Ambitious Half-Life: Alyx Mod Adds New 4-Hour Campaign


Look, up in the sky. Do you see? It is a bird? It is a plane? Nope! is another one half life alyx modification! Leaving aside the bad jokes, Half-Life: Alyx- Levitation is a new campaign mod that adds 3-4 hours of gameplay. It also offers new voice lines, new character animations, and eight levels that should challenge the average gamer.

The story of the mod begins right after the end of Half Life: Alyxso if you want some kind of resolution for the general problem alyx plot, this Half Life: Alyx mod might give you some kind of closure. Basically, after meeting the G-man, Alyx returns to City 17 and teams up with Russell once again. During Alyx’s absence, a new levitating building appeared in the Sector X region. Barry and Maya, two key members of the resistance, attempted to infiltrate and investigate the Sector, but have not been heard from since they discovered a ” sinister project”. As Alyx, you must save your friends and possibly the entire resistance as well.

Expect to see more action in the 3-4 hour long campaign.

Half-Life: Alyx- Levitation It is not the only mod that has been recently released for the game. We had a wave based mod created by pros and a mod that crossed over with bioshock for some reason. Both mods are quite different to Levitationso if you have completed these two mods and are wanting more, Levitation could fit the bill. It’s also been in development for two years, so it should be pretty polished, but to be sure you’ll have to download and try it out.

If you are interested, downloading and installing Levitation is simple: just click the “subscribe all” button here (you, of course, will need to own Half Life: Alyx). It’s on the Steam Workshop, so it will install and update without you having to do anything other than subscribe initially.

Do you want to see what to expect in this new and interesting Half Life: Alyx modification? review the Half-Life: Alyx- Levitation launch trailer below!

For more information on new and exciting Half Life: Alyx mods, stay tuned to My Full Games.


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