Among Us update lets you turn plant tracking devices invisible with new features


    We have all been innocents, sheriffs and even the famous impostors in Among us, but now it’s time to take on some completely new roles: trackers, noisemakers, and ghosts. These roles will give crewmates new ways to track suspicious activity and make things even more devious for impostors.

    These three new roles come with some new actions to perform, assisting crewmates and impostors in their opposing objectives. Crewmate Trackers can place tracking devices on other players, allowing them to open the map and see that other person’s location as they wander around. They can choose to stop tracking a player at any time and track a new player. However, they will need to be close to a player to cast a new tracker on them, so try to do it when they least expect it.

    Nooks are another teammate role that allows you to make an alert sound when you are eliminated so other players can run in and catch the imposter in the act. If you hear the alert, you should know that the impostor is nearby, so carefully head towards him.

    The Phantom is probably the best of the new roles. This impostor role will allow you to turn invisible after eliminating a crewmate and respawn at a new location whenever you want. Impostors will be stealthier than ever, but they must use their disappearance wisely. If a crewmate discovers them missing, their secret will be revealed.

    These new roles are part of the free update launching today. You can experience any of those roles in your normal game modes and put them to good use to complete your objectives (whether you’re a crewmate or an imposter). What role are you most excited to try?

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