsville Interstellar – go to Patsville

Uranus Interstellar – go to Uranus

Phobos Interstellar – go back to Phobos

Optimally, you can go in the above exact order. Phobos -> Beachwell -> Marinara Trench -> Elf Planet -> Patsville -> Uranus -> Phobos

Trivial to Get

Wake-Pup Call – start game

Free Money – click “dispense” on any ATM

Scrapborker – open the PupperDex (I had to do this from the Start Menu -> PupperDex, as opposed to using the shortcut key/button)

Teleporter – use the Teleporter, found from the Start Menu

Pet characters lots of times

Novice Petter – 5 times

Amateur Petter – 25 times

Experienced Petter – 50 times

Veteran Petter – 100 times

Petting with Purpose – 250 times

DEITY OF PETTING – 704 times; why 704?

You can spam your Pet button on 1 NPC 704 times to get all of these in a few minutes.

Slightly Harder to Get

Oh No – Get an Orb from the Orbo dealer; can be found at any airport

Chad Meetspeare – Talk to Chad Shakespeare, found in Beachwell, running the skateboard shop, near one of the sections of gates (not in the central square)

Daved Whonie? – Talk to David Bonie, also found in Beachwell, also near one of the sections of gates

Pupular Artist – There are multiple cats that want things, and will give you a spray can in return. the easiest, IMO, is the cat on Elf Planet, who wants an axe, which can be gotten from an NPC near the start of Marinara Trench

Heartbeat Sensor – You get this from a fedora dog during your second trip to Phobos; he can be found in the lower section of the Phobos airport, near the entrance to the Time Booth

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